Sissy’s New Year Resolution

The girls at the office teased and teased my nipples today and told me that it was the only way to make me more sensitive to my customers. I work for a lingerie company that designs bras for  Larger or what I call “Largish” women… You know, the kind of women whose boobies are always spilling over their too tight bras, or flowing into swimming pools, as though they were just too big to be limited by elastic!

Every afternoon over lunch the girls talk about their breasts and how hard it is to be a big girl with big breasts. Usually that’s when they tease me… and tell me that one day I would have my own breasts that would spill over into everything.

Then  at the annual New Year’s party, Big Annie, the CEO, announced that the company’s  Health Plan was changing. This year, Big Annie said with a huge Texas twang, any employee who needed bigger ones would get bigger ones! The company would cover the entire cost of Breast Enhancement Surgery  – as long as he or she agrees to sign a long term contract that basically says – the boobies belong to the company. You leave the company, you leave your boobies at the door.   I was so excited I decided then and there to prepare my body for my future tits.

I started imagining how I would doll them up. Ruffles,  lacy cups, and vintage were on the top of my list.  I picked my bra size( 52 DDD ) and then arranged the rest of my body around it. My sweaters  would overflow my armoires, my barbie doll hair and barbie doll shoes would have special closets of their own… My panties, oh my panties…., they would absolutely have to match !


Author: alexa

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