Sissy Beauty Salon Story

Primping to Perfection is a Sissy Beauty Salon story by D. Crease, and can be purchased on, downloadable as a PDF file.

primping to perfection sissy beauty salon story

It is the story of Rob, who dresses as a girl because he works as a nail tech at a beauty shop. His mother has always encouraged his feminization, and brushes his hair each night. She gives him hormones to help him along and indeed he has grown breasts,  and is getting curvier and curvier. One day his mother makes an appointment for him with Jeannette, an expert cosmetologist…  He is drugged, and when he wakes up and looks in the mirror, he realizes Jeannette has transformed his face with permanent makeup: ruby red lips, eye liner, thick lush lashes and arched eyebrows! He is upset with his mother for days…. but he is so pretty that men everywhere stare as he walks by…

Author: alexa

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