What Amanda Asked Her Waxer

To Miss W:

Thank you, Miss W. I enjoyed the appt, despite the very unusual circumstances (at least for me) of laying naked in front of you and spreading my legs and cheeks for you. Thank you also for spending so much time. I had anticipated about 2 hrs and we went over 4–I very much appreciate it. The whole body wax is something I have thought about for a couple of years at least, and you helped make it real. I also appreciate your professionalism. You are providing a valuable service that makes people happier and do it well.

I hope that this doesn’t sound unprofessional, but I wish to ask you an intimate question and I done know anyone else who can answer it. I was too shy to ask last night, but I’d like to know. Don’t answer if it makes you uncomfortable.

You have seen a lot of naked men, both aroused and not aroused–far more than I will and far more than my wife. On the topic of genitals and their youthfulness, size, and attractiveness–how do you think I rate on a scale of 1 to 10 (5 being average of what you see)? PLEASE be honest and don’t overestimate. I know that I am not impressively large. I’d really like to know how I “measure up” in an objective way.

I haven’t had a lot of partners, and I have had a couple tell me I am big (but I don’t believe them), I’ve had another tell me that my penis was beautiful ( but I think this was a way of not saying it was big), and another comment on how she liked big ones in general but didn’t comment on mine. I’d like to know, based on your experience, what is true. So please give me an honest answer as to whether I struck you as above average, below average (and if I am below, please say so), older or younger looking, etc. whether you choose to answer or not, thanks for considering my question–you are the only one with the background to give me an objective answer.

Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Author: alexa

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