Prissy Sissy Story

Prissy Sissy Story Prissy’s Sissies contains Drawings and Stories about Strict Mistresses who dress up and dominate submissive transvestites, effeminate pansy boys, Male Maids, frilly pantywaist She-males, Diaper sissies and ALL weak-willed crossdressing men. Mistress Alexa does PRISSY SISSY PHONE SEX SESSIONS – about Prissy Sissies who are FORCED by DOMINANT WOMEN to wear soft … Continue reading “Prissy Sissy Story”

Dutch Girl

Dear Mistress Alexa You’ve ordered me to write a rapport on every session we’ve had. It’ s a privelige to do that for You, Mistress Alexa. ….. From now on i will do anything You command me to do, i will not be lazy again and be unrespectfull to Your orders in the past. I … Continue reading “Dutch Girl”