Bridal Makeover

Bridal  Makeover

A lady friend has always wanted me to go into business with her. She runs an extremely upscale bridal boutique including very sexy corsets and lingerie. I visit and meet one of her backers. We chat. I’m offered and drink one of my friend’s special cocktails then another. I learn more about the business, especially how they make brides to order or fulfill women’s wedding fantasies. All the while I grow increasingly attracted to my friend’s very attractive backer. I think, if I were a woman this would be the man for me, perhaps being a woman would be fun. The get together ends and thought of this man fill my dreams.

The next day we run down to the shop where I’m welcomed with a drink and seated in a private studio. My friend tells me the first step to fulfilling any woman’s fantasy is body image. A screen displays various shapes sizes and body parts, adding those that make me hot to the image until an absolutely knockout whole is realized. The next step is selecting the wedding gown and look. After this is done I can think of nothing else other than being this woman and wearing that dress. I’m offered the chance which I accept.

I’m transformed in a salon / spa like setting until I’m clearly a tall, blue eyed brunette with an athletic but very shapely body. All the female parts are there and feel great. Hair and make-up follow. Then lingerie, the dress and jewelry. I can do nothing but adore the image I see in the mirror. The day is over and I don’t want this to end. They know this. A pole is attached to my corset, and I can’t seem to move. Pleasurable sensations start in my pussy and breasts, growing with each moment as I’m posed and moved to a display platform in the middle of the store.

The sensations are changing my mind more and more female. I know that an hour or so of this and I’ll be lost to feminine sexuality. As everyone leaves for the night, panic and helpless pleasure combine. Time passes maybe a week, I really don’t know when I’m taken down, treated to a spa day and dressed as the attractive professional women I know am. My friend and I go out to dinner with her backer. He is my dream man , there is no question that we end up in bed together. Soon I accept his proposal and take up a partnership in the shop. The cool thing about the shop is that I can try different looks and be a different woman whenever I or he wishes.