Just to feel more like a girl

Another variation on the Comic….
Patrick and Roger, were both experienced, to some extent, with acting as girls.   Patrick had competed – and won – a “womanless beauty pageant” in his senior year, at high school, while Roger had played some female roles in his prep-school drama club.  When the initiation task of masquerading as girls to embarrass the rival chapter was proposed, the pledges agreed “it would be a cinch”!  They would need access to make-up, and women’s clothing, though.  These – and more – were volunteered by the fraternity house-mother.
They would become wards of Helen, the house-mother, for the initiation period, staying in a room on her private floor of the fraternity house.  After getting the boys accustomed to their corsets, stockings, high heels, dresses and making them near-experts in make-up application, Helen mentored her pledges in many other aspects of life as college girls with dance lessons, advice on dating etiquette and even what to carry in one’s purse (powder, lipstick, condoms and birth control pills – just in case someone else might take a peek).
Dates were arranged, through the other fraternity house-mothers, and the boys would be girls for whole weekends, even when they weren’t out at dances and parties.
The initiation period was taking longer than the boys had origninally expected and Patrick was having misgivings about the whole thing when he noticed Roger’s behavior had become very effeminate, even when he was not performing the exercises and rituals Helen had assigned them for their “homework”.  For example, when it was Patrick’s turn to be the girl in the embracing and kissing exercises, he didn’t find any difference in Roger’s actions.  It wasn’t much later, when the boys were were arising one morning that Patrick noticed, as his roomate emerged from the bath, how round Roger’s bottom looked and how much more protuberant his nipples had become.  Later, Patrick confirmed his suspicions when he, secretly, searched through Roger’s purse and found the mostly-empty blister-pack of pills.  Patrick, himself, had often wondered what might happen if he were to take a pill everyday, “just to feel more like a girl”, as Helen had suggested.  He had also
been worried about what Roger would think of him if he did start taking the pills from his packet – even if they did turn out to be “placebos”, as he had originally guessed.
With pangs of anxiety and guilt, Patrick confronted Roger about how far they had been going with the initiation and suggested they just quit their pledge and find residence in a dorm; they could try pledging with another fraternity or even forgoe participating in such and “old fashioned system”.  Roger, however, would have nothing of it; he wasn’t in the least concerned they had gone too far.  He was sure, if they just” stuck to their guns”, they’d be able to pull off their pranks and the hazing would be over.  Besides, it was just getting more interesting, he said, as they were getting more into the roles for the big event!
At this point, Patrick decided he would have to “stick it out” and do what Helen suggested, not fully certain whether it was because he didn’t want Roger to endure the process alone or because he wanted to see more of Roger’s progession . . .

Author: alexa

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