Sissy Mistress Alexa & Me

Hello Mistress Alexa,

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Mistress and I have been talking on the phone for several years and she has helped me come to terms with my hidden femininity and we have built a rather good relationship over those years. I let her know that I will be on a business trip near where she lives, (I live a long way from her), and beg her to meet me in person. After several weeks of begging she agrees but that I must complete some assignments first. First, I am to buy some items to bring with me on the trip, a pink corset that will attach and lock to my chastity belt, a pink collar with the word “SISSY” on the front and a lock on the back, a Bettie Page wig, pink bra and matching frilly panties that fit over my chastity belt with a ruffled sheer back, stockings and pink 5 inch heels that can be locked around the ankle. Also, I am to bring my 2 favorite dildos, both of which are quite large. I am to also purchase and download a hypnosis mp3 that she has recorded just for me and this trip and to begin listening to it every day, 3 times a day, until our arranged meeting time. I eagerly comply with all of her instructions in my bated anticipation of finally meeting the goddess that I have worshiped from afar for so long.

2 weeks of eternity pass and the time has come for my meeting with my Mistress at the hotel that I have been staying in while on business. During the past 2 weeks I have been very diligent in listening to the file that Mistress has recorded for me and have found myself feeling not only very feminine in my thoughts and emotions, I also have begun to feel as if I have nothing to hide from Mistress, as if I have hid things from her that I have no reason to hide. I feel as if she should know everything about me and that if she should ask, I would have no choice but to tell her. This last bit was exhilerating and frightening all at the same time.

About 2 hours before the scheduled meeting time, in my room, Mistress calls and simply says, “D, I want you to go take a bath, shave everything from the ears down, and then put on the items that I instructed you to bring, locking all of them in place. Place the keys to the locks in an envelope and place on the nightstand by the bed. Next, lie down on the bed and put your hypnosis session on play through your earphones and relax as you listen. I want you in trance when I arrive. Do not disappoint me ducky, you only have one chance. Bye.”

Wow here we go. . . Well, I followed the instructions to the letter and began to go into trance. After a few minutes I began to lose consciousness. I don’t know how much time had passed but I sensed someone else in the room with me. It was the most beautiful voice, the same voice from the recording, speaking in such soft yet demanding tones. I was helpless to move, unable to open my eyes, move my arms or legs, or do anything other than listen to the all-surrounding voice that enveloped all of my world. Mistresses voice began by letting me know that after all of this time, of her taking her time to train me, mold me, dominate me, now she wanted more. She wanted more than I had ever been able to give before and asked if I was willing to give her what she wanted, no, what she deserved from a little sissy like me. In my current state, all I could do was to answer in the affirmative. I felt myself mouth the words but was unsure if the words actually came out. I heard Mistress say, “Good, good my pet.”

What seemed like merely a few seconds later I awoke, feeling amazing and sore. My jaw ached and my ass, my ass was on fire, but felt empty all at the same time. I looked around at my surroundings and noticed that my stockings were twisted and had a tear in them near the top. I was still dressed head to toe and I slowly pulled myself off of the bed to look in the mirror and noticed that the hair of my wig was completed mussed and even had what appeared to be, CUM, in it. Oh, GOD! What happened? I looked around the room for clues and found a large manilla envelope with some papers, some pictures and a DVD in it. I quickly pulled it out and went completely white with fear and humiliation. There I was, on my knees, dressed every bit as the perfect sissy, with what has to be the biggest black cock in my mouth, apparently sucking with wild abandon. I had both of my hands around the shaft and my pink lips were struggling to get around the tip of this monster. I quickly looked over the several other pictures of me, my face clearly visible in all of them, in various stages of sucking, or getting impaled by this monster and I began to feel my world come crashing down around me. I opened the letter and began to read.

Dearest d,

As you undoubtedly realize, you have been a busy girl this evening. These COPIES of pictures are for you to keep, I have the originals with me and will keep them safe, for NOW. I appreciate your willingness to give me all of the information about you and your family and friends that you did last night, it will come in handy with what I have in store for you. Also, with the banking and credit card info I now have, I think I’m going to go on a little spree! I so look forward to all of the things that I will have you do to serve me and to entertain me. Please do your best to get cleaned up and ready to go home. I hope you have a safe trip and I will be in touch, soon.