Why were Victorian panties crotchless?

For all of you addicted to Womanhood as such…  another book!

Unmentionable is written by Therese Oneill  as a Guide to the Secrets of Victorian Womanhood,  and tells all us wee women:

  • What to wear
  • Where to pee
  • How to conceal our loathsome addiction to menstruating
  • What to expect on our wedding night
  • How to be perfect Victorian wives
  • Why masturbating will kill us!
  • And other female unmentionables!

It is a fun and easy read with lots of unmentionable facts about the private, feminine, closeted, secreted sex.

Here’s an extra treat I found while looking at Victorian pantaloons, A Hundred Years of Panty History!

First Feminization

The first time you come to my house for a session, I am dressed in a short silk slip, pink, of course, and you have on a ridiculous lawyer’s suit.

Of course I undress you and send you to the makeup girl to deal with your bare lips. You must wear lipstick … ! Then back to the bedroom, with a panty-whacking. Panties on. Bend over. Paddle. Paddle. Paddle.

Then, the confessional. You stand in front of the mirror and we talk about the body you want to see. Thick Nipples.   Cupcake breasts….


Craig’s List San Francisco: Would you respond to this ad?

I love seeing a guy in sexy panties

I love seeing a guy in sexy panties and lingerie. Come over and let me dress you up so you can show-off for me. I have lots of sexy stuff I have bought for a pantyboy I play with sometimes. I’d love to let someone new to dressing up come over and satisfy your curiosity.

You can just model for me and get off on some porn, or we can play to whatever extent you feel comfortable. I love to touch, lick, and nibbble while you’re showing off. If you want more then tease me with your sexy ass until I dive in with my tongue and get your sexy hole all horny for some toy play. I would love to go down on you while I use my tongue/fingers/toys on your sexy hole. Whatever it takes to make you feel good. I am NOT looking for someone that can pass as a woman. I’m turned-on by seeing a regular guy dress-up and show his sexy femine side.

evil Mistress-part 5 (whats for desert?)

…..there was but one dish of man-spunk for me to gulp down in order to take a shot at correctly guessing which of the samples were mine thus giving me a rare chance at doggy style fucking with my sneering Mistress. stepping forward, i bent and sucked the goop into my mouth-hoping it was sweet like berries! and although it was kinda tapioca-ish, it didnt strike me as sweet. and number 3 was decidedly porklike in flavor so my guess would have to be 1 or 2. and i figured that the first batch of cum that i swallowed didnt strike me as sweet and had maybe, therefore, tainted the number 2 load. reluctently i informed Mistress Alexa that saucer number 2 would be my guess. she smiled at me and told me i would learn the outcome at 5 o’clock and that i was to pull up my panties, put on my apron and nipple clamps and get some of the housework done. she went upstairs and i went to start her laundry. minutes later at 3 o’clock, she came down, dressed very provocatively, and said shed be back in a bit and the kitchen had better be spotless-floors also. i went about it excitedly all the while running the different semen samples over in my head thinking i had logically figured it out and, almost giddy about the prospects of feeling my balls bounce around the back of Mistress’ thighs. and wondering if i should fuck her hard or slow—make a memory–or make it last? of course, if she gave me a time limit i would just ‘unleash the hounds’ and move faster than an escaped convict. the visual of that (me behind her bare ass–not the convict) began to shrink my panties as i attempted to ignore that and finish the kitchen before moving along with the laundry cycle. at about 4:30 Mistress arrived back home and sat in her chair watching me fold her clothes. “excited, bitch?”—–kinda am, came my reply. “come over here and present yourself, you little spunkhound.”  with a slight tremble, i sashayed to my owner. ……..and i will feed something to all you sissies tomorrow—part 6!–tweetmaid

evil Mistress

Mistress Alexa is an evil mistress. she explained to me that men’s spunk could vary in taste-depending on what he has consumed perhaps. seeing my uncertainty, she told me that on sunday i was to eat nothing but berries;raspberries, strawberries, blueberries- whatever type i wanted.  i was then to report to her monday afternoon. i was there at 2pm, prompt. i was made to strip down to my panties which she then tugged down to just thigh level and i walked to the kitchen to get her some wine. moments later she was slowly jacking my hardness-and enjoying it as much as i was. as i began to peak and erupt, she held a saucer in front of my crotch and skillfully pulled a hot load out of my eager balls and directed the sticky sprays onto the saucer. leaving me, she walked into the kitchen and minutes later called me in to see her set 4 like saucers on the table and instructed me to taste the contents on each–and pick out my own sample. i promise to tell you tomorrow if i won a reward or failed and…….bfn, tweetmaid


as a mistress i get turned on quite a bit when i receive a call from one of my sissybitches and they inform me that as a proper tribute to me, the little skank is in panties while speaking to me. hearing that just sends a charge up my body–but i also love to hear the crack of an implement on a sissy’s ass—panties arent much help there, are they bitches?—-bye for now, Mistress Alexa

cage with crying, naked sissy

it was noisy as mistress led me into the club–in a short skirt, thigh highs and red strap-back whoreheels. she was dressed in a black tailored pantsuit. the noise simmered down as she entered towing me along by my leash and pink collar which said S-I-S-S-Y. she guided me (by yanking on the leash) to a couple other doms that she apparently knew and said hello to them as i dropped to my knees and kissed the ass of each of them as she introduced me to them. she smiled at my uninstructed obedient behavior. there was a large wrought iron cage in the center of the room with a crying, naked sissy inside it. the cage was on a rope and pulley rig which could be raised about 12 feet.

the bitch that was currently residing in it was glistening for whatever reason as he was granted release and scurried across the room as though nobody could see him, enduring catcalls, being slapped-ass and face–and groped rather fiercely. i asked mistress alexa why the cage had an assortment of panties in it and she told me that when the caged bitch got felt up successfully or did something degrading as instructed, the dom who ‘scored’ threw her panties into the cage as a tribute to his sissyness.

i leaned into her and commented on a particular pair of lavender lacies(she demanded that i be in panties every day) because i had none of those and she told me that if a sissy bitch had no courage and ran off without collecting their bounty, it was up for grabs. she unleashed me and pushed me forward. i stumbled a little and then minced my naughty heels into the cage hoping these panties were in decent shape. i bent(at the knees) and picked them up-ecstatic at the treasure. clean, perfect condition, and close enough to my size. i could not believe my luck, as i heard the cage door slam shut.

as i heard the cage door slam shut. AS I HEARD THE CAGE DOOR SLAM SHUT. it took that long for my wonderment at my own luck to disappear faster than a nice set of rims at a p diddy concert. not just trapped, but exposed–as my pantiless sissy ass was slowly hoisted into the air!! and -not out of shame, since i was in a skirt, nylons and heels-i quickly stepped into the lavender panties, unaware that quick thinking was forbidden here in ‘she speaks’.

as mistress alexa barked at me, i reluctantly shed my newfound love, one leg at a time, until the only crotchcover i had was firmly in my fist. the cage was elevated to about 10 feet and every lady in the place could see up my skirt at my nasties–shaved and on display. i noticed i was one of only 3 or 4 “men” in the place as i felt the cage being lowered to the floor. finally- i could reconnect with my mistress and exit this cage. i saw a tall redheaded, leatherclad dom hang a sign of ‘rules’ on the wall as i hit the floor. unable to read them i was grateful that ms alexa came to me and told me to back myself into the rear corner of the cage and do everything this redhead instructed me to do. i backed to my corner, still looking at my mistress, as i felt the cage at my back and hands raise my skirt.

my man nuts were seized in a tight fist, tied with a tight strip of leather, and then fastened to the bottom bar of my new home–effectively assuring that i was exposed and bent over. the volume level went skyward but i had no idea why? mistress filled me in: the redhead was the owner of the lavender panties and she ‘won’ me because i chose them. the cheering was because a roulette wheel was being brought out to be spun and determine who got me first. what? thats right–it was ‘sissy gets used’ night. there would be 3 spins and each ‘winner’ would be using me however she felt. before any of this happened, two gorgeous doms were delivered to the top of the cage and one strolled over to the corner above me, took her panties off and tossed them down at my bent over sissified self. she then pissed down on me-long and hard. then mistress number two pissed me–to the absolute delight of the doms watching.

Tell the Mistress your story!:

yes i have become a sissygirl my friend jean made me wear panties bras dress blousehigh heels one day when i lose a bet now that was 3 weeks now now i must wear them all the timejean brought me a maid outfit and have to wear it evey night to servce dinner and her friend last night a male friend came over and i had to wait on him jean told me to make him happy i was a lone with him and her told me to get on my knees and suck his cock i did as told when i look up jean was watching and said i see you got my sissy to suck your cock he said yes do you like that jean your sissy sucking my cock yes jean said i want my sissyto suck a man cock and to tastes cum now sissy has sissy will be come more as a women now sissybe a good girl and let him fuck you in the assafer that you can clean suck his cock well that how i become a good sissy i have been hire out as a sissy maid for jean male and female friend i must go now i have to get ready a male friend is come overand i must be in a blue panties and bra nite and a drink in hand and afer that i will suck is cock becuse i a sissy girl bitch and when jean come home i will have her bath ready and i will be ready for anything she ask for becuse im her slave

eat this?

Mistress Alexa just seemed disappointed in me one monday but said nothing to really indicate why. on thursday i received in the mail the cut out crotch of her panties-they smelled like mens cum. later, my phone rang and she asked if i had received my ‘snack’ in the mail. i could not lie and told her ‘yes’. she laughed, ‘bon appetit, bitch! suck ’em clean!’—and lunch was served…..