Sex Therapist Alexa

Sex therapist Alexa is in her lingerie after a run and feeling horny. She knows you want to call her and is making herself wet thinking about how she will humiliate you. Alexa has another client who calls her and has always fantasized about having a guy suck his dick and come from it….

Alexa knows that you’re dressed up and ready to suck… you are always ready to suck, aren’t you? Sissy bitch! You are allowed to call Alexa after you’ve put on your bra and panties so that Alexa can pull them off…. and show everyone what a little dick you have….

Oh, and take a photo before you call her. She wants to post it on her blog… ! Pucker up, bitch. And call 888-411-1230

Author: alexa

Mistress Alexa has a loinwrenching voice that hypnotizes, transfixes and controls her subjects. How long will it take her to make you feel loved? Call now: 866-57-SISSY and find out. $99 for 30 minutes.