Curlers and Hairspray

Curlers and Hairspray & Bridget Bardot…. Yes you can make your hair look like a 1950s sex kitten with long blonde pouffy hair that just slightly covers the eyes and just cradles the face. And of course you can tell that the back of the hair has been teased and teased and teased with lots and lots of hairspray.

Curlers and Hairspray
Curlers and Hairspray and Bridget Bardot

This youtube video with Sam McKnight teaches you how.

“… You could almost take a cardboard cutout of this hair and know instinctively that it’s Brigitte Bardot’s,” says Sam. “The important elements of this look are 1) the way it falls on to the face, and 2) the height.”

Try it for your Halloween party. . .

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