Mistress Alexa’s Transformation Fiction

New: Mistress Alexa’s Transformation Fiction

Inspired by a TG Story called Undercover

Date: 1998/11/13

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You must imagine, when you call Mistress Alexa, that you are going to learn everything about becoming feminine. That your call is as expensive as it is effectual. That you are not calling a casual Mistress and that you, in turn, are not a ‘casual’ cross-dresser.

Mistress Alexa believes in instituting the senses. Our training techniques may cause you to develop such a feminine self image that many of the ingredients of maleness may be permanently lost. Mistress Alexa doesn’t advocate operations… We believe that the happiest position is to leave the body male and fixate the mind of femininity, feminization, feminine mannerisms, submission, and supersensual sexual habits. By following the customized training and customized exercises Alexa devises for you, you will be able to keep your minimized organ and supplement it with feminine mannerisms and behavior. Our goal is to make our trainees so feminine that they can live and work as sexually submissive women with little or no problem. Consider Ricki, one of Alexa’s oldest trainees and favored crossdressers.

[Imagine] A shapely young girl walking into the room. You cannot tell that it is a male. He appears to be wearing a silk afternoon dress and heels.

She says: “I want to thank you for not only making me look like and act like a girl, but also want to be one. Mistress Alexa has feminized my mind, my feelings, my nature and made me delighted to be a girl as far as was physically possible.” “I was treated to luxury-spa type treatments. Mistress Alexa is expensive, but my bank account is sitting there, waiting to be used, and I had been dressing up my whole life… waiting to be made up, dolled up and dressed up and, well, fucked… my whole life. I was… the perfect trainee… the perfect sissy. Have a look at one of her brochures…

Desensitizing you to your transformation. What will happen to your personality? Bringing out the lady in you: Why be a man’s equal when you can be a woman’s equal. Being a woman is not inferior or superior; just very different.

Feeling Frightened: There are several reasons for the mental confusion and fear or insecurity. One is a lack of commitment, another is fear of the unknown. Over 50% of the world live in femininity. Believe it or not, few people will be hostile after your conversion. Mental Barriers: After you’ve started to show signs of feminization, you’ll most likely question your decision. Indecisiveness is a feminine quality and is a sign of increasing feminine personality development. When your masculinity is stripped away, you’ll experience a feeling of nakedness and vulnerability. You’ll feel weak and exposed as your muscles soften. As your figure slims and hips widen you’ll find your balance different and you’ll walk effortlessly with a sway. Mistress Alexa focuses on techniques of psychological and emotional feminization. Your mind will change  your body, your feelings will change your senses. This is not an overnight process.


Your personality must be ready to accept the pleasures and pains of feminine development. Practice is required until it becomes natural. Therefore, Mistress Alexa prefers for you to commit to at least one hour sessions, and encourages you purchase a series of sessions…. from the start.  For luxury clients, she will recommend ‘shopping’ together and ‘special preparations’.

All the methods have one objective; the cultivation and embodiment of female instincts; the psychological submission to the Mistress, the prettification of everyday life.  You are expected to do your best to make yourself into a perfect girl carrying out all you are told to do by the various experts. Your rough skin win become soft, angles will become curves and your stride will become a swing. You will learn more about men than you knew as one. This is because we will be looking at your maleness and systematically eliminating it. By making yourself loved as a woman you will naturally eliminate your manhood.


Case Study: A wife orders her husband’s transformation:

“I never think of him as my husband. For me he’s now my sister. Of course, I still remember him as my husband – and how difficult our life was together. After his business failure, he had to rely on my inheritance. I told him that some major changes had to be made. He knew by then that he was a cuckold… that I had never really thought of him as a real Man. That I was having sex with and being romanced by many other men. He was humiliated, ashamed, reluctant … He had a tantrum or two. He misbehaved.  I never told him of my plans to institute him. I called Mistress Alexa, explained the situation, and told her to wait for his call. Then the feminizing process began.

I must admit I liked the idea of my husband being transformed into a wife. I have done all I can to see that he becomes as girlish and feminine as possible. I know he’s much happier today. I feel many husbands would be happier in the role of wives, given the opportunity to change. I mean to change gender, not sex. There are many soft young men that have dainty features and figures that with the help of Mistress Alexa could easily take the female role. Hormones and minor surgery facilitate the process, but it’s the psychological control, the emotional domination that does the trick.  It’s important to encourage the husband’s early to take the feminine role. This allows ‘playing wife’ to become a natural  part of their personality. It is important that they learn to love being a wife and feel beautiful, not as effeminate men, but as females.


(To be continued)



Sex Therapist Alexa

Sex therapist Alexa is in her lingerie after a run and feeling horny. She knows you want to call her and is making herself wet thinking about how she will humiliate you. Alexa has another client who calls her and has always fantasized about having a guy suck his dick and come from it….

Alexa knows that you’re dressed up and ready to suck… you are always ready to suck, aren’t you? Sissy bitch! You are allowed to call Alexa after you’ve put on your bra and panties so that Alexa can pull them off…. and show everyone what a little dick you have….

Oh, and take a photo before you call her. She wants to post it on her blog… ! Pucker up, bitch. And call 888-411-1230

Play out a story with Mistress Alexa: The Sissy Hotel Maid

The Merry Maid of Windsor

by: Cassandra Morgan

Billy embarrasses his wealthy parents by getting busted for possession of drugs… His parents arrange for his rehabilitation by sentencing him to 12 months at hard labor as a hotel maid at their high class Windsor Hotel

Play out THE SISSY HOTEL MAID story with Mistress Alexa: CALL 866-57-SISSY (866-577-4779). PRICE: $99.


"It didn't sound that bad, to be honest. I would help make a few beds.Run a vacuum over a floor. Change out the towels. Grunge work. It didn'tsound like fun, exactly, but it didn't sound difficult, either. Itwasn't a great deal different than working at the McDonald's drive-through window. I could do a year of this standing on my head."Mom," I said. "I know I've been a disappointment to you. But I'll dothis. I can be a male maid, and I'll make you proud.""Billy, that's nice of you to say," she said. "I'm glad to hear you'regoing to try. But who said you were going to be a male maid?""Excuse me?""Billy, you adjust to the job. It doesn't adjust to you. You'll be oneof the maids on the floor. Otherwise, you would draw attention toyourself, and we can't have that. You aren't a valet. You're a maid. No different. Every maid we have at the Windsor is female. Every one ofthem wear the same uniform. I expect you to wear it too."My stomach flipped. What was she saying? Me? Female? Uniform?"


Go shopping at La Petite Coquette with Your Mistress

Come Shopping with your Mistress (& Google) at La Petite Coquette! https://www.google.com/maps/@40.732454,-73.993842,3a,13.1y,90t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1sGyPlUz0xnISAT1iLsNM__Q!2e0!3e2!6m1!1e1


Isn’t it fun to go shopping for your dainties — bras, corsets, bustiers, camis — when your Mistress is watching? Call Mistress Alexa before you buy your lingerie. Get permission! Get douched!

Amanda’s Adult Store Fantasy

Hello, Alexa:

I am having my adult store fantasy again. I hope we can do it for real soon.

I’d start by calling you and making sure that we could make a day of it. I’d start at home, and call you and start preparing myself. I’d take a warm bath with some girly scented bath oil. And then I’d call you as I gave myself an enema to make sure I am squeaky clean for the time to come. I’d get dressed and you’d tell me to wear a pink shirt and give myself a hint of perfume before setting out.

I’d get to the store and I’d be very nervous. I’d be texting you on the phone to tell you I was there. When I entered the store, I’d make my way over to the lingerie section. A salesgirl would come up to me. Unlike the last time I was there, I can see that she was sharing some knowing looks with some of the other salesgirls. She’d look me straight in the face and ask me, “can I help you?”

I’d look down and mumble something like I was just browsing. She’d step a little closer and say, what’s your name? I’d say my man’s name. She’s say, “no, I mean you are Amanda, right?”

I’d be stunned, even though this was unexpected. That means that you had called the store and let them know I was coming and my fantasy name. I don’t know at this point if you had told the whole name.

I’d be blushing and say, “yes.” She’d giggle and share more winks with her friends. She’s day, “Alexa said you would be here and I’m going to make sure you get what she wants you to have. Looks like you are in for quite a night.” Then she’d tell me to call you, which I would. I’d call and tell you I was here and what next. You would tell me it is time to buy some frilly lingerie and to hand the phone to the salesgirl.

At this point, she would be very nice and be chatting with you, looking over the rack and choosing a whole intimate outfit. She’d hold items up to me to see how they might look. She’d tell you she was getting me a nice teddy, maybe a corset, a bra, all matching course. She’d check with me to make me say things, like–you need stockings now, right? And a garter belt, right? And I would have to respond to this stranger that I wanted these things.

Then she’d say, “It’s time to get some panties.” And then shed choose some to go with the other lingerie and get a few more pairs “to wear under my male clothes.”

But the embarrassment was just beginning. Then she’d say, “its time to get some toys–follow me to the anal section, Amanda.” And she wouldn’t say it to quietly. We’d look at some of the butt plugs and other toys. She’d still be talking to you and say, “Alexa said you already liked one of our big cock vibrators–show me which one.” I’d be embarrassed and show her the one that I took before. She’s say, “wow, Alexa said you took this whole thing in your ass, is that right?” And I’d have to admit it was. So she’d pick it off the rack and put it in my basket. Then she’d say, “Alexa says you like a smaller warmup vibrator, is that right?” and she’d pick a nice pink one out for me. Then she’d tell me that you told her I needed to take something even bigger to “stretch me out”, so she’d pull an even bigger lifelike dildo off the shelf–a full 9 or 10 inch realistic looking black cock dildo. “You like these black cocks, don’t you?”

Then she’d pick out at butt plug and tell me that you told her to get that, too.

Finally she would take me to pick up nipple clips and a few other things. Then she’d say, “do you need some lube?” and I’d say yes. We’d go over to the lube rack and things would get even more embarrassing. “what do you need it for?” she’d ask. “I need it for the vibrators.” “Is it for you or someone else?” (she knew the answer, but was making me say it). “For me.” She’d direct me to her recommended lube for sissies who fuck themselves with dildos. I’d think I was done, but she’d say, “don’t you need some more?” I’d be confused. She’d say, “don’t you need some to jack your little dick?” Mortified again, I’d admit that I do. “Of course you do. Now tell me what you need it for.”

“I need it to stroke my little dick.” “And what is your full name?” “Amanda Littlecock.” “That’s right, Amanda, you little sissy. All the girls here know your name. We all drew straws to see who would get to help you and I won. So come over here with me.” She led me to a darker corner of the store and a couple of the other salesgirls came over. “Show me your little dick, Amanda Littlecock.”

I wouldn’t know what else to do but obey, so I’d unzip my fly and pull out my cock, which had been hard the whole time. All the girls would giggle at it. One would take a photo. “I’m sending it to Alexa. She said she wanted to see how small it was. You are doing the right thing dressing in this lingerie and fucking yourself, because that little thing isn’t a real man’s cock. Put it away so I can stop laughing, little bitch.”

“OK, Amanda. One last thing. I’m going to keep your things here in this basket, but you take this lube, this butt plug, and these panties and go into the bathroom. Make sure your little dick is hard when you come out, because I don’t want you to jack off when you are in there. When you come out, you will have the plug in and panties on and your nasty man underwear in your hand. I’ll keep your phone to tell Alexa how it is going. Meet me at checkout.”

I’d be like in a fog. I’d go into the bathroom and do as she said. I’d be sorely tempted to whack off, but I wouldn’t want to risk the session I know was coming with Alexa when I got home. I’d pushed the plug in and felt that lovely full feeling, and I slipped the panties on. I pulled my pants back up, looked at myself in the mirror to fix my hair, and went out to the checkout as instructed.

When I got there, another salesgirl was there with her. She’d point to the trashcan and say, “throw your old underwear in there. Those are only for men.” Then we’d go through the long process of testing the vibrators, buying batteries, etc. I’d have to touch every vibrator as it buzzed and confirm that I’d like that. All the while, she’d keep up the chatter. “I really like this one–it makes me come. I think you’ll like it in you, too. Did you really take this one all the way in? You must like stretching your ass. Amanda Littlecock–that’s really cute. My friend here said you have a little sissy dick–is that right? Let me see the bulge–is it hard now? I can hardly see it, but I see the little mound.” People in line around me were giggling.

Finally, they gave me the phone back and you’d tell me to head back to my car and call me. The salesgirl I spend the most time with would walk me out. “Have a great time with those toys, Amanda. You will look adorable in all that sissy lingerie.” As I’d leave the store, she would give me a hard slap on the butt to jostle the plug–“have a nice ride home. By the way, that pink shirt is just right for you.”

Plugged, perfumed, humiliated, and shaking with excitement, I’d sit in my car, wiggling on the plug. I’d call you and tell you I was ready. You’d say, “Let’s go to what’s next.”


Anyway, that’s what I’m thinking about. Looking forward to talking to you next time.