The Beauty Pageant

Your reinterpretation of my faded recollection of the pageant was intense! Even more so, with second part. Perhaps it was a good thing that the “womanless beauty pageant” was organized by the student council carnival committee, in reality, instead of the faculty as in your version. Would you still like me to provide a summary of these (“the bitch won”)?

In a permutation I had previously pondered, the girls in the pageant sub-committee would have recruited the contestants (as they had, in reality) and conducted training sessions with little or no knowledge of, or consent by, the teachers (they could’ve been brought in, of course, at any point – the revenge motivation was a perfect fit). The attraction, for the boys, would be the prospect of spending some time, nearby if not intimately, with the girls; these boys were class clowns and nerdish misfits who didn’t often find girls expressing interest in them. I suppose it would have began with some auditions and practice sessions (something like the America’s Got Talent series).

The girls would have spent some time helping the contestants with their costumery and make-up, as well as their stage comportment and performance. They might’ve arranged for some weekend days for dress selection (pre-requesting contestants to bring as many gowns as they possibly could, borrowing from mothers, sisters, etc. and even bringing their mothers and sisters, if possible) and for make-up trials – just to ensure everything was right for the special day – as well as for the coaching and critiquing performance rehearsals.

To encourage and help increase co-operation between the contestants, the girls of the sub-committee (who were all very attractive, in my recollection) might have made references to a “Miss Congeniality” award, apart from the main contest for the tiara and banner. If the congeniality prize was the promise of “a night out” with one of the girls of the sub-committee, then some of the boys, at least, might be inspired to even higher levels of enthusiasm to the extent where they would make efforts to make sure all the other boys were comfortable, or at least stayed interested in staying around for the purported fun.

The most “congenial” boy might, or might not, get the most attention from the girls. His night out, with the girl of his choice might, or might not, involve him being the actual escort of the girl . . .

Was double-dating included as part of the education for the pageant?

Please let me know what you think.


Whats a sissybitch for?

dear mistress alexa- i am delighted that i was allowed to talk to you last night-for numerous reasons. first-i never thought it would be so erotic and easy to talk to a dominatrix. i didnt think id have the courage to call you and when i punched in the last number and actually let it ring thru to you- i was proud of myself. but you nonetheless heard the nerves in my voice. and still it was so EASY to talk to you! you received confessions from me that i am 100% certain are safe with you. how do you make me SO comfortable? i DONT care! last night was so damn erotic and incredible–despite the fact that you sent me off with a raging erection, semi-concealed in ruffled panties. it was hard to sleep. i was hard in sleep. and YES, i will wear panties all day today–i do have many chores to do. certainly i will spot them with sissy precum-as i did in my sleep lastnight–but i will wear and then clean them, by hand. i think id like to wear a lacy bra as i clean house also, if that is ok? im DYING for another call with you-must i wait? and …the other thing—i never thought id actually suck a cock, let alone that of a woman half my size—-but when you demanded it, i mean, whats a sissybitch for, right? when can this cum-stained panty wearing slut call you again? PLEASE answer me Alexa-im begging. i can be a great sissy bitch. and i have shaved my disgusting crotch hair–PLEASE take my call!! your skank, ….Quinlan

Fifty Shades & My Wife…

Good Morning Alexa,

I have a dilemma and I would like to ask you for assistance in addressing it. S has read the “Fifty Shades” series and has really enjoyed them and is wanting me to try to take a more commanding role in the bedroom. As you are well aware, I am most certainly NOT a dominant, thus presenting itself with some challenges for me. I would appreciate your guidance on what I may be able to do to fulfill her desires. I want so badly to make her happy and be in control, but you know as well as I, that I am just a wank happy cucky that has no place being in charge of a woman. What do I do? Please help!!

Kathoi: Ladyboy

In Thailand they call them: kathoi, transvestites which roughly translates into English as “ladyboys.”
But before they are ladyboys, kathoi are just enthusiasts about panties, stockings, and other mantic signs of womanhood.

For more information see

Julie Sick: Sissies have cunts

Unable to blog, and desperate for your training, unable to run away, i am posting here, Mistrss.

we have spoken several times, me anxiously and excitedly, you calm and understanding. And in subtle ways demeaning. Aftr chatting for a short bit, you asked if i was playing with my breasts. “Titties” you said, “girls have breasts, but don”t you have titties?” i confessed i did as you told me to carress them. “Do you have a cock?” you asked so sweetly, knowing my answer would be .”No.” “Then you must have a clitty?” you asked. You then asked if i was still carressin my titties and nipples.

“Are you a faggot?” you asked…and i admitted i guessed i was, althought you know I am straight. But you said that didn’t matter. You said to tell you i was a faggot…knowing i was fondling my titties as i did. And i did.

You asked if i was in need of, perhaps, contracted submission. Asked me to agree that i was, asked me if i was stimulating myself. To all of which I could only agree.

You said that soon i would have to wear femme garb under my male costume every day, even at home, even at night wih my wife next to me, and that you wanted me to arrange to shoew you or at least text you everyday that i was doing so. Submitting. Agreeing with what would become slavery, excited by it. Helping you. Exciting myself as i agreed.

At every juncture, you may me agree in detail, expanding on your suggestions, agreeing and stimulating myself at the same time.

You made me agree to use sissy lip gloss, without ever being allowed to cum, only to put the gloss and scent of precum on my lips, constantly, so that i and eventually those around me, would know that i had cum on my lips and couldnt help it…and that some would start thinking of putting cum down my throat or in my cunt. Yes, cunt, you said. Because women have pussies, but sisies have cunts.

Yes, i am a faggot. Vulnerable to your enslavement.

I Am A Lipstick Slut:

1) I am a lipstick slut and must behave as a lipstick slut at all times.
2) i agree to put on lipstick every morning, and to adhere to my lipstick color schedule as my Mistress has instructed.
3) i agree to reconstruct my lips so that they may be used (or not used) sexually as an instrument of pleasure for my Mistress or Master.
4) i agree to and will submit to any practice or procedure that my Mistress determines is necessary so as to make my lips more feminine, more beautiful, more sexual, more desirable, more usable, for whatever purposes my Mistress may see fit, including, but not limited to: cleaning, licking, shoe worship, Pussy Control, sucking of male genitalia, licking cum, cleaning out my Mistress or wife, domestic duties, streetwalking, and any or all public or private humiliations.
5) i agree to display my feminized lips in public at all times.
6) i agree to obey the hygiene and sanitary codes my Mistress sees fit.
7) i agree to conform to the following behavioral specifications:
i will listen to the lipstick hypnosis at least three times per day.
i will put on my lipstick religiously every day, many times, as instructed by the tape and by my Mistress.
i will not eat or drink without putting on lipstick first.
i will not leave the house without putting on lipstick first.
I will speak to my Mistress without lipstick on.
i will not leave the ladies room without first having checked my makeup and lipstick.
i will always serve the Mistress with lipstick on.

i will inform the Mistress if i break any of these rules.


i understand that as a sissified, prissified, feminized, emasculated, cuckolded possession i have no rights of revocation and that appearing without lipstick, or makeup in public or in front of my Mistress will result in humiliation, deprivation or punishment.


Signature of feminized sissy slut slave __rachel________________

date _12__/_29__/_11__

Tell the Mistress your story!:

yes i have become a sissygirl my friend jean made me wear panties bras dress blousehigh heels one day when i lose a bet now that was 3 weeks now now i must wear them all the timejean brought me a maid outfit and have to wear it evey night to servce dinner and her friend last night a male friend came over and i had to wait on him jean told me to make him happy i was a lone with him and her told me to get on my knees and suck his cock i did as told when i look up jean was watching and said i see you got my sissy to suck your cock he said yes do you like that jean your sissy sucking my cock yes jean said i want my sissyto suck a man cock and to tastes cum now sissy has sissy will be come more as a women now sissybe a good girl and let him fuck you in the assafer that you can clean suck his cock well that how i become a good sissy i have been hire out as a sissy maid for jean male and female friend i must go now i have to get ready a male friend is come overand i must be in a blue panties and bra nite and a drink in hand and afer that i will suck is cock becuse i a sissy girl bitch and when jean come home i will have her bath ready and i will be ready for anything she ask for becuse im her slave

As I Shaved My Balls…

as i shaved my balls with an intensity hard to describe-but meticulous and meaningful even in the absence of description–i took care to avoid nicking my scrotum. not that a nick therein would devastate me, but i would not have blood-even in its minutest sense, invade my panties. and despite this careful approach, i had a speed of impending importance– drawing the razor rapidly over the foam covered, uneven surface of the balls i held firmly in my fist–all in the same purpose; impress Mistress Alexa. if i was successful, i wanted her to study my balls in her palm-up close. if i botched it-even a little bit–i wanted my balls dismissed quickly; crudely. it was a fine line. it would be one of many. the past memories of my Mistress did nothing to help steady me or my nerves-or my nut-shaving abilities. i had been late once- 2 and a half minutes late–to a small party that Mistress Alexa was hosting, in which i was to provide a LOT of entertainment. so ill never be sure if she intentionally created this rubicon for me to meander thru—‘a closely shaved ballsack’, ‘no blood’, and ‘on time’. –closely shaved means at the last moment. no blood-self explanatory. on time means–start soon enough that you can stop the bloodflow of a sack nick, but late enough to ensure smoothness–and oh yes, be on time. study this little gem in your mind for a minute and youll realize its a small window. plus id have to finish, dress in the intricacies of whoredom, and be on time. i failed once–and it was very painful. i was set up , here again, to fail—and Mistress was an expert at devising, lets call it- BONUS entertainment–for her eager-eyed peers.

Make him eat his cum — DON’T ASK HIM, TELL HIM!

Make him eat his cum -- DON'T ASK HIM, TELL HIM!

After getting this inspiring link from a caller, we did a session about a crossdressing group who met at a salon once a week, where I was the mistress and owner. You would come in, and put on your pink lady robe, and I would take you into the back and do your make-up, brew you up some feminizing, tit-growing tea, and hypnotize you into femininity. Each time you came I would force you to come into a beautiful blue glass jar, which you would have to apply to your lips while everyone in the salon watched….

National Lampoon: First Blow Job, My Penis, My Vagina, Stacked Like Me

Last night I mentioned the parodies from National Lampoon. They aren’t even erotic, really; just funny. So, since I did bring them up, here are the urls:

First Blow Job

First Blow Job

My Penis

My Penis

My Vagina

My Vagina

and finally, Stacked Like Me (a parody of Black Like Me)

Stacked Like Me

These are all fairly short. I hope you can see the humour in them, dated as they may be, as well as the (sexual and transformational) relevance for me. I doubt that you would want to place this letter on the Sissyphone Blog and wouldn’t recommend it.

Perhaps worth pointing out, John Hughes, the writer / director of Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, NatLamp’s Vacation, Home Alone and many others, wrote the Penis and Vagina stories. I think his biggest asset, in writing, was interpreting things from a young person’s point of view.