Sissy Husband Training

When you read sissyphone you should feel yourself turning into a submissive sissified creature, ready to be used, trained, pantied, sissified, domesticated … for the sake of your mistress, and very much like the sissy husband of this story. If you want to show Alexa how servile you’ve become, call 888-411-1230 and tell her how it feels to lose your masculinity, to submit to one woman, to all women, and to try again and again, day after day, to improve your sissiness, your servility, your becoming-wife….
Read this sissy husband story to find out how one sissy slut (with a love of smooth, waxed skin and very big vibrating dildos) spilled it all to his wife one day. Think he was humiliated????

Mistress Knows Best

when mistress knows best

when mistress knows best

Every good woman deserves a male maid. Because male maids are notoriously unreliable, they need strict training in housework. It is not enough for male maids to dress up in satin and lace and maids uniforms, they must remember that they have domestic duties.   Of course, the foremost duty of a domestic servant is to attend to his mistress’s needs – not to seek his own pleasure.  When sissy maids forget their place, a good mistress must correct them by means of physical and/or psychological punishment.   This is because “Mistress knows best”.

The ladies in these stories know exactly how to put a man in his place, leaving him in no doubt as to who’s the maid and who’s the mistress! Enjoy learning about all the fun and useful toys and tools that the ladies  use to keep the sissies in their place: chastity belts, corsets, buttplugs and strap-ons…

Do you have openings for training my husband?

Now that I am back from vacation, yes indeed, dear I DO have openings for training your sissy husband while you are traveling on business! Do call me together with your sissy so that I can speak with both of you about what I want you both to wear, and not wear, during the time that I am in control… Of course, before you leave, you will need to purchase a chastity belt, a very large black dildo, a pretty apron, 14 pairs of panties, to be layered…


Here’s some easy reading for the plane!;ox=showitem;id=7696

And my very very favorite husband training movie: “If A Man Answers” with Sandra Dee!

Here’s the youtube version: