Live report of the ANEROS (prostate tickler):

I had forgotten how sensitive I was inside … when I’m penetrated like that, how I start moving spontaneously. It’s deep inside me, all the way up me and it makes me feel like a slut all over– submissive and sensual and wanting to be taken — open, dripping like a little slut…. It’s like when a woman has her clit rubbed… its hard to have to do it to yourself, with a dildo, now I have to practice, coming like a girl being fingered…. I remember when I was standing bent over the table and Robert was fingering me, pushing his finger inside me, then two fingers, and I felt this intense pressure, I felt it so deep inside my testicles and belly… the precum just pours out of me… Its amazing how it starts pouring out of me before I even come

Author: alexa

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