Her Ample Ass

i awoke, foggy and dizzy, trying to recall the last two hours and failing that-figure out where i was. the immediate answer to that was flat on my back, virtually naked (ill get to that in a moment) in some sort of extravagant parlor room worthy of a princess or queen. i remembered quaffing some ales with a few other members of the kings army and three of them had been summoned to the castle.

i stayed to finish my pint-and theirs–had i been drugged or was i not holding my ale like i used to? it was hard to believe that i would pass out like THAT and for two hours! and how did i get here? flat on my back on a bench in a decadent room filled with voices of women i hadnt ever heard before?  my arms were chained to the sides of this bench, the top portion of which was hinged behind my head and lowered a bit. it also had a mini-stock built into it preventing me from not only moving my head but looking about and trying to solve the puzzles occupying my mind.

my feet were chained together and fastened to the far end of this bench and my body was clad in what could only be described as small leather panties with a sturdy chute thru which my erect cock stood. this chute was about 4 inches in length and directed my penis upward although at the moment it wouldnt be needing help in that department since there was a masked woman teasing it with a couple of quail feathers.


her ample ass was atop my knees-pinning them firmly-and she wore a leather corset with nipple cutouts and she appeared to be enjoying herself. i had no idea how long she had been toying with the exposed end of my mancock, but i could feel liquid seeping from myself. as she abused me, a very stauesque, serious looking woman strolled into view. she had on a fir coat and heels, nothing else. she stared down into my eyes, fluffed the tails of her coat out behind her and lowered her cunt to my face.

having been tilted at an ideal angle for this exercise, i had a perfect view of her glossy, swollen lips-framed by a toned pair of thighs, and i wondered if perhaps i had died and transported to heaven. her snatch was very wet and i was unsure of the source of these juices nor was i in position to ask as my mouth was covered by her grinding cunny as i licked and sucked at her and began hearing moans of verbal approval. she splayed those thighs a bit more and in moments shuddered, screamed and slathered my face in her woman nectar. as she-and her delectable twat- left my face i heard a third woman give a command to ‘measure him’.

as this woman came into view–in a white silk toga with gold braided belt, i immediately recognized princess chandel! the woman who had sitting on my face walked over, produced a measuring stick and held it alongside my dripping prick.

“almost ten inches, m’lady. and damn near as big around as an ale stein”!! they laughed in unison as i stared at the hardened nipples of my princess and was informed that i was to be ‘tested’ as a property of princess chandel.

my tongue had been given top marks-pleasing dame jennith-and soaking up her juices and those left in her by the archbishop. and now, as my princess removed her toga, i was to be ROYALLY fucked–and i wondered just how long i could last after sadistic feathergirl had mastered her craft. as the princess lowered herself onto me and slowly accomodated herself, dame jennith explained; “you will be used by m’lady as she wishes–whipped, paddled, sucked,fucked, sissified in dress and buggered. whatever she sees fit.

when she demands oral servitude-you will perform without question. you will be cuckolded. you will be a sissy boy in front of other women in high stature. and if you disappoint–you will be a eunuch.”  my princess orgasmed -for her third time i believed–as my prick erupted over and over, spreading seed far and wide–as feathergirl arrived with my lacy new wardrobe. im gonna like this job, i thought……..

cage with crying, naked sissy

it was noisy as mistress led me into the club–in a short skirt, thigh highs and red strap-back whoreheels. she was dressed in a black tailored pantsuit. the noise simmered down as she entered towing me along by my leash and pink collar which said S-I-S-S-Y. she guided me (by yanking on the leash) to a couple other doms that she apparently knew and said hello to them as i dropped to my knees and kissed the ass of each of them as she introduced me to them. she smiled at my uninstructed obedient behavior. there was a large wrought iron cage in the center of the room with a crying, naked sissy inside it. the cage was on a rope and pulley rig which could be raised about 12 feet.

the bitch that was currently residing in it was glistening for whatever reason as he was granted release and scurried across the room as though nobody could see him, enduring catcalls, being slapped-ass and face–and groped rather fiercely. i asked mistress alexa why the cage had an assortment of panties in it and she told me that when the caged bitch got felt up successfully or did something degrading as instructed, the dom who ‘scored’ threw her panties into the cage as a tribute to his sissyness.

i leaned into her and commented on a particular pair of lavender lacies(she demanded that i be in panties every day) because i had none of those and she told me that if a sissy bitch had no courage and ran off without collecting their bounty, it was up for grabs. she unleashed me and pushed me forward. i stumbled a little and then minced my naughty heels into the cage hoping these panties were in decent shape. i bent(at the knees) and picked them up-ecstatic at the treasure. clean, perfect condition, and close enough to my size. i could not believe my luck, as i heard the cage door slam shut.

as i heard the cage door slam shut. AS I HEARD THE CAGE DOOR SLAM SHUT. it took that long for my wonderment at my own luck to disappear faster than a nice set of rims at a p diddy concert. not just trapped, but exposed–as my pantiless sissy ass was slowly hoisted into the air!! and -not out of shame, since i was in a skirt, nylons and heels-i quickly stepped into the lavender panties, unaware that quick thinking was forbidden here in ‘she speaks’.

as mistress alexa barked at me, i reluctantly shed my newfound love, one leg at a time, until the only crotchcover i had was firmly in my fist. the cage was elevated to about 10 feet and every lady in the place could see up my skirt at my nasties–shaved and on display. i noticed i was one of only 3 or 4 “men” in the place as i felt the cage being lowered to the floor. finally- i could reconnect with my mistress and exit this cage. i saw a tall redheaded, leatherclad dom hang a sign of ‘rules’ on the wall as i hit the floor. unable to read them i was grateful that ms alexa came to me and told me to back myself into the rear corner of the cage and do everything this redhead instructed me to do. i backed to my corner, still looking at my mistress, as i felt the cage at my back and hands raise my skirt.

my man nuts were seized in a tight fist, tied with a tight strip of leather, and then fastened to the bottom bar of my new home–effectively assuring that i was exposed and bent over. the volume level went skyward but i had no idea why? mistress filled me in: the redhead was the owner of the lavender panties and she ‘won’ me because i chose them. the cheering was because a roulette wheel was being brought out to be spun and determine who got me first. what? thats right–it was ‘sissy gets used’ night. there would be 3 spins and each ‘winner’ would be using me however she felt. before any of this happened, two gorgeous doms were delivered to the top of the cage and one strolled over to the corner above me, took her panties off and tossed them down at my bent over sissified self. she then pissed down on me-long and hard. then mistress number two pissed me–to the absolute delight of the doms watching.

The Viriguard: Athletic Chastity Wear for Sissy Husbands

One of my darlings telephoned last night with much enthusiasm for this new chastity training system implemented by a correctional facility for wayward males. One of the testimonials on the VIRIGUARD site reads:

We operate a large (600 bed) secure campus, with most residents referred for corrective reasons by the court system. Life at TCYAC is not punishment but a positive life-transforming experience that gives residents the opportunity to become fully enabled adult human beings. Our physicians discuss the athletic protection and health benefits of Viriguard with each new resident, then assist with the private fitting and installation…— Marshall Strickland, Chancellor, Tri-County Youth Attention Center

To install the Viriguard, the wayward sissy in training is stripped naked from the waist down and stands before you with his hands behind his back. It may help to have an assistant hold the sissy from behind. Alternatively, Purity Athletic also provides various restraints for use with those sissies who have not developed the self-discipline necessary during this procedure.

It is a fascinating web site, with pictures of the correctional building, a competitive analysis of the more sophisticated chastity restraints on the market, and a touch-tough approach to the re-conditioning of cuckolds, sissy maids, and weak hubbies.

The athletes pubic hair should be clipped off. Many installers find that electric barber clippers do a quick and adequate job, The Viriguard installation kit includes a hypoallergenic, tissue friendly surgical glue which meets all FDA requirements. .. Attach leg straps…Using the enclosed measuring rings and ruler, measure the circumference and length of the athlete’s flaccid penis.
…Apply viriguard urinal sheath applied to wearer’s penis… and then, my favorite bit:

Finally, using the Viriguard electric screwdriver, tighten the eight snap-head screws though the pre-drilled holes in the cup to the belly plate. When the proper torque is reached, the heads of the screws will break off, leaving no surface for any screwdriver or other tool to gain purchase.


To remove the Viriguard, contact Mistress Alexa. She will email you the instructions.