A crossdressing husband confesses….

Imagine telling your wife

after 40 years of marriage that you are a crossdresser, that you wear and want to wear her panties, that wearing lingerie lets you feel like her, and that now you are retired you would like to dress all the time!

Imagine your wife telling you that she approves, as long as she gets to pick out the clothes that you wear each morning!

You agree.

My name is Mistress Alexa, my clients are sissies, and this could be you!

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crossdressing husband confesses

“Now that I’ve retired, I want to dress up and manage the house!”

A Lady’s Sissy Maid by Fitzmaurice

Two recommendation by a dear client:

A Lady’s Sissy Maid, by Fitzmaurice –   has anyone seen this online?

“Awakening Evelyn” about a Crossdresser who Churns and Creams:



And then, a question: Does anyone remember a story about a young male photographic assistant in need of lodgings who ends up moving into a flat with a model (and becoming her personal and intimate assistant).

e-mail alexa@houseboys.net and let me know!


Boy/Girls Are Always In Demand — Especially Randy!

Have a look at this collection of retro and vintage transgender transvestite pulp, with Astounding Transvestite Tales, stories of the Drag Trade, Boys Will Be Girls and Diary of a Transvestite Hooker, which has on its cover: “Sometimes it was dangerous, sometimes it was fun, but boy/girls are always in demand — especially Randy!”


Hemingway’s Son

From “The Slow Crack-up”: a review of Hemingway’s Boat by Allan Massie,

“Which brings me to Gregory, Hemingway’s bright and troubled youngest son…Known as Gigi (pronounced with hard g’s), he was a boy of many talents and a compulsion he could never be rid of and that eventually destroyed him.

It came to light when he was a boy and was found trying on his stepmother’s stockings. He was arrested in drag in a ladies’ lavatory in Los Angeles in 1951. .. .Months later, Gigi told his father that the arrest had been “no big deal.” “It killed Mother,” Hemingway replied. Gigi’s cross-dressing intensified. He qualified as a doctor, like his grandfather Hemingway, and was a good doctor, sometimes, but his life was a mess. There were more arrests. He had a sex-change operation and died in prison after being arrested for exposing himself in public in 2001.

What has this sad story to do with Hemingway? Mr. Hendrickson, who came to know and like and respect—yes, respect—Gigi, makes it clear that father and son were much alike, which was why Hemingway recognized Gigi’s “dark side” so early. Gigi gave expression to a side of Hemingway’s nature that is discernible in his work. (Zelda Fitzgerald had noticed it too, saying “the hair on his chest is a toupee.”) In his sexual ambivalence, Gigi lived what Hemingway wrote about most clearly in “The Garden of Eden.” “This lifelong shamed son,” Mr. Hendrickson writes, “was only acting out what a father felt, which was why they couldn’t forsake each other, no matter how hard they tried.”

A Fictionmania Story Recommendation

“I need only stroke myself for a moment, and I reach my pleasure. Smiling,
mistress reaches behind me, and removes the cum-filled condom from my
cock. She brings it carefully to my mouth, and says, “Open wide my sissy
slut. Time to taste your final reward.” My mouth opens in submission as
she squeezes the thick white cream out of the condom and into my waiting

“Thank you, Mistress”, I intone after swallowing my own seed.

“Good slave”, she responds. “Next time, perhaps I will have you worship
both myself and my stud personal slave.”

My worship will continue….”

Goddess Worship by: Plugged_tv. Added to FICTIONMANIA.TV: 04/04/99 Rating: XXX Complete: yes File Size: 18.2 K Age: Adult 26-55

Synopsis: Slave is dressed by mistress, who punishes and humiliates him by using his body to please her.
Categories: Bondage Crossdressing / TV Femdom, Authoritarian Key Words: Use of Sex Toys

French Maids with Feather Dusters in Fashion this Spring

French Maid in Uniforms on Paris Runway(Photo from Glamour at http://www.glamour.com/fashion/blogs/slaves-to-fashion/2011/03/louis-vuittons-kinky-fall-2011.html)

French maids in uniforms greeted guests to the Louis Vuitton’s Paris runway. Wearing LV-monogrammed hosiery, they dusted the entry stairs with feather dusters, welcoming the glitterati to a show focused on fetishes.

Just in: Jugs

JUGGS at breastformshop.com

You will have to custom order a super large bra to hold these girls.


Increase your bust size instantly with these lifelike, silicone breastforms. They have natural textured pink caucasian nipples and a fuller shape. The back is only slightly concave to fit comfortably against your own breast under your bra. Use adhesive strips or spray if you want extra stability, or just sit them in your bra. Our silicone breast forms are the best quality on the market.

Buyers of these items generally include mastectomy patients, crossdressers, and women seeking a larger bust size immediately, at a much lower cost than permanent surgery.

This listing includes one complete pair of two breast forms.


* Fuller, realistic and more volume, not a triangle or unnatural teardrop shape
* Pink, caucasian nipples, not dark brown
* Natural areola texture, unlike the plain flat texture of others
* Very AFFORDABLE price (Juggs normally retail for $1,200)

Listing Contents: 1 Pair of Premium Silicone Breast Forms

Sissy Calendar Day #6

Dressing Up Your Dick Andrej Koymasky tells us about the art of wrapping up your penis in crumply paper and making it look like a dragon or a goose or a fairy princess….The Japanese (of course) practise of Kokigami originated from the ritual of giving beautifully wrapped gifts.

These origami-like paper costumes dressed 8th century dicks, aristocratically. Thus Oriental crossdressing developed as a province of the rich until the late eighteenth century, when the price of paper fell. Perhaps we can make an exception to the paperless office for a paper skirt or two? Perhaps something in heavy bond with a watermark? Ja?

Instead of wrapping the penis in layers of cloth ( so that his wife may unwrap it very slowly) the sissy husband can swaddle his peepee in a paper tutu, or a frilly apron. The sillier the penis costume, the prettier his humiliation. Out of this subtle and happy tradition, sissigami, the art of sissy penis costumes, may yet be born.

At Dressing Up Your Dick Koymasky says that it is typical to consult a kokigami book, much like a book of cutout clothes for dolls, when choosing your outfit. Cut, adjust for size, add a smudge of lipstick, throw on the boa, attach with duct tape and… voila!

Each outfit comes with a serifu, a kind of script that’s used during play full of verbiage and sexual frisse, consisting of the Call (“sssucckkki succkkkkii”), the Response (“What a dirty little girl you are! Does she want to be slutty tonight? Can she spread them? GOod girl! Squeeze…… !”), and some suggestions about what to do and how to move while the slut is in character..

Today your assignment is to compose your own serifu + outfit! Remember that you need both a CALL, and a RESPONSE. Now whip up something feminine and festive…. Use the patterns at http://andrejkoymasky.com/lou/kok/kok00.html, or sketch something of your own, or use a tutu …

Roleplay: You had 5 older sisters and all of them dressed you up. At first they just thought it was cute….ear

And after a while, it became a game, and then, for you, a habit. You went to bed with petticoats and panties… You modeled dresses for your sisters, you gossiped with their girlfriends, you made your mother treat you like the sixth girl. And now you are dressing up for me, for your wife, and I am starting a new regimen of punishment, discipline and humiliation…