Public or Private Punishment for Sissy Maids?

Explain that your sissy needs punishment and public humiliation to atone for his mistakes.Have the sissy kneel in front of the witnesses in his punishment dress which I recommend be a little girls party dress style very frilly, full of ruffles and lace and mostly pink. I require the sissy to lift his skirt and show his punishment panties which have “bad sissies get spanked” on the bottom. He must then explain why he is wearing the dress and what he has done to require a punishment. He is then required to turn and have his hands locked behind him, placed over a lap mine or some one else’s, spoken too about his punishment as his dress and petticoats are brushed over his back and placed in his hands to hold. This is followed by a severe spanking, never give a few slaps but really beat his ass as the saying goes. He should be crying, kicking and pleading all at the same time. If he is not spanked this way it is NOT a lesson and it does NO good. He must say he is sorry in a very sincere manner which may require multiple tries by him and he must repeat what he did and that he will never do it again. When the spanking is done there should be mascara streaming down his cheeks, his bottom should be redder than his pink panties and he should be sobbing. Next stood on his feet he should attempt to curtsey to each witness even though his hands are still fastened behind his back and to thank each witness for helping him to become a better and more obedient sissy. If possible each witness should require more than one attempt at this apology and thank you. Then he shall be directed to the corner to stand with skirt and petticoat held up for at least a half hour but not more than an hour. Photos and recordings of the event are a wonderful addition as is a transcript of what was said. I have hung photos and a transcript on the wall of Sissies bedroom for a reminder in the past. The transcript being signed by the sissy and witnesses. I assure you that done properly and with the right level of witnesses a sissy will quickly toe the line and strive to be good and obedient. While a half hearted attempt will fail miserably.


Author: alexa

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