Sissy Cuckold Johnny needs to be humiliated

“I’m a little sissy bitch,” says Cuckold Johnny, as he talks to me on the phone from Vegas this morning. What is your wife doing right now Johnny.
“Im sure she’s with her boyfriend.”
Does she have more than one boyfriend. No.
One. Its a guy she used to date in school. His name is Dwain.
How does Susan feel about Dwain?
She loves him. He’s a real man.
What makes him a real man.
He has a real cock.
What does that mean, Johnny.
It means he doesn’t have a little 3 incher like me.
You’re not a real man are you Johnny, what are you Johnny.
A sissy faggot.

Wax on Whacks Off


Mistress was acting like a hussey, greedily slurping on this mans cock and making loud, animal-like grunting noises. i had been told to lay on my back on my ‘beloved surfboard’ and watch as she knelt just two feet away absolutely obliterating any sense of shyness as she rammed this dick into her throat.

i had an erection that would not stop growing, climbing out of my panties and bursting into the open for her to see-knowing she was accomplishing her goal–make me jealous and wishing to trade places with this stranger who was getting the blowjob of his life because I NEEDED to be taught a lesson. i wondered if she would be going to this extent if this hadnt been the second time in 3 weeks i was either late or didnt get my chores done because i had been surfing with my buddies? i did know that my beaten ass was killing me and also knew that she was FAR from done with me.

Glancing over at me, she allowed the swollen cock to pop out of her mouth audibly and pop her in the chin on its upward rebound. she licked her lips, grinned at me and kissed the pinkish head of the cock which bobbed about before lips that MY dick currently desired. she grabbed it, bent it slowly downward and held it there-instructing me to crawl over, dragging my embarrassing turgid meat. i did. she told me to raise my head above her hand and leave it there. then she released her cock grip and it snapped upward and thwacked me under the chin as Mistress howled with laughter.

she calmed down and told me to get back to my ‘beloved surfboard’–in a derogatory manner once again–panties down, mount it…and FUCK it!!, adding that it had better be fucking audible. she wanted to see my ass bucking and had better hear meat slapping board! frightened, i fucked my surfboard as hard as i could, relieved to hear my cock really giving it to my board as the strange man and Mistress Alexa laughed at me. as i lay before her and she now sat in a chair sucking his dick loudly, i felt her big toe begin to pry its way between my asscheeks, finding its target, and invade my asshole as i now bucked against it-impaling MYSELF on it in my quest to fulfill my ordered fucking of the surfboard.

so i now was mounted on my board, with my panties at my knees, slamming my hardon against a surfboard, with a gorgeous, extremely desireable woman assfucking me with her bigtoe, and my desire compounded by the fact that she was sucking a strange mans cock right in front of me. i had told her once that surfboards need to be waxed. she had not forgotten, unfortunately—– to be continued….

Special Assignment: Dildo Training

Nighty Night

Some sissy whores need practice stretching their holes.
Step 1 – If you don’t already have a dildo then now is the perfect time to go to your favorite toy store for a shopping spree.
Step 2 – You are going to need two dildos. One of normal size and one monster and try to find ones with the nut sack. Make sure you get lube if you don’t have any, you will need it down the road, trust me.
Step 3 – Once you have picked out the toys that struck your sissy girl fancy, I want you to go back home, take them to your bedroom. DO NOT OPEN THEM.
Step 4 – You sissy sluts are so easy and your not allowed to open your new toys yet. For now, I want you to put them on your night stand, dresser…what ever it is you can look at as you are lying in bed falling asleep and so they are the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning.
Step 5 – I know having these toys and not being able to use them yet is making my horny little sissy sluts drool in anticipation. That is the point. You should be dreaming of your big toys and fantasizing about them when you are at work.
Step 6 – After two days of staring at your new toys every night before you drift off to sleep and seeing them as soon as you wake in the morning should be sufficient enough time to have you very eager for a test run.
Step 7 – This next step needs to be done at night before you are going to bed. Doll your sissy girl self up in a naughty nightie along with some sissy girl panties, you can pick the color.
Step 8 – Paint your sissy nails with a pretty pink nail polish and color your lips with a matching shade of lipstick. Don’t make a mess!
Step 9 – Once you are dolled up and ready to go, take the smaller of your two new toys out of its package and lie down on the bed.
Step 10 – Begin by rubbing your dildo over your opening before running it down your thigh and against your sissy clit and man cunt through your panties.
Step 11 – Squeeze that dildo in your hole and relax. Squeeze and relax.
Step 12 – When your girly nub is as hard as the pathetic thing will get, jack off until you cum all over you pretty sissy panties.

Special Assignment

– Slutty Red Sissy Nails and Panties
Step 1 – Get out your camera and find some slutty red nail polish with panties to match.
Step 2 – If you don’t have red pick out panties and nail polish that you have the same color in.
Step 3 – Put on your sissy panties and paint your nails. Don’t make a mess!
Step 4 – After you’re all slutted up pose in your panties and newly painted nails.
Step 5 – Take a picture of yourself in different poses -be sure to show off your pretty nails in them!
Step 6 – Sit down on a chair and use a rope to tie your feet to the legs of the chair, then put on your chastity belt, and take another picture of yourself, in bondage, with your long beautiful nails wrapped around your chastity belt.
Step 7 – Call your Mistress and tell her how you feel: humiliated, dominated, feminized, sissified.
Step 8 – Ask me for permission to play with yourself.
Step 9 – Wait for my answer.

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yes.. so so much. it would make me feel so slutty

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yes, it’s so hard

darling slut, reach up and squeeze your nipples for me like the slut you really ARE


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Mistress, I don’t know why this is happening to me! I’m STILL a man, aren’t I?

Darling girl, you know better than that — you’re becomming girlier, more of a slut every moment of every day!

Oh, I’m so hard thinking of that.

What I want you to do, is softly finger your thighs, your balls – imagine your pussy there..

Mistress – this is so – so – close..

You girl you – you wonderful slutty sissy

OOhhhh Charlene, you lovely slut you – I can’t wait to hear from you the next time you’re feeling like a pussyboy. Kisses- mistress janine

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Hermaphroditic Worm Sex – Porn Coming?

X-rated Worm Movies Reveal Sex Secrets
Sperm design and mating behaviour co-evolve.
| January 10, 2011 | 0

By Amy Maxmen

By watching countless hours of hermaphroditic worm sex, Lukas Schärer and his wife Dita Vizoso, evolutionary biologists at the University of Basel in Switzerland and their colleagues, have discovered evidence for a theory that has eluded testing for nearly a century: sex shapes sperm. Their findings, including videos of the mating worms, are published today in theProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences1.

Sperm are the most diverse of animal cells, variously adorned with tails, hairs, hooks, bristles and more. “But we don’t know what any of those doodads do,” says Scott Pitnick, an evolutionary biologist at Syracuse University in New York. Fertilization is not easy to observe, and predictions about the function of sperm design are even harder to test, so it took a group of transparent and rather kinky flatworms to unravel a piece of the puzzle. The creatures are simultaneous hermaphrodites: each has both male and female genitalia. The worms are about the size of a comma, but readily mate under a microscope.

The heterosexual world of animal reproduction is populated primarily by males eager to mate and females more concerned with finding a superior partner, but simultaneous hermaphrodites face antagonistic desires at the same time. Flatworm species in the genus Macrostomum solve the conflict by allowing eager sex to come first, and selectivity to follow.

“In the lab they mate like crazy,” says Schärer. “Once, we saw a pair mate 40 times in an hour.” The flatworms hook up tail-to-tail like two interlocking ‘C’s, with the penis, or stylet, of each penetrating the female hole of the other and ejaculating into the corresponding cavity, the antrum….