ANEROS – EVI – A Barbell for Cooters

MAXIM MAGAZINE calls the Evi by Aneros  a barbell for cooters: a hands free Kegel exerciser anatomically designed to fit all women  Good Vibes magazine,  tells us that the EVI provides simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation without vibration. Simply insert and position the EVI vaginally and experiment with different body positions and motions, such as rocking the hips, or thrusting, as well as contracting the PC muscles to discover many different pleasure possibilities.


EVI’s unique shape and compact design offers a comfortable feeling of fullness during anal penetration or other intimate play. This is one of a series of medically-researched and anatomically-designed prostate massagers, used by women, sissies, trannies or chronic masturbators as an exercise dong for the Anal Schwarzenegger of pussies.

Author: alexa

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