Feminization Honeymoon

Feminization Honeymoon – what an idea!

Isn’t it inevitable that the airline would lose your suitcase? It is your second honeymoon, and your wife, who always gets exactly what she wants, is perfectly happy surveying the hotel … while you sit and wait for your underwear to dry… and wait… and wait. So there  in your hotel room your graceful wife offers you her panties…  just until the luggage shows up…. just a temporary thing.

But of course, wearing her panties shows you how pleasurable it is to wear sensuous silky feminine panties. And later, when your wife rubs you through them, and keeps them on when you go to bed….. the experience imprints itself on your memory and your libido….

Feminization honeymoon
Feminization Honeymoon

Francine is a Fag

Francine is a fag, she’s dressed up in her K-Mart panties, and now has put her wife’s panties on top of those …. Francine knows her wife will find out, and punish her, and humiliate her, and tell the maid that Francine is a fag, she’s always been a fag….

Humiliating On Line Shopping Spree

You will wear panties and panty hose while shopping for me. You will sit at your computer at work, or in the Public Library, searching for pretty panties or sissy panties or slutty panties on line, leaving the shopping site and photo open on the computer screen while you go to freshen your sissy lip gloss in the Ladies Room.

Then when you come back to the computer you will look around at the other serious people and accept their rebuke or derision or contempt… then take a nice selfie and email it to alexa@houseboys.net

Like a Gurl


This gurl is looking for some thick black, cock with lots and lots of cum-in-waiting… Yep, this gurl is standing pretty in a hotel room, working her mouth… practicing…

Do you want her to dress up for you? Maybe some red lace panties? Do you want her to show you her pussy? Email the slut at hotdustin6969@gmail.com and tell her what you want her to do to you…

She can kiss and suck on your nipples while she sucks… She sucks very very slow and very very deep. She has sucked at least 100 big black cocks, slowly. She’s sweet and hot and well seasoned… and look at her curvy body!

Dusty likes to dress up. Likes to shop for lingerie. Black silk panties and garters… Red lipstick. Will wiggle in heels for you.

Swallows. Really swallows.

Travels the world. Prefers doggie style. Nipples super sensitive. Pussy super sensual. Trained by Mistress to submit to dick….

Uncut cock a high preference.

Likes lying down legs up cum with vector force….

Can get rid of panty lines.



French Dressing

Dear Sissies,

Xdress Men’s Lingerie has just launched its newest Cosplay Collection, including the French Dressing Maid’s Uniform  (made exclusively for men).

For corset lovers there is  the Gentleman’s Corset in Indigo Satin, as well as the Chocolate Buttercream Lace Ensemble.  

These lovely dainties are exclusive styles for guys,  test-driven on real men — or at least real sissies.

I always love to see photos of you in lingerie, and hear about how you feel when you wear beautiful feminine  lingerie (even if it is designed for men…) 





Craig’s List San Francisco: Would you respond to this ad?

I love seeing a guy in sexy panties

I love seeing a guy in sexy panties and lingerie. Come over and let me dress you up so you can show-off for me. I have lots of sexy stuff I have bought for a pantyboy I play with sometimes. I’d love to let someone new to dressing up come over and satisfy your curiosity.

You can just model for me and get off on some porn, or we can play to whatever extent you feel comfortable. I love to touch, lick, and nibbble while you’re showing off. If you want more then tease me with your sexy ass until I dive in with my tongue and get your sexy hole all horny for some toy play. I would love to go down on you while I use my tongue/fingers/toys on your sexy hole. Whatever it takes to make you feel good. I am NOT looking for someone that can pass as a woman. I’m turned-on by seeing a regular guy dress-up and show his sexy femine side.

Suicide by asscheek (by R.S.)

He was delighted to be climbing aboard Mistress Alexa and aimed to show her his gratitude. He felt her hands slide down his hips, he felt her skillfully removing his lacy panties and at the same time, he felt her kiss. Yep, he felt her bite him while she waited for his third or fourth clumsy try at finding her skilled and warmed pussy. He swelled inside all her lips, unable to control his glee and his groans.


As he pumped into her and felt waves of pleasure try to overwhelm him and capture his orgasm, he fought-just as he felt her legs snake around the outside of his, and her heels lock into position behind his knees while her dancing fingers reached around behind him and seized his pistoning asscheeks-pulling them apart-seemingly in different zipcodes he felt- and firmly holding them in their new home.

As he felt movement behind him, her tongue slapped the inside of his mouth and she emitted a hearty laugh which travelled into his mouth and down his throat, taking an evil, taunting trip into his belly and taking up residence. Soon to be joined by a roommate–her overdue and IMMENSE orgasm– but he would not be rewarded this until her surprise made an appearance. Since he was firmly pinned, Alexa was happy in knowing her effort to find a third roomate-was about to pay off. having vetted potential roomies, she had found a man with large balls (part of her process) who was willing to ‘sign’ a 10 minute lease and make his deposit! and she would be staring directly into her new skank’s eyes when the initial action took place at his atm– his ass then his mouth; her only giddy concern now–staving off HER cumming as she had big plans for its location.

…. and satisfied in the blatant successes of her dominance, Alexa strode over to her used bitch, stroked his throat and leaned into him whispering, “just swallow it all, cunt – you’ll get your reward-maybe.” the sticky liquid took its time travelling, pausing to coat his teeth and tonsils before roller-coasting down his reluctant pipeline and pooling in his stomach. all he could think was….what will be my reward? i did get to fuck her -for almost 3 minutes, but not cum. will she stroke and pull this building eagerness out of my swelling nuts? or i get back into her-for my own orgasm? too many thoughts as he fought to keep the strangers load of spunk securely down his gullet-who would have thought?…..he watched mistress walk away toward the kitchen. she walked away. she walked. and there again was THAT ass! damnit! so tempting….so fine… he just wanted to crawl up, bite it–and develope lockjaw and be dragged to death! how wonderful! suicide by asscheek…..

Buy More Lingerie, please!

Dear Alexa

Please consider trying some of [WhatKatieDid’s] matching pieces (the panties, g-belts, and stockings; my choice would be those and one of the underbust corsets but you would likely have little need or desire to wear one of those, I would guess)?  Again, I hope you would accept them as gifts even though you would have to shop for and purchase them (before or after charging me) yourself.  You might guess that I would think the bullet bra, for best presentation, needs stockings; the stockings need garters; the garters need a belt or girdle . . .

Perhaps an overlooked detail (not on my part), as far as I know, the bullet bra may require cone shaped pads to ensure the full benefits of the aerodynamics afforded by space age technology; I believe Katie sells those too.  Please take advantage of the reduced drag coefficient, as well as me, if it can help you (whether on your bicycle or walking against the wind)!

It was a wonderful luxury, being able to lie back and listen to you again, last week.  Thank-you for allowing me the time; thanks for the dildo story (as reiterated on your blog) although I may never be able to finish it… Perhaps you can? Obviously, I want to get as much of you as I can; unfortunately, I cannot get as much of you as I would like.

Thanks again!