Try on Makeup Before You Buy

Sissies – don’t you wish you could Try on Makeup Before You Buy – try on different brands and colors of lipstick and other cosmetics without buying…

What color lipstick (or blush or eyeshadow or foundation) would look good on you??

Have you ever wandered around CVS or Walgreens or Target and wondered what which shade of cheap lipstick you should buy? How can you possibly tell what would match your face?? Well here’s a way to try on the color without actually trying it on! Perfect for sissies who love to be humiliated but only in private.

iphone-red-girlIt’s an app.

It is available for iphone and android, and it is called ShadeScout.

ShadeScout lets you:

  • Virtually try on new shades in real time
  • Find all the makeup you need to make yourself pretty: lipstick, lip gloss, eyeshadow, eyebrows, bronzer, blush, and foundation – !
  • Try out different popular brands – like Mac, Clinique, Sephora, Revlon, Cover Girl, L’Oreal, and more!
  • Buy your favorite colors through the app, or on line.

Try on Makeup Colors – Lipsticks, Blushers, Eyeshadows

First find a color you want to see on your lips or your eyes or cheeks or skin. ShadeScout – using its cosmetics color search engine, displays all the available brands which have cosmetics in that color! Then you press “try on” and you can click down on whatever lipstick you want to try on!  When you find one you love, click on the little heart to save it….

Imagine you see a photo of a model wearing a color that you’d wear if it were a shade of lipstick or eyeshadow? Focus your camera on that perfect color, then use the real-time virtual Try-On feature to see how it looks on you, as if you’re looking in a mirror!

Looking like a sissy girl (or looking good as a sissy girl) is easy when you can make yourself up by trying on your favorite  luxury cosmetics brands… ShadeScout lets you find and virtually try on makeup, and even then Share your Pretty Face with your Mistress or with other Sissies!

Your girlfriend is behind you…

Your girlfriend is behind you… or somewhere in the house, or maybe it is your wife, but you do not see her, you are holding a picture of her, and of the girl you want to be.

Unknown image from femdom museum

Judy, you are a little sissy girl. So you like to wear panties and bras and pantyhose. Do you know once you put them on sweetie? That there is no going back into being a man or a boy for you sweetie. You will wear our panties and bras like a real lady. You will learn to love them like us. You will learn all about being a girl from the inside and outside out. Like putting on makeup and doing your lips and carrying a purse and what do put in your beautiful pretty pink purse. You will shave and wear shirts and blouses like us. You will talk like a girl and feel like one with our hormones surging through your lovely new body with estrogen and progesterone in your veins. Making you feel very feminine and passive and weak like a woman. You will feel very submissive and sweetie you will learn to like men. You will read girly magazines and learn all about men and what they like. For you have a vagina or pussy to them and two nice breasts.

I will take you out shopping one of us girl’s favorite activities, shopping for lingerie and makeup. You will try on some new bras and panties in the ladies room. Then we will go the makeup counter and have them do you up in very nice powder and lipstick with some mascara. Oh yes dear Judy, you will learn as all of us girls do how to put your face together. Oh yes sweetie, you will learn how to apply foundation and concealer and mascara and eyeliner and mascara to your beautiful eyes and lips with lipstick. You will begin to feel and think like a woman and have those lovely feminine feelings and want to talk with us girls about your feelings.

So sweetie, you will wear panties like us girls and bras and learn to walk like a lady and carry a pocketbook or purse like a lady and look into it like a lady. Oh of course makeup, you learn all about makeup and lipstick and mascara and does it all like a girl. You will feel and think like a woman and feel like us during our period and go shopping and get your nails done so pretty. Oh and those feminine hormones will do something to your body and mind that change you into a becoming a woman. You will begin to feel and think like a heterosexual lady.

Every day you will wake up and start your day like us girls by putting on your bra and panty matching of course. Plus take you to a nail salon to get your nails and then on to do some girly shopping for a bra and panties in the intimates section with the saleslady leading us and taking your hand into the changing room. By the way I told her about you in advance that you are a sissy and you need to know your bra size and she will tell the other ladies in the section about you so they can help you with picking out outfits and skirts and blouses to go out with.

And after that, they spread the word to the cosmetic section that a sissy is coming over to get her face and eyes do up. And they are also so excited to have a sissy to play with. After we will go out and have some lunch and do some girl talk to get you into the mood to be real lady.

What Bra Size? by

Instructions on fitting a bra by WHAT KATIE DID What Katie Did sells lovely, lovely vintage lingerie, corsets, stockings and accessories (like showgirl Pasties with tassels)…. 

Before you buy your new bullet bra,  check your band size. Simply measure firmly around your ribcage just below the bust. Now you need to add 4-5 inches. For example if you measure 31″ your band size will be 36. Hopefully, this will be the same as the size you’re currently wearing! If, there is a discrepancy; for example, you’ve always worn a 34C but according to our measurements you should be wearing a 36; then you need to also change your cup size. If you go up a band size you need to go down a cup size so you’ll need a 36B. Still confused? The same cup size is used for different back sizes. If you go up a back size, you need to go down a cup size. If you go down a back size you need to go up a cup size. This is the same for both traditional and modern graded bras, so you can swap between manufacturers easily once you know what method they use (and this is easy, as you just need to measure the band of your bra as worn). A 32DDD will have the same cup as a 34DD, 36D, 38C, 40B. A 32DD will have the same cup as a 34D, 36C, 38B, 40A and so on.

Unlike modern bras, your breasts might need some adjustment when wearing a bullet bra. Once you’ve put your bullet bra on, lean forward to maneuver your breasts into the cups.

Sissy Calendar Day #7

Beauty Parlor Day -- Curlers and Dryers

Beauty Parlor Day:  Go on line and search for the latest  beauty news, and collect 10 hair and fashion and make-up tips… E-mail Mistress Alexa with your findings.

Choose one beauty product that will be difficult to remove (permanent lipstick, mascara, tanning lotion, nail polish, hair tint). Go out, buy the product, use it. Photograph, and email to the mistress.

Imagine: I usually like to do your make up myself. I can then give you the exact type of Sissy girl face I require. I want you to look like a dirty little slut with too red too pouty lips and too-blackened eyes and too curly too big hair. Then two bright pink circles on the cheeks for the blushing little girl look… Sometimes I will make you wear a wig. It will be a long haired wig so that I can give you Dutch Girl braids with ribbons or part it in the middle and give you two tight pony trails like a Sissy Cheerleader. What a pretty girl you would look with your balding head covered with a lovely wig tied up in pinkribbons which match your little maid’s apron. Do you like the fact that your sissy cock sticks out from under your too short maids dress? This is because we haven’t taped it back, or bagged it, or locked it into its chastity belt…. That comes later….

When you are very very naughty I comb your bangs down so they cover your forehead and put you in curlers overnight so you look like a Silly Sissy-Fag with wavy bangs and tight little waves on top and tight little curls on the sides which will keep your hair out of your facewhile you are doing your Sissy Maid chores, like mopping the floors and scrubbing the toilets, and ironing my panties. Slowly you will get used to looking like a little sissy slut and you will not be able to leave the house without your lipstick and your powder puff and your hair spray…