Russian Womanhood School

The Russian Schools Training Women To Be Housewives

See what life is like inside a Russian Womanhood School.

Sissy-life: The idea that a woman is most fulfilled when she stays at home  to  care for her Master, that she must do all of the cooking and cleaning, while also looking perfect for her husband at all times, is still dominating life in Russia.  Hence “womanhood” schools are teaching young women how to be a perfect wife….



Titty Hypnosis

From an old mind control story called Attempted Takeover, a different way to mesmerize a sissy….

“Now look at my breasts, see how big and round they are. I would really love for you to be able to hold these just like this.” She gripped her tits at the side, rubbing her hands around the outside of each breast. “You could caress my breasts and feel how firm they are under this silk negligee. They’re just bursting at the seams, so firm but so soft at the same time. I hope you’re holding your clitty right now, thinking about touching my breasts, about stroking them and rubbing them. Why don’t you start stroking your clitty? I’d like you to. Just slowly, enjoy it, enjoy feeling your clitty being rubbed up and down, up and down. Enjoy it and think about my breasts, clad in silk with you rubbing my tits with one hand and jerking yourself off with the other hand. Now don’t jerk off too fast. I want you to enjoy this…”