My Catering Tart


Although it’s been nearly a week since we spoke, I am still thinking about you, your narrative and how you wrapped me up in it and made me a “catering tart”! So I must thank you; the memories have kept me entertained and busy thinking of such things ever since. Thank-you!

You suggested I write and remind you about some of the details of the fantasy so here is my summary:

I had described a story, from Fictionmania, about a boy with acne seeking a solution to clear it up. When a female friend’s mother mentioned how “the pill” had worked for her, a (somewhat predictable) series of events followed, which included the boy getting birth contol pills from his friend, as well as his own mother, and following a pathway to femininity.

That series is found on under the title “My Wonderful Obsession” by Donna Turner.

My main criticism (also predictable) of that story was the lack of sexual situations – even when, in one chapter, the main character had sex with his (temporary) girlfriend, little was made of it. All episodes were “G” rated with the exception of a later chapter which included the description of the main character masturbating his boyfriend – and this done in a way that achieved only an “R” rating. As I progressed through the chapters it occurred to me this was more of a romance novel than a smut story (as I might have been hoping for) and, at some point, I lost interest (not enough to keep me from skimming through to find the sexual parts, of course). However, I will give the writer credit, at least, for story telling and writing skills.

For your version, you took over my description of events in the story where the boy was led into the situation of becoming employed, by his girlfriend’s parents’ catering company, as a serving girl. The mother made every effor to ensure the boy would be completely convincing, not only in dress and comportment but also in situations where the men made passes at the serving girls – in a way that would ensure maximum profitability for the catering company. Later in your rendition, you introduced the boy to a girl who started out “just like him” . . .

I had to stop you at some point after that; I don’t recall exactly what you described that this girl was helping me with but, at the time, it was more than I could handle! I slept well that night but, when I awoke the following morning, I was aroused again and lingered in bed thinking about the catering job (and the “boss” and the “girl” and the events…).

Favorite from The Love Lair by Jodie Anderson

We hear you ..


The Love Lair (a Hose and Prose Story) ST SWI by:  Jodie Anderson (2)    Details Reviews, last 10/26/10 (26)
Added: 03/02/2010 Rating: X Complete: yes File Size: 127.5 K Age: Adult 26-55
Synopsis: An obsessive gamer goes for a walk during a winter storm to try to get away from his addiction and meets a seductive gypsy woman who has vague, steamy predictions for his future–predictions that he begins to understand as the night unfolds.
Categories: Body Suits Bondage Femdom, Authoritarian Horror Magical Transformations Mind Altered, Hypnosis, Brainwashed Stuck Key Words: Breast Enlargement Chastity Belts Corsets Use of Sex Toys Very High Heels

Here’s a happy excerpt:


About ten-boards in, Jerry lost his first woman. Two boards later he lost another two. He sighed in frustration and took a brief look at his watch: it was just about 1:00 a.m. “Okay, I’ve got to get to the thirteenth intermission to win the next prize. That means I’ve got to clear about 25 more boards without losing my last pac-girly. Fuck it. I’m outta’ here.” He kamikazed Ms. Pacman into one of the ghosts and watched, zombie-like, to see if the Game Over screen would come up. It didn’t.

Instead, a new screen popped up. The screen was surrounded by blinking purple lights and contained an image of the yellow hottie winking out at Jerry.

“Ms. Pacman Wins!” she taunted in a loud, human voice. The sound of the woman’s voice startled Jerry: he had been expecting a word bubble–not an actual voice.

Seconds later a close-up of a dark-haired red-tinted busty cartoon woman appeared on the screen. She was obviously supposed to be a tarted-up version of the red ghost from the game. She had a sexy, mischievous look to her–like a femme fatale from a forties flick. She glanced at Jerry for a second as if she could actually see him, and then the view panned out so her entire body was visible. She had an impossibly curvy body, the typical fantasy-game female look. She floated to the middle of the screen with a pile of jumbled letters floating behind her. She landed on her high-heeled knee-high boots and then cat-walked across the screen with one hand on her hip and the other stretched above her head as if she was doing a Latin dance of some sort. The letters trailed behind her and stretched out into a word: (1) Bodysuit. A pink-tinted woman appeared in the foreground, taking up almost the entire screen with her face. She did the same routine as the red woman. Then came an orange woman followed by a light-green woman. At the end of the little performance, the yellow-woman was on the left and the four ghost-women were on the right. Between them were four prize choices blinking softly: (1) Bodysuit; (2) Female Arousal Spell; (3) Tramp Stamp; and (4) Hottie Hair.

The yellow woman pointed to prize number three and nodded her head.

Jerry watched dumbfounded as the cursor moved down to “(3) Tramp Stamp” and blinked. There was another loud blip and he felt a mild tingling surge of electricity shoot from the joystick into his body.

“Ah! What the hell?” he snapped, more startled than hurt by the joystick’s shock.

His vision dimmed for a moment and he felt a slight burning sensation on his right thigh. He tried to let go of the joystick but couldn’t. When his vision cleared, he was still standing in front of the game, but the screen had changed.

The yellow woman was leering at him. A word bubble popped up next to her head with the following message:

“You need to win to have the tattoo removed.”

There was a deep-throated womanly laugh and another blip. The standard “Are you ready to challenge me?” message popped back onto the screen.


Thank you cucky hubby, for a fiction recommendation!

Read the story of a man who has finally learned that he must and does belong to his Mistress for the remainder of his life and how he submits to all of her desires.

Bad Boy to Good Girl, Crossdressing / TV, Femdom, Authoritarian, Physically Forced or Blackmailed, Sexual Punishment, Turned Into An Object, Use of Sex Toys

THE RECLAIMING OF HER SISSY is a must read for all bad boys!