Special Assignment: Pantyhose Sandwich

A slut in a pantyhose and panty sandwich is sexiest of all.
Step 1 – If you don’t already have a pair of pantyhose you need to buy 2 pairs now! They must be light in color, preferably taupe and sheer from waist to toe.
Step 2 – Your nails must be manicured and painted a pink or red. If you don’t know how to polish your nails, buy some plastic paste on nails at Walgreen’s or CVS.
Step 3 – Take a long hot bubble bath and shave your legs with a foamy, scented, girly shaving cream and a pink disposable razor.
Step 4 – clean your nails with a brush and soap. Dry and file your nails, then rinse, dry and paint them with TWO layers of nail polish. Sit on the toilet like a girl and let them dry for 20 to 30 minutes.
Step 5 – Go to your bedroom and put on an old (1950s) movie like How to Marry a Millionaire or anything with a scene of girls putting on pantyhose. Sit on your bed and practice putting on the pantyhose.
Step 6 – Take pictures of your sissy hands with those red nails smoothing slowly up your nylon clad legs.
Step 7 – Pose in nothing but your pantyhose to some sexy music while rubbing your sissy clit through the hose.
Step 8 – Keep rubbing that sissy clit for your Mistress until it is hard and throbbing. You may ONLY touch it through your sissy slut pantyhose!
Step 9 – Slowly drape a pair of lacy panties over your pantyhose and pull them up tight tight tight so that your pantyhose are tucked in between your butt cheeks!
Step 10 – Rubbing your clitty through your panties, and think about having to ask your Mistress permission to come. Remember no touching directly, only through your panties.
Step 11 – After you’ve made yourself all hot and needy until you can’t take anymore I want you to lay back onto the bed. Take a second pair of pantyhose and drape them over the first pair, and pull them up over your panties.
Step 12 – Lie face down on your bed and rub your body back and forth against the smoothest sheets you have. No touching. Hands over your head.
Step 13 – Squeeze your thighs together.
Step 14 – Slide a dildo underneath both pairs of pantyhose and insert deep inside your sissy cunt.
Step 15 – Repeat Step 12
Step 16 – When you are just about to explode, call your Mistress and ask her permission to rip open the crotch of the hose and jerk your sissy clit hard!
Step 17 – When you have permission, squirt your sissy sperm all over your tummy and pantyhose before licking the stickiness off your hands. Take a picture of the ripped hose with your limp sissy clit sticking out and another of you licking the cum off your fingers.
Step 18 – Send the pics to Me along a letter telling me how much you loved the silky feel of the nylon on your girly nub. Smile pretty for Me, sissy slut!