No More Frank (2) – sissy maid outfit

I just read my first post here with the photo of the black and white sissy maid outfit. I cannot even describe who excited I felt when I read this. Mistress Alexa said all sissies need a maids outfit labeled with their sissy name embroidered on the front and the words no longer with their former male name. Don’t you think so?
I do and I will explain why. Looking at those embroidered words on the bodice of your maid’s outfit is an important reinforcement and reminder of the sissy you are now and the man you are not. How would you feel if you wore a custom made dress embroidered like that?
We all immediately know that answer do we not.
Just try to resist the feeling you have now imagining yourself in your very own dress like this. You will become even more obsessed with serving Alexa and your wife like I do with mine

Author: alexa

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