French Dressing

Dear Sissies,

Xdress Men’s Lingerie has just launched its newest Cosplay Collection, including the French Dressing Maid’s Uniform  (made exclusively for men).

For corset lovers there is  the Gentleman’s Corset in Indigo Satin, as well as the Chocolate Buttercream Lace Ensemble.  

These lovely dainties are exclusive styles for guys,  test-driven on real men — or at least real sissies.

I always love to see photos of you in lingerie, and hear about how you feel when you wear beautiful feminine  lingerie (even if it is designed for men…) 





Caesar or Caligula?

Not so much products as reconstructed seige machines, the new Personal Pleasure devices from Roman Industries are a must for the dedicated cuckold. “Caligula” and “Caesar” are called ‘collapsible’ and ‘personal’ because the husband or wife can detach the pole with the dangly bit and facilitate in person, in-the-name-of the emporer, as it were. There is an amazing video on the site featuring possibly the dumbest blonde in the universe (It should be a basic requirement of intelligent life to differentiate between being tickled and being penetrated vertically by a hard oblong object).

If you had something more tentative in mind go to — and see photos of what is supposed to be the “first interactive virtual real time sex system that gives you the virtual reality experience of having a sexual liaison not only with an adult video star, but also with your distant loved ones!” (the exclamation point may be part of the name)

I spent about 10 minutes looking at the pictures and reading the Japanese subtitles and I still can’t figure it out. It looks like a coffee mug and a tin can and the only thing I am tempted to do is hold one to my ear while brewing coffee.

Maybe you can figure it out.

More about the upcoming sex expo at Sex Drive Daily by Regina Lynn.