Sissy Fag Cinderella

You feel like a Sissy Fag Cinderella, standing at the center of the party, totally charmed, chatting about hair
salons and the woman at Nordstroms who let you try a dozen different lipsticks and then persuaded you to get a makeover while in the store, with everyone watching! How you are in fact wearing the very makeup from that makeover! You love this kind of female stuff. You feel your pocket book dangling over your wide well exercised Pilates-pumped, well walked ass… you love walking like a girl…it feels so right, so……sissy!

The thought that you are such a sissy, all dressed up and at the party…makes your tiny little penis
stick up and your tiny little oversensitive nipples bud. You are a sissy fag, on a blind date as a
woman, presenting yourself as a well off middle aged career woman, fully perfumed, fully jeweled,
dressed by your stylist and hungry for cock.

You ask one of the women where the Ladies Room is and loving the fact that this is now your rightful destination, you head toward the “Powder Room” – it says “Powder Room” on the door. You are so happy you are giggling, and now you get to do what other women do, sit down and pee, then check your makeup. Oh..sitting down to pee…..not even man enough to stand and pee anymore. You think about how useless you are to your wife …your penis getting smaller, your balls shrinking… You enter the stall, and go about the entire process of hiking up your dress, pulling down the pantyhose, then the panties, feeling for your tiny dick…you actually have to dig for it hidden in the folds of your scrotum and loose skin.

You pee, wipe it dry just like a girl, tuck it back, and balance on those beautiful high heels you bought along with the makeup and the dress and the lingerie. You flush with your shoe and glance into the mirror. Pretty woman!.. pretty hair, pretty makeup, pretty face … love the nails, the cleavage, the smooth arms… your little nipples wake up and you feel… …a tiny sissy orgasm………perfect…just perfect. You put your lipstick back in your purse, and you wiggle out of the Powder Room, perfumed and moist and ready to prove to your Mistress that you really are a sissy fag Cinderella…

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