An errant boy returns to Mistress Alexa.

Good morning Mistress Alexa,

An errant boy returns to Mistress Alexa.

by jason

It was just a little while removed from our conversation that I was looking at the cb3000, it was not locked upon Her cock and balls, though it felt as if a rythmic silken spanking of the ball sac was occuring, Her quiet confidence that needed no device to take possession of Her toys. I was on my bed with nude pantyhose, that were now cum stained, feeling very much under Her divine spell. I thank You so much for the sensual control Mistress Alexa. The feeling as I came was very powerful, continuing to grind my hips lightly into the sheets as I oozed, feeling the dildo buried inside me though not as deep as it will be due to the pantyhose, Your joy sounded incredible as You talked about deflowering me very matter of fact style, not just an idea. I was able to wear the stained pantyhose all day, I even slept in them. At one point I felt You close to me, pulling down my pantyhose rubbing my rosebud, telling me of the stretching that will be so much fun….dreams or reality, Mistress Alexa I love Your control.

I had not called in a very long time as the pace of life had grown hectic and I needed to focus on my work. I had not been wearing panties and pantyhose much for a time after we last spoke when I took a roommate in. She was in her mid thirties coming out of a bad relationship, job relocation and I had a space for rent to help with the bills. Her name was Stephanie, she was an office manager, she had a very nice look and was very nice to be around. We split most of the cooking, though we did our laundry separate till a fateful day after she had a very long day, looking beat from work I offered her a back rub after dinner, she was a little hesitant but allowed me to indulge her, by the time I finished she was floating, as the back turned led into a foot rub, and the smile on her face was a wonderful feeling for me as well. The next day she surprised me with a big dinner and she had done my laundry. The dinner was very filling as we also shared some wine. I was really sleepy when I excused my self from her divine company she gave me a hug, my arrousal was not so hidden, as she press herself against me, while keeping the tight embrace, she teased me, “Jason have you been hard since dinner”, I was blushing and tried to pull away as I was nervous, she tightened her grip and grind, and became even more bold saying that she wanted another foot massage, then I could go to bed. She knew I was melting and bursting before her and her sounds while the massage was going on were very consuming. She reached down and kissed me when I had finished and told me that I really should go to bed as I had an early day. My room was freshly scented as she had cleaned it as well as making the bed, I pulled back the covers and was shocked to see a pair of black panties, I rationalized that they must have gotten stuck to the sheets in the dryer, though as any very horny boy would do I smelled them, they were very fragrent. When I laid down I stroked my cock with the panties, and soon I came soaking the panties even further. I was sleeping soundly when I was startled awake with a powerful scent of sex and something silky on my face. I tried to move and found I was bound, my eyes opened to see Stephanie smiling at me, she had the black panties in her hands, she held them to her nose, laughing at me, “I knew you would take my bait” she said. I also knew what fun we would soon be having after that first wonderful foot rub, such a treat, I was wearing these panties that night, but I was nice enough to share, you should have asked me before you came all over them, such a naughty slut you are”, she teased. I was like a deer in her headlights, she lightly stroked my cock which was already very hard, while massaging my balls, she used her ample breasts to hieghten the tease, I was starting to breath heavy and started to beg her, she then squeezed gently to firm on my balls till I was yelping for release, begging to satisfy her desires, Stephanie laughed deeply, as she increased her stroking, rubbing her breasts against my cock faster and faster, I exploded all over her breasts, showering them in hot stickiness. She then fed me my cum from her breasts just by putting them to my tongue, which hungrily cleaned her completely, her nipples rock hard by the time she was clean, she then smothered me and took her pleasure from my face, her orgasm was powerful and drenching. I did not even realize she had untied me, as she told me to take a shower then come to her room. I showered and then dressed with the clothes she had laid out for me, bright pink panties along with my common blue suit. The glee in Stephanie’s voice was incredible when I knocked on her door, upon entering after getting her permission she told me how proud she was that I was an eager boy, and such a hungry slut. She kissed me before work that day and it began a very exciting journey, needless to say that night I made dinner, She was as much my desert as I became hers…..more soon.

Have a great night Mistress Alexa,


Author: alexa

Mistress Alexa has a loinwrenching voice that hypnotizes, transfixes and controls her subjects. How long will it take her to make you feel loved? Call now: 866-57-SISSY and find out. $99 for 30 minutes.