Sub Story (by a client)

Carin was a graduate of an arts college in Maryland. She worked for a few years as an assistant art director in a small woman-owned design firm for six months making no money and wondering why. She now thought that she should have gotten a degree in business or something so she could make a good living. At 23, she was tired of working like a slave. She was definitely not slave material!
The one good thing about the school she attended was she had met Dave, or Mr. Cohen as she once called him. Dave had been one of her professors at MICA. She spotted him right away as someone who understood her and respected her, someone who would agree with her not matter what. She liked when men agreed with her. Unlike other men, Dave seemed to want to please her right from the beginning. She felt a special vibe from him on the second day of classes and stayed behind to chat with him. He seemed startled that she wanted to talk and nervously asked her if his class was fun enough for her, if his lectured were clear enough, if there was something he could do to help her get the most out of the experience. He was sort of flirting, but no, it was something else. She knew she was kind of sexy and all with her long reddest hair and long legs. But Dave seems to be almost afraid of her. Weird, but she liked it. It made her hot. Wow, she thought, on the second day of college!
It did not take long for Carin to figure out how Dave could help. For one thing his classes were too early in the morning and she was a night person. And all of the art theory was confusing and probably unnecessary. So she got him to agree that she would not have to attend every class and not put any theory on her tests. After a few weeks, Carin stopped going to class all together and Dave supported her decision. He could not focus on his lecture with her in the class, anyway.
Over the next few months she got Dave to do a lot of things. She figured out that Dave was one of those special cases – a guy who worshipped attractive girls. She got him to meet her at the mall a few times and buy her clothes, and he was grateful as could be. Sexy tops, a pair of hot boots and three pairs of jeans. Not that he expected to ever see her wearing the sexy stuff. She had no intention of having an affair with him. But she knew he thought about her in the boots and jeans. She knew she became an obsession for him. She realized at some point that he had left his wife of three years and their little boy, and she somehow realized it was because he could not stop thinking about her. Not that he seemed unhappy. Dave was fine, she thought, lucky to have her in his life.
For two years she played with Dave. He was hers to play with, so why not. She borrowed his car whenever she needed to. He was “lending her” $50 a week so she could eat better. He even came over to her tiny studio apartment and cleaned, even when she was out with friends. She made him wear a stupid looking apron her mom gave her. She felt perfectly natural walking around in panties in front of him or showering while he was there. Dave was harmless. He begged to be able to touch himself and she let him sometimes. She made him give her pedicures every Saturday before she went out. He licked her feet. He licked her panties. She made Dave swear that he thought about her 24 x 7 and she believed him. Dave was her funny, sweet older guy slave – they both knew it. The more she took, the more he gave. A secret she kept from her family and boyfriends. They would not have understood anyway.
Dave had to leave the school in her second year. She had heard that he got fired for indecent exposure, which was so weird. She never told him to walk around the campus in the pantyhose she gave him. He was stupid. It sucked, because she liked getting the $50 and like using his car. She liked using him. Liked torturing him with her body that special way. The way he looked at her bare stomach in the summer, all weak and begging! But after Dave flamed out, she decided to stay away from the weird guys and just have a normal (boring) life.
Well at 23, she decided that boring was not her thing. She had a plan – to interview at high paying companies downtown and find another Dave. But this time to make the most of it.
After four interviews and being told she did not have the right experience or the right degree or the right anything, she decided to try once more. She interviewed at Lawton and Pierce, a big accounting firm and, after having to interview with some bitch by the name of Ellen with a gigantic ass, she was led into this guy’s office. Allan Ginsburg. It seemed that Allen was looking for a secretary/assistant. Allan was nice looking around 35 and very well dressed. But Allen was different in that special kind of way. When Allen talked he looked deep into her eyes. He seemed to be fascinated with her shoes, so she let them swing around her toes. She took off her blazer so he could see her thin body. She decided to drop a pencil on the floor and Allen almost dove to pick it up and give it back to her. She liked the way Allen seems to look slightly up into her eyes. Was he what she thought or was she wishing for it too much?
She decided to see what Allen was really like and responded to every one of his questions with one of her own questions. Goofing with him, toying with him. What is the worst thing that could happen? He could toss her out of his office, but not Allen did not. He became quiet, almost like in a daze. His voice softened as Carin kept talking and asking her questions and playing with his head, interviewing him. And as she did, she gently pulled up her skirt to reveal a tiny bit of her pantyhose tops. Allen noticed.
She asked him to tell her why he thought he was a good boss. He swallowed hard and explained that he was very caring and very interested in looking out for his people. She asked how flexible he was. Allen looked down at the floor and said he always tried to be flexible. She got up and stood right next to his chair and looked down at him and asked Allen if he was a devoted person. Allen looked up at Carin right in the eye and said he would always try to be.
“Devoted to your employees?” “Yes, Carin”. “Willing to pitch in and help them succeed?” “Yes, Carin.” “Have you been devoted before?” “Yes, Carin but she moved away four years ago.” “So, no one in your life to be devoted to, right” “Not until today, Carin.”
“You will offer me a job here won’t you?” “ Yes, Carin.” “Do you want me to consider your offer?” “Yes, Carin, very much.” “Will I have fun here?” “I will make sure you do, Carin.” “Will I get my way here?” “Yes, Carin.” “Ok, Allen, I want you to add $10,000 to the offer you were planning to make to me, understand?” “I will try to make that happen Carin.” “Try?” “I will get it done.” “Is fat assed Ellen going to other me ever?” She will get fired if she does, Carin.” “I intend to be demanding of you, Allen.” “I know, Carin”
Carin smiled and put the palm of her hand in front of Allen’s face. Allen kissed her palm deeply. “Oh, one last question, Allen….what kind of car do you drive?”

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