My husband buys my makeup!

A husband buying makeup for his wife? What a sissy! Imagine being sent to the drugstore to buy my lipstick, foundation, mascara… nail polish…

Look at some “Husband Buys My Makeup”  videos on Youtube and imagine your next humiliation session: you will be my sissy husband and I will send you to the local drugstore to buy my makeup!

What color foundation? I’m not sure…. Why don’t you test it on your cheek…Or maybe the pretty clerk can help you choose.. .Or ask another customer… some housewife sampling some new color of blush….

Call Alexa for a Sissy Buys My Makeup session of your own!!

5 Things A Sissy Does When the Wife Leaves Home

5 Things Sissy Does When Wife Goes Away

  1. Calls Mistress Alexa to tell her that Wifey is probably with a real man, with a real dick, and is getting the sexual pounding she can’t get from a sissy husband!
  2. Calls Mistress Alexa to tell her that he is in his wife’s closet, wearing her panties, her stockings, her bra… and wants to dress up ALL THE TIME!
  3. Calls Mistress Alexa to tell her that his wife has packed the sexy lingerie he gave her, that she NEVER wears for him, and that she just emailed him a selfie of herself in her hotel room wearing a lacy nightie with matching crotchless panties…. Why do you think she sent me this, Mistress Alexa?
  4. Calls Mistress Alexa to tell her that his wife has  locked him  into a chastity belt for the duration of her out of town trip — and that he is feeling horny and wants to be used like the slut that he is… can Mistress help?
  5. Calls Mistress Alexa to tell her that his wife’s best friend is coming over with a special surprise… and he thinks that the special surprise is his wife’s best friend’s husband… He wants Mistress to get him ready….

Sissy Tests

It’s been a while since we posted some tests for our sissy maids… and so here we have examples for sissies who are due for some humiliation.

Don’t forget the always fun and totally humiliating supermarket visit with a butt plug and no panties!
Another Sissy Slut Test – Walmart

Wear sexy women’s panties and frilly bitch socks. Wear a dark bra under your thinnest white shirt & a feminine hat (with a pom pom)  which calls attention to your face. Don’t forget the bright Pink lipstick and the stick on nails. If you don’t stick on nails, pick them up at a… Walmart Supercenter…

Get a cart, you will need it, and  collect the  items on my list. Do NOT try to hide items in the cart by covering them with other items – lay each item flat on the bottom of the cart in full view, but not to look staged. Make sure you walk casually around the store, casually, that is, like a slut… Try to dally and prettify the aisles…
Smile at the people who look at you and remember how you feel… how a submissive slut feels… who must do what her mistress tells her!  Think about this as you buy the items.

      • 1) Tampax tampons: box of 40 “super” with fragrance added- I don’t mean a box of 20, get what I listed.
      • 2) An extra large tub of Vaseline
      • 3) A large cucumber
      • 4) Massengill douche
      • 5) Condoms: Tiny Trojans
      • 6) Candles, small medium large
      •  7) 6 canisters of Reddi Whip
      • 8) Red Jello Mix

      Once you have all of your items in your cart, proceed to the women’s panty section. FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS SILLY SUBBY SISSY

      Pick up a pair with two hand and and hold it up to your crotch area to check for “fit”. Put them back on the hook. Take another pair and hold them up to yourself. Shake your head, so anyone watching you will know that you’re unhappy with that pair too. Put them pack on the hook. Feel a few more pairs, admiring the material, then move along. *you may buy yourself new panties, but they must be tighter than the pairs you already have. Panties are not on my list, but are permitted for this task a whore like you can always use a new pair of panties.

      Ask a clerk for help with bra sizes.
      Ask another clerk for help with the tampons: Hold up the tampons and ask: “How do I know if these will fit?”. Whatever he/she says next, reply with “My doctor says these can make me more secure when I have to go out in diapers…”.
      Now call Mistress Alexa at 866-57-SISSY and get instructions for the jello, the whipped cream, the cucumber, the douche, and the candles!

      Sissy Maid On Heels

      Why WOULD she be mad? He had done all the chores Mistress Alexa had left him with-and done a good job, too. The last thing she had done before leaving with her girlfriend was humiliate him thoroughly by having him in his heels and hose along with his frilly apron-nothing else-dusting in the entryway when Sis arrived and came thru.

      Dusting wasnt so bad, but having to do it with my hands chained to my sides and a feather duster stuffed up my bottom was a challenge. Balanced on my heels and backing up to objects and shaking my ass at them was difficult, but it certainly amused the stronger women in the room as they laughed a bit too hard. Good bitch, my Mistress chortled-shake that ass! practice that! Youll soon be doing it on a street corner!

      I had to be careful not to break anything, so it took forever to complete a simple task. Just before She left, Mistress Alexa told me to get my sissy dick hard so that it would slide out from under my apron. (How embarrassing!) She wasn’t unchaining my hands either. I stood and started shaking my hips in the hopes that my swinging cock would rub against my lacy apron for Mistress Alexa.

      As i felt it respond slightly the two of them could not help laughing at my predicament as i bent my knees and mounted the corner of the couch and attempted to give IT a rollicking fuck, but it was too low to really help. i was like a full balloon trying to run into a pin and Mistress finally came over and reached under my apron. Staring me right in the eyes with a devilish smile, she slowly stroked my cock until my knees were quivering and i had filled her fist with solid meat. She stopped and lifted my apron and grabbed a hold as though she were selecting something at the corner deli.

      She walked away and grabbed her purse and unchained my hands and told me to get a move on-finish those chores. and i had-finished them all. So why shouldnt i go surfing with my buddies? We were only gonna be out a couple hours and only if we were happy with the waves. i mean if the waves were great, we may just stay for a few sets-if that. hell yeah, its barely 11 am, lets go. and i did-coming home a little after 12:30, to a Mistress sitting at her computer, quietly. i quickly showered and asked her if she would like some lunch.
      “I already ate. did you have fun, you little cumbucket?”

      Continue reading “Sissy Maid On Heels”

      Maybe I’ll have better luck relaxing with that big dildo in me. . .You rocked my world, again…

      Hello, Alexa.  I just want to say that I really enjoyed our last encounter.  It was really hot when I was texting you and I was in the adult store buying things to get ready for our call later.

      This led me to a little fantasy that maybe we can play out next time.  The adult store I went to is pretty large and well stocked with sex toys, lingerie, etc.  There are a lot of saleswomen, and they greet new customers and offer help.  When you guy vibrating toys, they check the betteries and have you touch the vibrating toy to make sure it is good for you.
      So I was thinking that next time we talk, I would go to the store and you would be on the phone.  That fact alone would be embarrassing to me.  But then when a saleswoman approaches me, I imagine that you would be on the phone telling me what to ask her.  I’d have to ask for help with the anal toys, for instance.  Maybe I’d have to ask for help with the plus size lingerie, and have to ask her the questions you tell me that betray that I am buying them for myself.  I’d have to ask for lube. Or maybe you’d have me hand the phone to the saleswoman, who I imagine giggling and looking me up and down as you tell her the kind of lingerie to buy (stockings, panties, corset), maybe she’d describe me to you in front of me, and you would tell her to choose a butt plug or realistic cock for me.  Maybe she’d have to ask me questions like, “do you like them this big?”.
      Then I’d have to go home and call you and you would put me through my paces again.  Maybe I’ll have better luck relaxing with that big dildo in me.  This time I’ll get a smaller one to warm up with and then switch to the big boy.
      Anyway, I wanted to share what was on my mind.  You rocked me world again.

      my exposed cock

      i felt my exposed cock and bouncing nuts slow their momentum as Mistress finally ceased her cock-scolding and begin a steady rhythm of ass-reddening swats with a wooden paddle. i lifted my ass skyward and propped it outward-presenting it for a very thorough beating; and got it. Alexa plain lit into my bared ass-after she had yanked my panties to my ankles, lifted my skirt hem up and tucked it snuggly into my velvety red belt; a view if there ever was one. she laughed loudly, paused, and swung…..WHHHAAAAPPPP! i screamed, hopped and rubbed. none of that would be permitted on the next 15 wallops, i was told. the two outsiders had crowded around and were absolutely thrilled to see a big man get his comeuppins; thrilled to the extent that i could smell woman juice in the air–and it wasnt helping me at all, causing shudders and surges to travel the length of my now free prick–heating it and swelling it past a ‘respectful’ stage. by that i mean, throbbing, hard and deep red. and they could all see it easily on smack number 11, which spun me sideways-giving unfettered views of my ‘shame’ to the interloping hotties with the wide eyes. my cock was now viewed as obsene –there were 5 more smacks delivered in this manner–with me fully standing, hobbled by my lacies, ass beet red and naughty hard on swinging about like a drunken pirate. i was shoved to the living room-a moderately lit room, and stood in the middle of the room as my skirt hem was freed from the back of my belt and lowered-giving my whipped ass a small amount of privacy. instead, the hem in the front was lifted and tucked into the front of my belt as the girls all sat back comfortably and stared at my tinier skirt-half of it was now missing (the front half)–but they seemed to be in a forgiving mood. i was instructed to waddle into the kitchen with my ankles cuffed by panties, and fetch the ladies some wine. i did as i was told. after they had all finished a very liberal bit of grape, i was put in the room’s center, the lights were dimmed and music started playing. Mistress told me to slowly jack my cock for the ladies but, ‘do not cum!’– i stood still for a moment and then began swaying with the music, slowly working my hands down my body, finally grasping my limp dick in one fist-while the other pinched one of my nipples–then the other-viciously. that had a large effect on my cock. it surged and bobbed as i began a performance for ALL 4 of us–swaying and moving, even stroking to the exact beat of the music. i moved closer to tara and bent my knees slightly, held my cock in my hand and slowly stroked it as we locked eyes, ever so slow–ensuring that i feel every bit of every stroke-i swelled before her steady gaze–let go of myself and smiled as she stared at my unattended prick. now swelling and hopping right before her, deepening yet more in color–i stood perfectly still before her as my cock thickened and leaped at her–with a drop of nutjuice now adorning its crest. i took her hand and led it to my shaft-draping her fingers around its girth and then holding her finger in my hand, leading it to my cocks head and swiping up the cumdrop and bringing it to —my mouth. i sucked her finger clean-like a teeny prick; smiled–and finished the song dancing like the slut that i am……

      Make him eat his cum — DON’T ASK HIM, TELL HIM!

      Make him eat his cum -- DON'T ASK HIM, TELL HIM!

      After getting this inspiring link from a caller, we did a session about a crossdressing group who met at a salon once a week, where I was the mistress and owner. You would come in, and put on your pink lady robe, and I would take you into the back and do your make-up, brew you up some feminizing, tit-growing tea, and hypnotize you into femininity. Each time you came I would force you to come into a beautiful blue glass jar, which you would have to apply to your lips while everyone in the salon watched….