Dressed up for a Wedding

Dressed up for a Wedding

Mistress Alexa,

Our trip  was absolutely fantastic. Without you, six hours driving each way by myself dressed up for a wedding would have been terrible. I was apprehensive at first when you gave me my instructions for the trip; dildo in place, then a diaper, followed by a full length girdle.

Our shopping trip made me very nervous, I’ve never been shopping for lingerie before, much less for myself. I think it was all the stares I received while reading labels for sizes and styles that made me so uncomfortable. After all, six hours driving non stop, one needs to be both comfortable and sexy. We finally settled on a creme colored full length, mid thigh with shoulder straps. Size 38C. For good measure you had me pick up a nice pair of lace bikini panties to wear while sleeping.

I was really proud of myself as I walked out of the store. Although I didn’t feel sexually aroused while I was shopping, I did notice a huge wetspot on my pants. The bag hid everything nicely.

After work, I rushed home to try on my purchase. I thought I looked great: tight butt and small rounded breasts. Perfect. Honestly, I was glad the breasts were small, hoping noone would notice.

Everything felt great. After about an hour, I looked down at my chest and saw the seat belt crossing between my breasts. I can’t believe I thought they would be invisible. They were gorgeous. I kept feeling and touching them. I couldn’t stop.