What Bra Size? by WhatKatieDid.com

Instructions on fitting a bra by WHAT KATIE DID What Katie Did sells lovely, lovely vintage lingerie, corsets, stockings and accessories (like showgirl Pasties with tassels)…. 

Before you buy your new bullet bra,  check your band size. Simply measure firmly around your ribcage just below the bust. Now you need to add 4-5 inches. For example if you measure 31″ your band size will be 36. Hopefully, this will be the same as the size you’re currently wearing! If, there is a discrepancy; for example, you’ve always worn a 34C but according to our measurements you should be wearing a 36; then you need to also change your cup size. If you go up a band size you need to go down a cup size so you’ll need a 36B. Still confused? The same cup size is used for different back sizes. If you go up a back size, you need to go down a cup size. If you go down a back size you need to go up a cup size. This is the same for both traditional and modern graded bras, so you can swap between manufacturers easily once you know what method they use (and this is easy, as you just need to measure the band of your bra as worn). A 32DDD will have the same cup as a 34DD, 36D, 38C, 40B. A 32DD will have the same cup as a 34D, 36C, 38B, 40A and so on.

Unlike modern bras, your breasts might need some adjustment when wearing a bullet bra. Once you’ve put your bullet bra on, lean forward to maneuver your breasts into the cups.

Sissy Dress Up Day #8

Ready for your first luncheon? The best way to get ready is to rehearse. What would Jackie Kennedy have worn, is always a good question to ask yourself when staring into the closet. You want something perfectly fitted, very feminine, a dress or a suit; a silk slip, a pointy bra and pointy shoes with kitten heels, a shoulder length bob with upcurl, and a hat.

Practice walking in front of the mirror, holding your pocketbook on your forearm, just below your elbow. Smile without showing teeth.

Now for table manners. Eat nothing that could get stuck between your teeth, or dye them blue, or smell. Soup is good, casseroles, pasta. White foods. Do not let go of your knife and shift your fork to your right hand when placing the food in your mouth. Practice feeding yourself with your left hand. Try not to aim at your eye or clutch at the cutlery with your fist, like a pithecanthropoid.

Take small dainty bites, with your mouth SHUT. When you practice at home, do so with a tape recorder going. Make sure you do not  slurp or snap or snort like a Bulgarian hog farmer.  Eat quietly, and make conversation with your fork down. First with the girl on  your right, then with the girl on your left.

Tip exactly 12%.

Sissy Calendar Day #7

Beauty Parlor Day -- Curlers and Dryers

Beauty Parlor Day:  Go on line and search for the latest  beauty news, and collect 10 hair and fashion and make-up tips… E-mail Mistress Alexa with your findings.

Choose one beauty product that will be difficult to remove (permanent lipstick, mascara, tanning lotion, nail polish, hair tint). Go out, buy the product, use it. Photograph, and email to the mistress.

Imagine: I usually like to do your make up myself. I can then give you the exact type of Sissy girl face I require. I want you to look like a dirty little slut with too red too pouty lips and too-blackened eyes and too curly too big hair. Then two bright pink circles on the cheeks for the blushing little girl look… Sometimes I will make you wear a wig. It will be a long haired wig so that I can give you Dutch Girl braids with ribbons or part it in the middle and give you two tight pony trails like a Sissy Cheerleader. What a pretty girl you would look with your balding head covered with a lovely wig tied up in pinkribbons which match your little maid’s apron. Do you like the fact that your sissy cock sticks out from under your too short maids dress? This is because we haven’t taped it back, or bagged it, or locked it into its chastity belt…. That comes later….

When you are very very naughty I comb your bangs down so they cover your forehead and put you in curlers overnight so you look like a Silly Sissy-Fag with wavy bangs and tight little waves on top and tight little curls on the sides which will keep your hair out of your facewhile you are doing your Sissy Maid chores, like mopping the floors and scrubbing the toilets, and ironing my panties. Slowly you will get used to looking like a little sissy slut and you will not be able to leave the house without your lipstick and your powder puff and your hair spray…

Sissy Calendar Day #6

Dressing Up Your Dick Andrej Koymasky tells us about the art of wrapping up your penis in crumply paper and making it look like a dragon or a goose or a fairy princess….The Japanese (of course) practise of Kokigami originated from the ritual of giving beautifully wrapped gifts.

These origami-like paper costumes dressed 8th century dicks, aristocratically. Thus Oriental crossdressing developed as a province of the rich until the late eighteenth century, when the price of paper fell. Perhaps we can make an exception to the paperless office for a paper skirt or two? Perhaps something in heavy bond with a watermark? Ja?

Instead of wrapping the penis in layers of cloth ( so that his wife may unwrap it very slowly) the sissy husband can swaddle his peepee in a paper tutu, or a frilly apron. The sillier the penis costume, the prettier his humiliation. Out of this subtle and happy tradition, sissigami, the art of sissy penis costumes, may yet be born.

At Dressing Up Your Dick Koymasky says that it is typical to consult a kokigami book, much like a book of cutout clothes for dolls, when choosing your outfit. Cut, adjust for size, add a smudge of lipstick, throw on the boa, attach with duct tape and… voila!

Each outfit comes with a serifu, a kind of script that’s used during play full of verbiage and sexual frisse, consisting of the Call (“sssucckkki succkkkkii”), the Response (“What a dirty little girl you are! Does she want to be slutty tonight? Can she spread them? GOod girl! Squeeze…… !”), and some suggestions about what to do and how to move while the slut is in character..

Today your assignment is to compose your own serifu + outfit! Remember that you need both a CALL, and a RESPONSE. Now whip up something feminine and festive…. Use the patterns at http://andrejkoymasky.com/lou/kok/kok00.html, or sketch something of your own, or use a tutu …

Sissy Calendar Day #5

Girdles and Corsets and Other Dangerous Things

Corset Bride For a Day

Fantasy: You are wearing a corset on the first night you come to me, ready for service. I explain that a corset bride must first of all be   “tightly laced, well disciplined, gartered, and slim.” Once you have been corsetted, you will be   “engaged” by clients for one to two weeks, and they will expect you to remain slim, beautifully made up, and usable.

Our customers are interested in waist size, they want to see slender girls tucked tightly into their corsets. I begin to train you for your first engagement. At first I take you upstairs and show you all the beautiful clothes that you will one day wear. I show you a bed, with straps, and electronic devices, and explain that we take conditioning very seriously, and that it is important for us to make sure that you feel as if you are being molded, inside and out.

I explain that all day you will be in the hands of a good corsetiere (we never use the word ‘trainer’) who will trim your figure properly. For the first month you will be tucked into a twenty-four inch waist, just to, as the corsetiere said, habituate you into personal feminine servitude. Although a little uncomfortable at first, this will soon wear off, and you will learn to take great pleasure in lacing your corsets up tight. A dildo corset will be made to order which will greatly improve your figure.

During the next four months your waist will reduce while your hole gets larger and more elastic. All this time you will become accustomed to eating very little, to spending more and more time wearing the dildo-corset, taking more and more feminine steps, learning feminine gestures, and offering yourself up for feminine use.

Sissy Calendar Day #4

Bubble Baths & PearlsBath Day:

Fantasy & Exercise: I reserve a suite at a posh hotel, a room for the afternoon. You arrive in a silly gray suit and an attache case. I note that this must change and lead you into the bath. I explain that today’s lesson begins with a bath. I instruct you to shave. I pour bath salts into the water and let you soak and soak and soak. You come out smelling perfumed and feminine. When you come out I have arranged dozens of panties on the bed, by color. Each one with stockings of different colors, and pretty garters. The fashion show begins…

Put on an old 1950’s movie,   with a scene showing a beautiful woman slowly putting on her stockings. Watch and imitate, repeat. Now again. Put on the panties, pretend to be a model, walk down the aisle. Put on the bras, walk down the aisle in your panties, bra and stockings, turn, repeat. Now put on your heels, walk down the aisle, swing your female hips…. Turn, repeat.

Sissy Calendar Day #3

Understand that you must learn to wear panties all day long every day — and that the longer you wear these panties, the more feminine you will feel, and the more excited you will become …. This hyper-excited state is the condition we are aiming at! Now it is time for your daily exercise:

First, put on your panty girdle (or a pair of VERY VERY TIGHT panties). Go to an adult toy store to buy delay spray and a cock ring. Delay spray is a desensitizer that is made with benzocaine which acts as a desensitizing agent to help delay or prevent premature ejaculation.
Go right up to the counter and ask one of the clerks where the spray is. Tell the clerk  why you need this spray. Say:  “You see, I have trouble with finishing too quickly. I can’t satisfy a woman and heard that desensitizing sprays could help. Please recommend one to me.”

Once you have the spray ask to be shown the cock rings. Say: “The spray might work but I heard a cock ring can help me stay hard even if I shoot too quickly. The problem is that I have such a small penis that I can’t find a cock ring small enough to fit me! What do you recommend?”
Buy your items and go home. Call Mistress Alexa and tell her exactly what happened, then ask her for permission to masturbate — with your panties on.  This is the way you will masturbate from now on. Do not touch your penis until she gives you permission!