Suck that ass! By r.s.

Mistress Alexa–my wife, my dominant wife- came home angry at SOMETHING last night.

I didnt know what it was. not allowed to ask. she walked in about 6pm, slammed the front door and yelled; “BITCH.  NOW!”.  i scrambled down the stairs, butt-naked-as required, coming to rest two feet before her, aware of the fact that as i ran down the stairs, she had an eyeful of my cock bouncing up and down-east and west. it was not going to matter. she was angry at something/someone. i knelt before her. “you know–YOU MEN just take….you all feel like….you FUCKING WHORE!”. she was angry. i…was scared. lots. i was scared lots.

she hoisted her skirt, yanked down her skimpy panties and demanded-“kiss my ass, boy!”.  while on my knees, i leaned forward and introduced my quivering lips to her gorgeous asscheek-then the other, pausing, and then sucking on the base of her left buttock while slapping it with my tongue; catching my breath before ramming my stiffened tongue directly up her asshole, as she gasped. in and out, i raped her sweet ass with a darting tongue as she shook her ass in my face and grunted and my talented tongue went after her innards.

my goal was to reach her bellybutton with my tongue and go deaf with her screams of joy blasting into my ears. she yelled-SUCK THAT ASS, BITCH-SUCK ITTTTT. she won. i sucked myself up and into her ass-my hands yanking her cheeks into different zip codes, pinning them there, and launching an absolute oral attack on her dripping asshole, drilling into her as i felt her thighs shake and quiver as she began to moan and cry; screaming- MY CUNT, YOU FUCKER. SUCK IT!–my reward!!

i threw her on her back, my arms burrowing under her thighs-yanking them back and holding them there, exposing her drippy snatch completely. i held her there-the tides turning, as i slapped her twat with my frisky tongue and listened to her rapid breathing. she grunted and shook as my fingers incinuated themselves into her pussy as my tongue danced across her lips. she grabbed my hair, held tight, and began raping my face with her soaked snatch. and she did a good job of it. she may have broke my nose, but it didnt matter-she fucked my face like a savage; slamming her succulent thighs upward and beating my face like a boxer-only using her thighs and pelvis. she fucked my face in a brutal manner-and my cock sprung to new lengths-searching for somewhere-ANYWHERE-in which to park. overnight if need be. as i drove my talented tongue and mouth up into her crotch, she seized my balls in her fist and yelled “SUCK IT ALL, BITCH-CLEAN ME OUT!”–i did-i chewed her cuntlips and waited for her flow and sucked her cunt for all i was worth as she screamed again–“GET IT WHORE! CLEAN ALL THAT SPUNK OUT OF ME!”–WHAT????—-i sucked……..harder–after all, im just——