Sissy Husbands Make Happy Wives

Sissy husbands don’t just share responsibilities — they blissfully take up domestic chores and even dress up for them!

Sissy husbands do things according to a better division of labor which benefits both spouses.

The more wives perceived that sissies were engaged in domestic, womanly, feminizing  labor, the better the relationship felt to both husband and wife.

Wives in our study viewed feminization and sissy maid training as essential to a happier household.

sissy husbands make happy wives


Cleaning and cooking and nesting help sissy husbands to connect with their wives, and that connection is critical to better coupling. Sissy husbands not only make their wives happy, they make happy wives.

When a man is treated as a sissy at home, when he gets into his sissy apron and puts on his sissy heels, he no longer has to play at being powerful, decisive, bossy. He can de-stress, feel safe,and focus on serving: his wife, his mistress, his goddess. Sissy husbands make wives happy.

A sissy husband can also use domestic duties  to connect with his wife throughout the day, even if it’s just washing her undies or picking up her dry cleaning….

Doing simple sissy things makes husbands last longer and feel better!

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