Pretty Little Panties

Pretty Little Panties
Dressing up for school in Pretty Little Panties!

A humiliation story about sissies dressed up by their mothers — as punishment.  First we meet a bunch of sissies outside the mall who are modeling panties and dresses… One of them is squeezed into  a tight corset and a hoop skirt by his mother. WHY? Because this sissy was put on a diet to lose weight. And the little sissy CHEATED! His mother enjoys berating him in front of all the female shoppers: “Maybe this will teach you not to cheat on your diet, you little fairy!!”

One of them cries: “Im not a sissy, mommy!” But she reminds him:” Of course you’re a sissy! …What kind of boy wears panties underneath his jeans to school and sleeps in baby doll nighties?”

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Author: alexa

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