Your mother in law is convinced you’re gay!

Your mother-in-law is convinced you’re gay. This is a fantasy that we explore. Does it bother you? Do you think its true? Do I think its true. Well, frankly, yes. And if your mother in law has were to move in to your house she could probably build a case…

You are very prissy. You do love panties. You love watching your wife put on makeup when you go out. You go shopping with your wife and pick out all her clothes….

Every time  your wife gets off the phone with her mother, she is a little more contemptous, a little more remote, a little more curious about your every habit, your every possession….

Let’s talk about it…

a single night of sex (with a man)

My first turned me  …fabulous

I’m lying in the bed of a man who picked me up outside a gay bar a few hours ago, listening to the sounds of his gentle, contented sleep. Contented from my having given him delicious head, contented from him having fucked me with my stockinged legs wrapped around his shoulders. I’m lying here, looking at the trail of clothing that marks our evening: my strap-y heels, an exquisitely hand-painted silk scarf and tube mini-skirt just inside his front door, my bangles, earrings and necklace at the far end of the bed and next to me a little camisole top and a gorgeous leather bag with its usual date-night collection of lotions, condoms, spare undies and makeup.

I know I’ll have to get up, skip into my panties and top and go to his bathroom where I’ll put myself together, but before then I will continue to lie here, grateful for the sensation of fullness that lingers for hours after a man has pulled out of me and about the memories of this evening, of our passionate kisses, his sucking on my earlobes and nipples, of my exploring his cock with my lips and my tongue, about how i love the smell of the man on my face and neck, and about his taste.

And lastly, I will think about the fact that it’s only Tuesday evening, and that there’s a whole week’s worth of men I’ve yet to meet who will want me as their sissy cum slut!

I wasn’t always like this. In fact, it was only a few years ago that the world knew me as a somewhat unremarkable guy, a hard-working, mid-30s, professional who kept pretty much to himself but who, everyone agreed, was a good guy to have as a friend. Kind, considerate, responsible. Of course, what no-one back then knew was I’d long had had a nagging question in the back of my mind on what it would be like to be in bed with another man.

I considered it a fairly simple wish; a single night of sex with another man just to say I’d “tried it.”

Like most guys of my generation and background, I’d had my share of exposure to gay sensuality. There was an old roommate who once insisted on taking me gay bar-hopping, getting me kinda drunk along the way, and launching into some pretty sloppy and wet making-out in the front seat of his car. There was the guy I met on a hiking trip who found his way into my tent one evening to give me a hand job. And a drinking buddy who an annoying habit of giving long on-the-edge-of-passionate goodnight ‘hugs’ and who finally kissed my ear and asked if I wanted more. I had always declined to reciprocate because, I told myself, it wasn’t who I was. I had girlfriends, some platonic some not, and while I could never have been considered movie-star material, I was content in my modest sex life.

Years passed, my career seemed to progress nicely enough – I still had girlfriends but to the ongoing amusement of friends and colleagues, I had yet to meet “the one. And always, in the back of my mind, sat the “what would it be like” question. Society’s openness to accepting being gay had advanced dramatically over the last decade and it became clear to me that it was finally time I did my touristic excursion into an evening of gay sex. One of the alternative newspapers in San Francisco gave me a wealth of options as I cruised through the M4M personal ads. I came across one from a “caring and supportive gentleman” – Brian was his name – “who loves to take men on their maiden voyage.”

We met at his house in a kinda posh area in Marin County, had some awkward small talk in his living room and at a point when he must have thought I was ready, led me by the hand to his backyard studio that had little more than a futon, a bed-side table with a hand-pump jar of lubricant and a tasteful little bowl of different packaged condoms.

The moment we started kissing I knew something was just very ‘right’ about this, this moment, this decision. Without thinking, I found myself un-self-consciously stripping off my T-Shirt, my jeans, and my boxers – and in doing so developed – to my surprise and undoubtedly his pleasure – a lovely hard-on. We stood there, him fully clothed and me naked, embracing, kissing, fondling. When he took me into his bed where I undressed him and found myself almost immediately sliding down to between his thighs where I began kissing. The kissing moved up. And up. And soon I was licking his shaved balls, completely comfortable with something I had never done. And then, I started on his cock. I loved every aspect of it, its smoothness, the softness of the skin and the hardness of the shaft, the cute head and the oh-so-sensitive spot just at the base of it, it’s musky sweetness. I loved how he responded and I was utterly thrilled that I was the source of that erotic pleasure.

I remember reaching around and massaging Brian’s ass, and looking up into his eyes. He smiled down at me and uttered something that will stay with me forever; “Oh you ARE a natural cocksucker aren’t you? You will soon LOVE thinking of yourself as submissive sissy… trust me!” And I found myself, in a soft almost feminine voice that came from .. who knows where? .. saying “ohhhh darling, yesss…yesss…yesss!”

We spent the next hour or so as I learned the mechanics of gay sex, but more importantly, learning something about my very essence. I went home that evening and fought back waves of emotions. What had I done? What just happened to me? What was I feeling? Was it real? Was this the real me? And maybe most tellingly, how could I put this behind me and return to my normal life? My goal, my simple wish, had been fulfilled. It was time to move on.

Two days later I got a call from Brian and he coyly asked if I would like to come by to get either trimmed or shaved ‘down there’ because “you know, it is SUCH a sexy thing for a sissy cocksucker to be totally smooth” There is was again, a reminder of how he saw me, a sissy cocksucker. The memories of those hours in his studio along with the sound of his marvelous voice made me melt and I said I could be there early that evening. I rationalized the visit that evening with him as a final gay encounter, that I would thank him for his kindness, his patience, and his gentleness.

He met me at the door wearing knit boxers that covered everything – but hid nothing, holding a glass of wine to invite me in. We embraced, kissed, he played with my nipples and rubbed me through the front of my jeans. We drank more, embraced more, and as I got increasingly horny he said “well, time for what you came for.”

Back to the studio and he took out an electric razor and started on .. my legs!

“Wait.” I cried, “I thought we were talking, you know, crotch!” He laughed and reminded me that such “gifted cocksuckers are smooth everywhere, except…” and again words that will stay with me forever – “except maybe in a little tuft of pussy fur that you’ll use to turn men.” His words flowed through me like nothing I’d never known. I was his. For Brian, my darling sexy Brian with his full lips, his firm body, his beautiful cock, I’d do anything and he could do anything to me. A half hour later I looked into a full-length mirror to see a reflection of myself with hair in precisely two spots: atop my head and within an impossibly tiny triangle surrounding my cock. It was, I was … lovely.

Over the next several months I would go back to his place at least twice weekly. For sex with him, for 3-ways, and for enjoying porn together on his huge screen TV as we masturbated each other, He was a loving and patient teacher and I began to realize how much of a willing and receptive submissive I was turning into.

We started branching out. He and I started going to gay saunas and baths, we went to sex clubs, i would don corsets and bustiers to go to fetish and fantasy dungeons, we went to costume parties, and private gatherings.

And my changes were dramatic. I was turning into an utterly fabulous queer. I started growing out my hair and going to salons for coloring and styling; i shaped my eyebrows and got full body waxes, I became skilled at makeup and my wardrobe evolved to something in between Forever 21 and Victoria’s Secret. I had become an unmistakable femmy slut. Brian loved it. I loved it. As did many – many – men.

The point of all of this is all began with a simple wish. I wanted to see what a gay encounter felt like. It was to be a one-time visit to another way of being. In fact, as I later realised, my encounter with Brian was like having a switch flipped. A switch I’d never known about but nevertheless, a switch once toggled that could never go back to where it started from.

I have become a new person. A better person. I take pride in my feminine attributes and mannerisms, I love being pretty, I love feeling the kind of power I have over men with my sensuality and I love – no – I live for – the pleasures a man can give me. I’ve begun full body electrolysis and just in case anyone doesn’t see me as the sissy I am, I’ve had large areola tattooed over my nipples and on my upper right thigh, the tattoo of a fabulous wedding garter. My unremarkable male persona is gone forever; I wake up thinking of cock, I stare at men’s bodies throughout the day and am shamelessly flirt-y whenever I can, and in the evenings i dress up in anticipation of the unbelievably satisfying eroticism of having a man who will fill my boi pussy.

My advice to all you bi- or gay-curious darlings Out There who might be thinking of the briefest of visits to ‘the other side?’ Be careful what you wish for. I’m not saying it won’t be for the best, but, be prepared for the possibility of a one-way trip to become someone very, very different.

Thank you J from Mistress Alexa – some of my favorite clients will love this!

Like a Gurl


This gurl is looking for some thick black, cock with lots and lots of cum-in-waiting… Yep, this gurl is standing pretty in a hotel room, working her mouth… practicing…

Do you want her to dress up for you? Maybe some red lace panties? Do you want her to show you her pussy? Email the slut at and tell her what you want her to do to you…

She can kiss and suck on your nipples while she sucks… She sucks very very slow and very very deep. She has sucked at least 100 big black cocks, slowly. She’s sweet and hot and well seasoned… and look at her curvy body!

Dusty likes to dress up. Likes to shop for lingerie. Black silk panties and garters… Red lipstick. Will wiggle in heels for you.

Swallows. Really swallows.

Travels the world. Prefers doggie style. Nipples super sensitive. Pussy super sensual. Trained by Mistress to submit to dick….

Uncut cock a high preference.

Likes lying down legs up cum with vector force….

Can get rid of panty lines.



Mistress and I (D’s Story)

Hello Mistress,

Here we go. . .

Mistress and I have been talking on the phone for several years and she has helped me come to terms with my hidden femininity and we have built a rather good relationship over those years. I let her know that I will be on a business trip near where she lives, (I live a long way from her), and beg her to meet me in person. After several weeks of begging she agrees but that I must complete some assignments first. First, I am to buy some items to bring with me on the trip, a pink corset that will attach and lock to my chastity belt, a pink collar with the word “SISSY” on the front and a lock on the back, a Bettie Page wig, pink bra and matching frilly panties that fit over my chastity belt with a ruffled sheer back, stockings and pink 5 inch heels that can be locked around the ankle. Also, I am to bring my 2 favorite dildos, both of which are quite large. I am to also purchase and download a hypnosis mp3 that she has recorded just for me and this trip and to begin listening to it every day, 3 times a day, until our arranged meeting time. I eagerly comply with all of her instructions in my bated anticipation of finally meeting the goddess that I have worshiped from afar for so long.

2 weeks of eternity pass and the time has come for my meeting with my Mistress at the hotel that I have been staying in while on business. During the past 2 weeks I have been very diligent in listening to the file that Mistress has recorded for me and have found myself feeling not only very feminine in my thoughts and emotions, I also have begun to feel as if I have nothing to hide from Mistress, as if I have hid things from her that I have no reason to hide. I feel as if she should know everything about me and that if she should ask, I would have no choice but to tell her. This last bit was exhilerating and frightening all at the same time.

About 2 hours before the scheduled meeting time, in my room, Mistress calls and simply says, “D, I want you to go take a bath, shave everything from the ears down, and then put on the items that I instructed you to bring, locking all of them in place. Place the keys to the locks in an envelope and place on the nightstand by the bed. Next, lie down on the bed and put your hypnosis session on play through your earphones and relax as you listen. I want you in trance when I arrive. Do not disappoint me ducky, you only have one chance. Bye.”

Wow here we go. . . Well, I followed the instructions to the letter and began to go into trance. After a few minutes I began to lose consciousness. I don’t know how much time had passed but I sensed someone else in the room with me. It was the most beautiful voice, the same voice from the recording, speaking in such soft yet demanding tones. I was helpless to move, unable to open my eyes, move my arms or legs, or do anything other than listen to the all-surrounding voice that enveloped all of my world. Mistresses voice began by letting me know that after all of this time, of her taking her time to train me, mold me, dominate me, now she wanted more. She wanted more than I had ever been able to give before and asked if I was willing to give her what she wanted, no, what she deserved from a little sissy like me. In my current state, all I could do was to answer in the affirmative. I felt myself mouth the words but was unsure if the words actually came out. I heard Mistress say, “Good, good my pet.”

What seemed like merely a few seconds later I awoke, feeling amazing and sore. My jaw ached and my ass, my ass was on fire, but felt empty all at the same time. I looked around at my surroundings and noticed that my stockings were twisted and had a tear in them near the top. I was still dressed head to toe and I slowly pulled myself off of the bed to look in the mirror and noticed that the hair of my wig was completed mussed and even had what appeared to be, CUM, in it. Oh, GOD! What happened? I looked around the room for clues and found a large manilla envelope with some papers, some pictures and a DVD in it. I quickly pulled it out and went completely white with fear and humiliation. There I was, on my knees, dressed every bit as the perfect sissy, with what has to be the biggest black cock in my mouth, apparently sucking with wild abandon. I had both of my hands around the shaft and my pink lips were struggling to get around the tip of this monster. I quickly looked over the several other pictures of me, my face clearly visible in all of them, in various stages of sucking, or getting impaled by this monster and I began to feel my world come crashing down around me. I opened the letter and began to read.

Dearest d,

As you undoubtedly realize, you have been a busy girl this evening. These COPIES of pictures are for you to keep, I have the originals with me and will keep them safe, for NOW. I appreciate your willingness to give me all of the information about you and your family and friends that you did last night, it will come in handy with what I have in store for you. Also, with the banking and credit card info I now have, I think I’m going to go on a little spree! I so look forward to all of the things that I will have you do to serve me and to entertain me. Please do your best to get cleaned up and ready to go home. I hope you have a safe trip and I will be in touch, soon.


Transformation, not change

To be transformed: I  call you to warn you that I am coming home and bringing another Mistress with me. I tell you that I will surprise you, twice, and that you will be transformed into something more than a slave, something more than a sissy, something even more than a slut… Your happy submission to me over these few years has persuaded me that you are ready for something more and I am bringing her with me: an Asian Mistress, Kim.

I tell you to pick us up at the airport dressed like Abbey from NCIS — tattoed, pony-tailed, dog collared, with a patent leather cap, too.

You do.

What’s next? Call 888-411-1230

I have read only script 23 in 2008. Never listened to audio or phone sessions. But it feminized me deeply. I have feminine orgasm sicen then. Every day stronger orgasms. I just sit, caress my nipples, slightly close my legs, and pleasure overwhelms me. And cum with great humilliating pleasure. I feel that words working inside me and feminizing me more and more as time passes. And now what can i do? Pleasure is so strong…. I just let go and let feminization go on. I feel sissification teases me from inside. I am aroused now by writting this, and I enjoy the humilliation of people reading it. Especially Alexa, I want you to know how sissy your words are making me. It’s wonderfully humilliating. Each feminine orgasm I have it’s like sureendering to you and the more I fight against it, the more I sucumb.

Can you poeple here, tell me where this sensations will take me? What should I do? Will I become totally feminized? and, if so should I become to live as a woman?

I have changed my name to Mariela for this site. My real name is Mario. Pleasurably surrendering to you sissification and humilliatingly yours Alexa. Thank you Mistress.

Letter from Slave T

No overcoat this time. Woken at 2am by slave stevens
sweet cock on my lips.

Looked up to see his ballgagged
face and a female mservant shining lite on my face.

Ladonna big tittied black girl. I sucked him to ejac.
as she strap my cock. I was then dressed/made very
slutty and put in car and taken to a seedy smut/GH
shop an hour out as tape of madam sucking on a real
mans large, dark meat played.

He spunked, she oked at
me/cam and gave instruction on what tn do at the
smutshop and that people were waiting my arrival. The
driver smiled in the rearview. She said i did not know
who was involved so behave and follow inst. to avoid
strict punishmnt upon returning to her.

I was to make my chastity visible to the studs awaiting me so they
could i.d. Me

they would send madam realtime pix from
the GH booths that will be my prison for the next
several hrs.

Madam vanished and car stopped. My bound
cock aching already as it tried to swell againts its
prison cell.

A sweet young girl held my hand from car
to porn shop entrance.

The girl and i entered the shop holding hands and went
rite to ladys room were i watched her make herself
from a young girl to a boy. Strap on cock and all.
From 20yr old girl 216yr old boy. She/he gave me a boy
tit to suck 4 a few and then led me by hand to the
porn section. 6men and cashier browsed the kinky smut
as the girl/boy paraded me to the S/M section. Picking
vids like /sissyslut gags on masters cock/ and 3 or 4
others and gave to cashier for preview. Toilet duty.
Will finish this with a belly full of filthy snacks.
The toilet job has become very arousing to me now.
Even bloody discharge/tampon gifts are accepted now.
And appreciated. Be back soon! Slave t.


“Terry was quite pleased with how you presented yourself, whore. She’s quite perceptive, and pays great attention to detail.  You might be interested to know that she commented again on your shape.  She asked if I’d corseted you, and she was surprised to know I have not.  Had not, past tense. But present and future tense will allow me to tell her otherwise, and soon. I like the thought of your body being confined in that way, and I just know Terry and her friends will be increasingly interested and delighted.  I know that frightens you, from the way you breathe in when I say it. But really, it’s not as though sucking cock makes you gay.  You either are gay, or you’re not; get used to the idea that it doesn’t matter.  What does matter, is what I want; and I want you sucking cock. I’m quite certain you won’t have a problem with that, will you?”

“Of course not, Mistress. You know I trust you, and that allows me to embrace the tasks you give me, knowing that it pleases you.”

“Good gir-, I mean  whore.  Imagine that, I almost called you girl. Well, no matter.  It’s perfectly acceptable for me to make a mistake; after all who is here to correct me? Speaking of correction, I found another choker for you, to add to your collection. Remind me, how you came to have these lovely and perfectly fitting and descriptive chokers?”

“Of course, Mistress. As you know, Carla was my babysitter for three years, and she helped me to get  summer jobs. Each payday she would pick me up, and we’d go shopping for whatever she thought would help me or for what she liked. She always made sure we didn’t spend too much or my parents would have taken control, so i banked at least half of my pay.  They were pleased with my politeness and my responsibility, and remarked what a good influence Carla was on me.  This probably allowed them to overlook some of the things that were changing about me, my hair length, and my “cleanliness”…  no stray hairs, no chipped nails, and my grades were even improved.  They didn’t know that when i studied with Carla, she had me wearing lingerie and heels and tied my hands when i didn’t need to write. She actually liked teaching, even though her methods were somewhat different.

My parents had planned a vacation in the fall.  They had planned on taking me along, but instead they agreed to let Carla watch me for the 10 days they would be gone. They left early Saturday morning, and Carla and i both hugged them and wished them a safe trip. Mom was so happy to be  taking this trip, and was her usual glowing self whenever she got her wish  The car crushed and popped on the long gravel driveway, and we went upstairs to watch the car as i pulled through the gate.  Once they had gone, Carla blindfolded me and told me she had a surprise for me.  She led me from  to my Mom’s sewing room, and showed me a pattern and a huge bolt of fabric.

i’d never done anything like this before, well, except for helping Grams with the pillowcases. i was nervous, and unsure, and didn’t really know what this was for, until I read the pattern instructions, “Making Your Petticoats.”

She came up behind me and kissed me on the cheek, pulling me close, slipping her hand down over my abdomen, gently patting my crotch, kneading, and gently slapping me.  My words caught in my throat, and she pulled my face to hers, giving me a long kiss, still fondling me.   Breathless, i almost fell when she released me. “You can do this, and I’ll help you, part of the way.  But this will be YOUR task, and YOUR accomplishment.  Besides, I’ve wanted you in petticoats ever since i saw those lovely legs. Yes, petticoats. They will frame you, make you look more delicate, feminine, and helpless. Perfect!”

The pattern came in a package, with very specific directions.   There were plenty of pins, and measuring tapes and scissors in the drawers, and the machine was already loaded with pink thread.  Carla handed me a smock, and held out her hand.  “Give me what you’re wearing, and put this on. That’s far too much clothing for you to wear. Now.”
Slipping out of my shorts and shirt and my underwear, she took the pinking shears and cut them to artful ribbons.

“There.  Much better!” She said, as she winked.  Now get busy, little sis.” It was Her pet name for me.

It took several hours to cut and gather the cloth properly.  Each circlet needed to be shaped and banded, and stitched to retain its shape, and then stitched to the next one, and the next.  There were strips of cloth, which she would pick up and wrap around my wrists playfully, pulling my hands behind me as she kissed me again, spinning the chair to put her knee between my legs, nudging me again.  She never ever kissed me in a vanilla way.  Only when in some manner of female dress, or some sort of restraint on me, would she show me her tenderness, her ability to excite me.  She pulled away, and her eyes looked at me, and came to rest on my neck.

“OhhhhH!   I have the perfect idea, the best ever use for these scraps.   She slipped one around my throat, and stepped back to look.  “Hold that, with both hands, holding your hair up, off of the back of your neck.  Ohhh…  what a pretty choker that would make.  Will make.  And we have so many to make!!!   These can wait until you finish the petticoats, but I’m going to draw up some designs.  Keep working, I’m going to make the first one myself.”

Two more painstaking hours passed, and i sewed the waistband around the layers of cloth.  The elastic was a little bunched in one place, but other than that, it was a rather good first attempt.  Calling to Carla, i held the garment out for her to see.  The look on her face was one of delight.

“Robin! You are just the best! I’m sooo impressed that you got this done.  Honestly I gave you no chance of completing this today, and here you have it all done!”  She took the garment, noting the lumpy elastic, and said “We’ll keep this in the back.  Now, put it on.   And take that silly smock off, too!”

Handing the smock to her, she lingered a moment, looking at my nude body, and my erection. “Oh… what is this?”  She smiled, stepped in front of me, nuzzling my neck, reaching down with one hand to stroke me several times. “Lift your leg”. As i did, she dipped the edge of the waist, my foot slipping inside against the rustling fabric. “And the other,” gently slapping my testicles as my leg rose, exposing them.  She made a big deal out of pulling the fabric up and over my knees and thighs,, making sure to catch my genitals on the way up.   “Now stand there for a moment.”

Her eyes rolled over my slight frame, the billowing petticoats cascading in an A-shape, extending from my waist to about six inches above my knees. There was a presence in the front, and she chided me for that.  Taking a long strip of cloth, she tied it about the head, pulling it back between my legs, wrapping the strip over my cheeks and around my waist. “Much better.  More girly.  But we’re missing something.  Well, several something’s, actually…  but for now, I have the perfect addition.  Close your eyes and hold your hair up and away from your neck.”   Her hands passed by my shoulders, her fragrance teasing my nostrils, the feeling of her skin on mine so slight but intoxicating. And i heard two snaps as they gently fastened together.  “Now…  let me look at you.”

She stepped back and smiled in her adoring way, as if she had just topped off a wedding cake.  “Oh… it’s perfect!  Come with me to the mirror, I want you to see this.”  Taking me by the hand, we stepped into the bedroom, and stood before the oblong mirror in my parent’s bedroom.  There, in the same fabric that comprised my new petticoats, was a choker, several layers of fabric each with letters cut exactly into the cloth.  It must have taken an hour or more to cut them so cleanly. She read it aloud just as i was seeing it.

“Yes.  Sissie.  You *are* my sissie. And the best part is, this is day one.  Imagine what we’ll get done by day 7?  That’s next Saturday, of course, and we’re having a party. Right here.  It will be just us girls. Me, and you, and some of my friends.  You’d better behave, or I’ll let them bring their boyfriends later on.  You know how things happen late at night at a party, don’t you sissie?” She saw my face redden, and she teased me a little, pulling me onto the bed with her.  She kissed me long and sweetly, and pulled at my nipples, gliding her hands over my skin… down to my knees, and along the inside of my thighs before reaching up to wrap the strip of cloth around my sac, tieing it securely, and she began to stroke me slowly and softly.  “You’ve been such a good sissie lately.  I think you deserve a reward.  Up you go, on your knees, and hold your pretty petticoats up.”  She stroked me a little faster, her long hair framing her face and breasts. “Yes… look at me.  Watch me; see how I look when I do this.  Learn.  Learn, sissie. And when you get close, you tell me.  I don’t want any surprises.  You’ll say it like this:  ‘sissie needs to cum, Mistress’..   I may make you beg, because I like hearing that.”

She knew that her words were every bit as arousing as her touch, and i blurted out “sissie needs to cum, Mistress” inside of ten seconds or so.  She looked straight into my eyes;  “Again”.

“sissie needs to cum, Mistress”

She reached to the nightstand, and stroked me to finish me off.  i came in several thick streams, and felt some of my cum splash back on the head of my cock.  She had placed a glass at the end to catch all my semen, and lifted it up to my lips, saying “Drink”  even as she continued to stroke me.  “You look so adorable doing that.   Honestly, robin.  I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with you… or should I say ‘what I won’t do with you…   but we will find out, won’t we? It’s a shame, I’m so horny, and you’re so small. But at least your tongue and mouth are skilled. Make me cum, sissie. Make me cum.”  And with that, she rearranged the pillows, leaning back, spreading her legs, and pulling me by my hair in between them to bring her to her typical two orgasms, her feet occasionally pushing and thumping against me…

Later, she asked me how I felt about the day. She saw my face reddening with confusion and embarrassment, and gently kissed my neck, teasing me briefly with her hands before pulling me close, holding me reassuringly. “I don’t want to hurt you, robin. Quite to the contrary, I want you to grow, and learn how to express yourself in everyway, from your music, to your ideas, to your sexuality, to your love. I can see that your parents don’t do that. They also don’t know what we both know, that you *are* a sissie.  It’s not a bad thing.  You are attracted to me, sexually. I want to help you understand all that it means to be a sissie so you will be able to make the right choices in life, and not end up in a loveless marriage someday, wondering where your life has gone.  So, no – I don’t intend to cause you pain, unless I think it will help you learn.  Take the choker, for example. How did you feel when you saw, and felt it?”

“Carla, i-i-i..  was shocked, and embarrassed a little.  But I really like it. It’s beautiful, and more so because you made it for me.”. My voice was soft and slight as I averted my eyes from hers.

She pulled my hands over my head with one of hers, and began to kiss my neck, gliding her hand over my body as she slowly slid on top of me. He body undulating, grinding against me. “I have some other ideas for chokers, robin. Can you think of any other names I might use?”  She didn’t really want an answer. She wanted me to hear it.  Moving her lips close to my ear, she whispered, “bitch”…and pressed herself hard against me.  She moaned, which made me shiver with excitement. “Slut… my slut..”  she whispered next, gently gliding her nails against my inner thigh. I couldn’t  keep myself from responding, and started to pant as I tried to breathe.  “My slut…  my bitch..”  grinding more as she reached for my cock.. ”my sissie… (stroking)   .. my pretty,  pretty,, pretty.  (stroking again)… “whore”.. “   The way she said that, the way she touched me, the way her body felt against mine pushed me to the most powerful orgasm I’d ever had.  I lay there beneath her, I lay there beneath her, shivering, my body twitching in spasm after spasm, and she smoothed my hair, kissing my face,   holding me until I was finally able to relax, and drift off to sleep.

Carla woke me in the morning to let me know that my parents had extended their trip for the rest of the month, and that Mom didn’t want to pull me from my sleep. “I trust you completely with robin, Carla.  We feel so lucky to have you there to help us!”

“I told them how happy I am  to help.  If they only knew, robin.  If they only knew!” Carla said as she pulled back the sheets and swatted my thigh.   she bent forward, and slipped a collar over my head around my neck and hair quite a contrast to the  pink cloth choker still around my throat. It was a very simple dog choker, attached to a chromed leash with a leather loop. “Shower time, sissie.  We have a busy day ahead.  Many busy days, in fact!”


“So, whore – you’re a seamstress of sorts?  Hmm.  I wonder what I can have you make for yourself to wear. We won’t need a lot of fabric for you, will we? Oh, and we need to get your navel pierced.  You’re showing a lot of skin in those dresses and crops and halters – we need something to catch the eye, something pretty, glittery.  Not rings, like your nipples, but something – oh well.. we can get a ‘mount’ and find assorted bling to attach to it, depending on the look I want.  But whore, I want to thank you for telling me how this began. It helps me to understand so much about you, and knowing that your psyche has been impressed at so young an age makes you even better suited to be Mine.  Doesn’t it, whore?”

“You know, I think that’s the first time you’ve ever told me you were someone else’s whore.  I will have to be sure that we out-do anything she could have imagined.  Oh..  how delicious will that be?!?”  Her words trailed off as she turned into the bedroom, returning with a small paddle,  a vibrator, and a very realistic looking silicone phallus.  “Oh look, whore.  It has balls, too!”…  pointing to the bench already adjusted to accept my body, draped over it,  her eyes twinkling as she clicked the locks closed…