Mother dresses son in Woman’s Clothes in Wal-Mart

A South Carolina mother dressed her son in women’s clothing, wrote the word ‘bad’ on his head, and paraded him around a Wal-Mart store as a punishment.

Police were called to the store and found the boy dressed in a tutu and women’s underwear, according to the Associated Press.

The boy’s mother told authorities that she was punishing him for fighting and making homophobic remarks.

How many of you sissies dream of this?

Her Ample Ass

i awoke, foggy and dizzy, trying to recall the last two hours and failing that-figure out where i was. the immediate answer to that was flat on my back, virtually naked (ill get to that in a moment) in some sort of extravagant parlor room worthy of a princess or queen. i remembered quaffing some ales with a few other members of the kings army and three of them had been summoned to the castle.

i stayed to finish my pint-and theirs–had i been drugged or was i not holding my ale like i used to? it was hard to believe that i would pass out like THAT and for two hours! and how did i get here? flat on my back on a bench in a decadent room filled with voices of women i hadnt ever heard before?  my arms were chained to the sides of this bench, the top portion of which was hinged behind my head and lowered a bit. it also had a mini-stock built into it preventing me from not only moving my head but looking about and trying to solve the puzzles occupying my mind.

my feet were chained together and fastened to the far end of this bench and my body was clad in what could only be described as small leather panties with a sturdy chute thru which my erect cock stood. this chute was about 4 inches in length and directed my penis upward although at the moment it wouldnt be needing help in that department since there was a masked woman teasing it with a couple of quail feathers.


her ample ass was atop my knees-pinning them firmly-and she wore a leather corset with nipple cutouts and she appeared to be enjoying herself. i had no idea how long she had been toying with the exposed end of my mancock, but i could feel liquid seeping from myself. as she abused me, a very stauesque, serious looking woman strolled into view. she had on a fir coat and heels, nothing else. she stared down into my eyes, fluffed the tails of her coat out behind her and lowered her cunt to my face.

having been tilted at an ideal angle for this exercise, i had a perfect view of her glossy, swollen lips-framed by a toned pair of thighs, and i wondered if perhaps i had died and transported to heaven. her snatch was very wet and i was unsure of the source of these juices nor was i in position to ask as my mouth was covered by her grinding cunny as i licked and sucked at her and began hearing moans of verbal approval. she splayed those thighs a bit more and in moments shuddered, screamed and slathered my face in her woman nectar. as she-and her delectable twat- left my face i heard a third woman give a command to ‘measure him’.

as this woman came into view–in a white silk toga with gold braided belt, i immediately recognized princess chandel! the woman who had sitting on my face walked over, produced a measuring stick and held it alongside my dripping prick.

“almost ten inches, m’lady. and damn near as big around as an ale stein”!! they laughed in unison as i stared at the hardened nipples of my princess and was informed that i was to be ‘tested’ as a property of princess chandel.

my tongue had been given top marks-pleasing dame jennith-and soaking up her juices and those left in her by the archbishop. and now, as my princess removed her toga, i was to be ROYALLY fucked–and i wondered just how long i could last after sadistic feathergirl had mastered her craft. as the princess lowered herself onto me and slowly accomodated herself, dame jennith explained; “you will be used by m’lady as she wishes–whipped, paddled, sucked,fucked, sissified in dress and buggered. whatever she sees fit.

when she demands oral servitude-you will perform without question. you will be cuckolded. you will be a sissy boy in front of other women in high stature. and if you disappoint–you will be a eunuch.”  my princess orgasmed -for her third time i believed–as my prick erupted over and over, spreading seed far and wide–as feathergirl arrived with my lacy new wardrobe. im gonna like this job, i thought……..

cage with crying, naked sissy

it was noisy as mistress led me into the club–in a short skirt, thigh highs and red strap-back whoreheels. she was dressed in a black tailored pantsuit. the noise simmered down as she entered towing me along by my leash and pink collar which said S-I-S-S-Y. she guided me (by yanking on the leash) to a couple other doms that she apparently knew and said hello to them as i dropped to my knees and kissed the ass of each of them as she introduced me to them. she smiled at my uninstructed obedient behavior. there was a large wrought iron cage in the center of the room with a crying, naked sissy inside it. the cage was on a rope and pulley rig which could be raised about 12 feet.

the bitch that was currently residing in it was glistening for whatever reason as he was granted release and scurried across the room as though nobody could see him, enduring catcalls, being slapped-ass and face–and groped rather fiercely. i asked mistress alexa why the cage had an assortment of panties in it and she told me that when the caged bitch got felt up successfully or did something degrading as instructed, the dom who ‘scored’ threw her panties into the cage as a tribute to his sissyness.

i leaned into her and commented on a particular pair of lavender lacies(she demanded that i be in panties every day) because i had none of those and she told me that if a sissy bitch had no courage and ran off without collecting their bounty, it was up for grabs. she unleashed me and pushed me forward. i stumbled a little and then minced my naughty heels into the cage hoping these panties were in decent shape. i bent(at the knees) and picked them up-ecstatic at the treasure. clean, perfect condition, and close enough to my size. i could not believe my luck, as i heard the cage door slam shut.

as i heard the cage door slam shut. AS I HEARD THE CAGE DOOR SLAM SHUT. it took that long for my wonderment at my own luck to disappear faster than a nice set of rims at a p diddy concert. not just trapped, but exposed–as my pantiless sissy ass was slowly hoisted into the air!! and -not out of shame, since i was in a skirt, nylons and heels-i quickly stepped into the lavender panties, unaware that quick thinking was forbidden here in ‘she speaks’.

as mistress alexa barked at me, i reluctantly shed my newfound love, one leg at a time, until the only crotchcover i had was firmly in my fist. the cage was elevated to about 10 feet and every lady in the place could see up my skirt at my nasties–shaved and on display. i noticed i was one of only 3 or 4 “men” in the place as i felt the cage being lowered to the floor. finally- i could reconnect with my mistress and exit this cage. i saw a tall redheaded, leatherclad dom hang a sign of ‘rules’ on the wall as i hit the floor. unable to read them i was grateful that ms alexa came to me and told me to back myself into the rear corner of the cage and do everything this redhead instructed me to do. i backed to my corner, still looking at my mistress, as i felt the cage at my back and hands raise my skirt.

my man nuts were seized in a tight fist, tied with a tight strip of leather, and then fastened to the bottom bar of my new home–effectively assuring that i was exposed and bent over. the volume level went skyward but i had no idea why? mistress filled me in: the redhead was the owner of the lavender panties and she ‘won’ me because i chose them. the cheering was because a roulette wheel was being brought out to be spun and determine who got me first. what? thats right–it was ‘sissy gets used’ night. there would be 3 spins and each ‘winner’ would be using me however she felt. before any of this happened, two gorgeous doms were delivered to the top of the cage and one strolled over to the corner above me, took her panties off and tossed them down at my bent over sissified self. she then pissed down on me-long and hard. then mistress number two pissed me–to the absolute delight of the doms watching.

my exposed cock

i felt my exposed cock and bouncing nuts slow their momentum as Mistress finally ceased her cock-scolding and begin a steady rhythm of ass-reddening swats with a wooden paddle. i lifted my ass skyward and propped it outward-presenting it for a very thorough beating; and got it. Alexa plain lit into my bared ass-after she had yanked my panties to my ankles, lifted my skirt hem up and tucked it snuggly into my velvety red belt; a view if there ever was one. she laughed loudly, paused, and swung…..WHHHAAAAPPPP! i screamed, hopped and rubbed. none of that would be permitted on the next 15 wallops, i was told. the two outsiders had crowded around and were absolutely thrilled to see a big man get his comeuppins; thrilled to the extent that i could smell woman juice in the air–and it wasnt helping me at all, causing shudders and surges to travel the length of my now free prick–heating it and swelling it past a ‘respectful’ stage. by that i mean, throbbing, hard and deep red. and they could all see it easily on smack number 11, which spun me sideways-giving unfettered views of my ‘shame’ to the interloping hotties with the wide eyes. my cock was now viewed as obsene –there were 5 more smacks delivered in this manner–with me fully standing, hobbled by my lacies, ass beet red and naughty hard on swinging about like a drunken pirate. i was shoved to the living room-a moderately lit room, and stood in the middle of the room as my skirt hem was freed from the back of my belt and lowered-giving my whipped ass a small amount of privacy. instead, the hem in the front was lifted and tucked into the front of my belt as the girls all sat back comfortably and stared at my tinier skirt-half of it was now missing (the front half)–but they seemed to be in a forgiving mood. i was instructed to waddle into the kitchen with my ankles cuffed by panties, and fetch the ladies some wine. i did as i was told. after they had all finished a very liberal bit of grape, i was put in the room’s center, the lights were dimmed and music started playing. Mistress told me to slowly jack my cock for the ladies but, ‘do not cum!’– i stood still for a moment and then began swaying with the music, slowly working my hands down my body, finally grasping my limp dick in one fist-while the other pinched one of my nipples–then the other-viciously. that had a large effect on my cock. it surged and bobbed as i began a performance for ALL 4 of us–swaying and moving, even stroking to the exact beat of the music. i moved closer to tara and bent my knees slightly, held my cock in my hand and slowly stroked it as we locked eyes, ever so slow–ensuring that i feel every bit of every stroke-i swelled before her steady gaze–let go of myself and smiled as she stared at my unattended prick. now swelling and hopping right before her, deepening yet more in color–i stood perfectly still before her as my cock thickened and leaped at her–with a drop of nutjuice now adorning its crest. i took her hand and led it to my shaft-draping her fingers around its girth and then holding her finger in my hand, leading it to my cocks head and swiping up the cumdrop and bringing it to —my mouth. i sucked her finger clean-like a teeny prick; smiled–and finished the song dancing like the slut that i am……

Make him eat his cum — DON’T ASK HIM, TELL HIM!

Make him eat his cum -- DON'T ASK HIM, TELL HIM!

After getting this inspiring link from a caller, we did a session about a crossdressing group who met at a salon once a week, where I was the mistress and owner. You would come in, and put on your pink lady robe, and I would take you into the back and do your make-up, brew you up some feminizing, tit-growing tea, and hypnotize you into femininity. Each time you came I would force you to come into a beautiful blue glass jar, which you would have to apply to your lips while everyone in the salon watched….

I should be whipped (R.S.)

i SHOULD be whipped for the way i allowed this to happen.


Seeing my (unbeknownst to me) new mistress and thinking: “this bitch is hot, I’ll take a paddling but I’ll get some.” Well, beauty doesnt mean daffy – she was out of my league in all manners and i would find that out the hard way. And in numerous ways. For starters, I’ve never worn lace but id learn to love it. And the virginity of my ass would soon be on the auction block, but the road she took me down was very unpredictable – as was the craving she would soon instill in me; for a nice dollop of sperm. But there was no reason i should have to lick it off of the floor, or her ass for that matter. And yet…..none of these were aspirations of mine, but the genius of this lady would soon cause me to BEG for all 3 – and more.

And she would do it using NOTHING you could find in her house-until i walked in- dragging it between my legs- my own cock. That was all that alexa needed. It started in a lady’s club where i was stripping and i say stripping because we would- to an extent. Dancing and stripping all the way down to our g-strings and stopping there. I did that in conjunction with my lifeguard job in San Diego and she and 2 girlfriends were there one night. At the conclusion of my set i was making the rounds and looking forward to a hot shower and the weekend when she approached and asked if id like to earn a fistful of cash on the side- doing what i had just done or anything i desired at a private party for her and some friends at her place.

I LOVED the look of this woman, i loved her accent, her smell, her tight ass and the fact that SHE came at ME- and the only one nervous was me. “yes, ill do it”, i stammered. “you mean, yes ma’am?”, she barked. “absolutely. yes ma’am.” now i WAS in trouble. i crave and desire women who are hot, smart and aggressive-and it was gradually manifesting itself in the front of my ‘cocksock’.

She looked down– stared for a few seconds, during which it visibly twitched for her, and then raised her eyes and with an incredibly sensual, knowing smile-which grew just as i had-handed me directions to her house and said “be there-one hour”. My heart skipped. “Yes ma’am”. She smiled anew and walked off in her heels and to this day, I can pick that ass out in a lineup.

I arrived on time, smelling of men’s bodywash and dressed sporty. And she answered the door dressed in a tight grey skirt, a tighter lavender blouse and evidently in a GREAT mood-or braless, sheer stockings and black spiked heels that strapped around her ankles. We walked in and she introduced me to Tamra- a giggly blonde and gretchen- a brunette with a stern smile and very large breasts and on the coffee table were two empty wine bottles. They must have really rushed back here! alexa told me that i was really overdressed compared to the last time she saw me. i said, “yeah. i wasnt sure if— “YOU MEAN, YES MA’AM!”?—“yes ma’am-yes ma’am”, i was quivering. “So lets get that shirt and shoes off, after you help me out of these heels”.

I knelt and hoisted her left foot to my thigh as Gretchen and Tamra stared in rapt anticipation. I finished and Alexa said i should strip for tamra who had a birthday coming in 3 days. “a leo, like me, cool”, I proclaimed. and when Alexa asked me when my birthday was- i told her-tomorrow. she smiled, as did tamra and gretchen. “well, strip birthday boy and lets have a party!”  as soon as i got down to my g-string, i was made to strut around so they could all check me out and alexa told me to bend over the couch for my birthday whipping. I walked over to the back of the couch and bent my torso over it- feet wide apart as Alexa handed tamra a paddle. “you first, birthday girl!”—“FIRST?”, i thought.

What in the fu…..WHAP  WHAP. –and they took turns-their endurance outlasting mine by a long shot, as my tears were flowing after Alexa and before Gretchen. Mercifully it ended and i was allowed to stand- completely exposing a massive hardon entrapped in my panteez. (as alexa called them).  “well somebody either loves a good whipping OR birthday cake! and i dont see any cake. do you, slut?”– she didnt bother to let me reply. “no, we certainly dont have any fucking cake, but look at your panty bulge! and from now on bitch, you call me Mistress or Mistress Alexa!!”  – “yes Mistress”. i heard laughter. “Good slut. Now shake that meat!”

i did as told. she turned on some music as i shook like i was allergic to nylon. and the lights dimmed and the 3 of them cheered and laughed and attempted an assassination –of a third bottle of wine-and at the pace they were going , charges could soon be filed. as i strutted and vamped, like a complete skank-afterall i didnt want her angry- i shook my barely covered meat and uncovered ass, both of which were pet, pinched and prodded. and i could not have been -happier.

Mistress and I (D’s Story)

Hello Mistress,

Here we go. . .

Mistress and I have been talking on the phone for several years and she has helped me come to terms with my hidden femininity and we have built a rather good relationship over those years. I let her know that I will be on a business trip near where she lives, (I live a long way from her), and beg her to meet me in person. After several weeks of begging she agrees but that I must complete some assignments first. First, I am to buy some items to bring with me on the trip, a pink corset that will attach and lock to my chastity belt, a pink collar with the word “SISSY” on the front and a lock on the back, a Bettie Page wig, pink bra and matching frilly panties that fit over my chastity belt with a ruffled sheer back, stockings and pink 5 inch heels that can be locked around the ankle. Also, I am to bring my 2 favorite dildos, both of which are quite large. I am to also purchase and download a hypnosis mp3 that she has recorded just for me and this trip and to begin listening to it every day, 3 times a day, until our arranged meeting time. I eagerly comply with all of her instructions in my bated anticipation of finally meeting the goddess that I have worshiped from afar for so long.

2 weeks of eternity pass and the time has come for my meeting with my Mistress at the hotel that I have been staying in while on business. During the past 2 weeks I have been very diligent in listening to the file that Mistress has recorded for me and have found myself feeling not only very feminine in my thoughts and emotions, I also have begun to feel as if I have nothing to hide from Mistress, as if I have hid things from her that I have no reason to hide. I feel as if she should know everything about me and that if she should ask, I would have no choice but to tell her. This last bit was exhilerating and frightening all at the same time.

About 2 hours before the scheduled meeting time, in my room, Mistress calls and simply says, “D, I want you to go take a bath, shave everything from the ears down, and then put on the items that I instructed you to bring, locking all of them in place. Place the keys to the locks in an envelope and place on the nightstand by the bed. Next, lie down on the bed and put your hypnosis session on play through your earphones and relax as you listen. I want you in trance when I arrive. Do not disappoint me ducky, you only have one chance. Bye.”

Wow here we go. . . Well, I followed the instructions to the letter and began to go into trance. After a few minutes I began to lose consciousness. I don’t know how much time had passed but I sensed someone else in the room with me. It was the most beautiful voice, the same voice from the recording, speaking in such soft yet demanding tones. I was helpless to move, unable to open my eyes, move my arms or legs, or do anything other than listen to the all-surrounding voice that enveloped all of my world. Mistresses voice began by letting me know that after all of this time, of her taking her time to train me, mold me, dominate me, now she wanted more. She wanted more than I had ever been able to give before and asked if I was willing to give her what she wanted, no, what she deserved from a little sissy like me. In my current state, all I could do was to answer in the affirmative. I felt myself mouth the words but was unsure if the words actually came out. I heard Mistress say, “Good, good my pet.”

What seemed like merely a few seconds later I awoke, feeling amazing and sore. My jaw ached and my ass, my ass was on fire, but felt empty all at the same time. I looked around at my surroundings and noticed that my stockings were twisted and had a tear in them near the top. I was still dressed head to toe and I slowly pulled myself off of the bed to look in the mirror and noticed that the hair of my wig was completed mussed and even had what appeared to be, CUM, in it. Oh, GOD! What happened? I looked around the room for clues and found a large manilla envelope with some papers, some pictures and a DVD in it. I quickly pulled it out and went completely white with fear and humiliation. There I was, on my knees, dressed every bit as the perfect sissy, with what has to be the biggest black cock in my mouth, apparently sucking with wild abandon. I had both of my hands around the shaft and my pink lips were struggling to get around the tip of this monster. I quickly looked over the several other pictures of me, my face clearly visible in all of them, in various stages of sucking, or getting impaled by this monster and I began to feel my world come crashing down around me. I opened the letter and began to read.

Dearest d,

As you undoubtedly realize, you have been a busy girl this evening. These COPIES of pictures are for you to keep, I have the originals with me and will keep them safe, for NOW. I appreciate your willingness to give me all of the information about you and your family and friends that you did last night, it will come in handy with what I have in store for you. Also, with the banking and credit card info I now have, I think I’m going to go on a little spree! I so look forward to all of the things that I will have you do to serve me and to entertain me. Please do your best to get cleaned up and ready to go home. I hope you have a safe trip and I will be in touch, soon.


The Banana Challenge

The Challenge:

Demonstrate your devotion and servitude  towards your Mistress  by putting yourself in a situation of public humiliation.

E-mail your answers to, and you could win a free session with the Mistress!

All you have to do is…

Go to your local supermarket, pick up a shopping basket, put the items listed below into your basket and walk around a bit before you pay for them at the cash register. No other items should be purchased, just those below:

  1. A large banana or plantain
  2. A tube of KY jelly or vaseline or any other well known brand of personal lubricant
  3. A Packet of Condoms

Do not request a paper or plastic bag to carry your items home. Take all three items in your hands and walk out carrying them visibly.

Did you blush?

Tell me how you felt before, during and after  the challenge.    Here are a few questions for you to think about when you write your review:

  1. How did you feel when you first read the Challenge?
  2. As you walked into the supermarket what  were you thinking?
  3. How long did you wait to pay for your purchases? How many people were on line behind you?
  4. Did other shoppers do a double take?
  5. Did the cashier give you a funny look, or giggle, or ask you anything?
  6. Did you have to carry them a long way ? Were there people looking at you?
  7. If your Mistress told you to do it again, what would you do differently?