My Maid Training by Sissy J

Alexa, I have been rid of all male,yuck,clothing foe 20 years. I do follow all the household chores as you state pus more, I grocery shop dressed as a sissy maid, go to store,post office and even Doctors appointments dressed as a sissy. I cook and prepare breakfast lunch and dinner for Mistress and her friends/lovers.
hand wash all lingerie and replace any worn out or run nylons,shine shoes.
Serve as french maid if Mistress is having guests. I eat in kitchen either standing in my 5“ heel`S or from a dog dish on floor. I am not allowed the meal that I prepared for her or guests, I eat a salad as she wants me thinner.
If her BF is spending the night I make sure the bed is turned down and her lingerie is laid out, heart mints on the pillows and chilled wine and crystal glasses ready for them as well as a condom on night table, in case she wishes him to wear one.. I thank the guest for letting me serve them and curtsey. Many put their hands up my short skirt and rub my tush. I am in chastity and have a butt plug in and can`t get an erection, it is designed to be very painful.
She has me orally serve so men, if she see`S they are over stimulated. I must swallow and thank them. The women tease me calling me a fag maid and showing me their painted covered pussies, saying see what you can never have again. I respond, yes ma`am mistress tells me if she wants me to lick a cum filled pussy sucked and cleaned of series.
She has me milked once a month unless it falls on a time I am having my period. Then it is canceled till following month.

Thank you for you sit I love to read it and learn more to do to be a complete sissy. Mistress has me with 44 B breast implants and has been thinking of having one of my overlies removed, maybe both.

Worship yours
sissy J

    Author: alexa

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