Incomplete or How We Wanted our Sissy Men

After the series of phonesex sessions, his nipples became noticeably larger, protrusive, puffed out and incredibly sensitive. I found

in fact that I could make his organ drool just by touching
them. One morning when I was sucking and caressing them gently I
noticed him grow raptly attentive to some inner kind of music,
breathing more and more deeply, his eyes closed. Then suddenly he
stiffened and gasped and moaned aloud in a kind of agony, then with
joyous satisfaction.

It seems  he didn’t need erections to feel his sex.

He was  too embarrassed to mention his inability to get hard, but I knew he had to be  anxious about it. So I raised the topic one

evening while caressing and kissing his new big nipples, his head
flung back on the pillow in ecstasy.

“Being a woman can be just heavenly, can’t it?” I asked.

“Oh, y..y..yes” was all he could gasp.

You really don’t have to give up anything, you know…

Yes, he groaned.

“Really? Good! Then it’s settled, you’ll stay as you are…

I said no more. He was half out of his mind, but I’d given him permission to play with his nipples, to call his phone sex mistress, to imagine that he was still able to get erections, and squirt  his dicklet.

I might have been mistaken, but his rear end actually began to look
cute too! At first I worried about it, but finally I liked even
that. A nice round butt instead of his skinny one, yet another
physical change all to the good. I couldn’t escape the idea. If his body and his attitudes were

turning the corner from masculine to feminine, I should make some
other changes too. Make him more of a woman, give him a real
figure. In fact give him everything but an actual vagina. That would be too dangerous.

If he had a vagina he’d feel free to leave his sissy maid position
and live a normal woman’s life. Without one, he’d always
be incomplete, and that was how we wanted our sissy men.


(An excerpt from a story by Vickie Tern)