The Chore List by RS

Why WOULD she be mad? he had done all the chores Mistress Alexa had left him with-and done a good job, too. the last thing she had done before leaving with her girlfriend Gail was humiliate him thoroughly by having him in his heels and hose along with his frilly apron-nothing else-dusting in the entryway when Gail arrived and came thru.

dusting wasnt so bad, but having to do it with my hands chained to my sides and a featherduster stuffed up my ass was a challenge. balanced on my heels and backing up to objects and shaking my ass at them was difficult, but it certainly amused the stronger women in the room as they laughed in unison. good bitch, my Mistress chortled-shake that ass! practice that! youll soon be doing it on a street corner!

i had to be careful not to break anything, so it took forever to complete a simple task. and before they left Mistress told me to get my sissy dick hard so that Gail could have a peek at it under my apron. and she wasnt unchaining my hands either. so, with my heels on-and a featherduster up my ass, i stood and started shaking my hips in the hopes that my swinging cock would rub against the lacy apron and stand tall for Mistress and friend.


as i felt it respond slightly the two of them could not help laughing at my predicament as i bent my knees and mounted the corner of the couch and attempted to give IT a rollicking fuck, but it was too low to really help. i was like a full balloon trying to run into a pin and Mistress finally came over and reached under my apron. staring me right in the eyes with a devilish smile, she slowly stroked my cock until my knees were quivering and i had filled her fist with solid meat. she stopped and lifted my apron and held it while Gail filled her eyes and i blushed as she used her sense of feel on me also-grabbing ahold as though she were selecting something at the corner deli.

they walked away and grabbed their purses and Mistress came over and unchained my hands and told me to get a move on-finish those chores. and i had-finished them all. so why shouldnt i go surfing with my buddies? we were only gonna be out a couple hours and only if we were happy with the waves. i mean if the waves were great, we may just stay for a few sets-if that. hell yeah, its barely 11 am, lets go. and i did-coming home a little after 12:30, to a Mistress sitting at her computer, quietly. i quickly showered and asked her if she would like some lunch. “i already ate. did you have fun, you little cumbucket?” i told her it was pretty decent and the water was warm. she spun around in her chair and said ” i expected you to be here when we got home.

i wanted you to model some panties for Gail-i forget, did i put ‘go surfing’ on your chore list?”–my heart skipped. “no ma’am”. -“i didnt think so. take off your shorts.” i removed my khaki shorts and stood before Mistress in light yellow thong panties. “lets go outback,” she ordered. i walked behind her, gauging the strident manner in which she moved-she was pissed. we got out to the middle of the lawn where she had hammered four stakes into the ground. they had cuffs chained to them. “lie down-on your stomach. you wanted sun, the smell of the beach and friends? you got ’em”.

she fastened my ankles securely. she fastened both wrists. she took a bottle of hawaiian tropic suntan oil-my favorite-and squirt it up my nose. “smell like the beach?-bitch?” -“yes Mistress”. “good. enjoy the sun, too. and friends will be here in a few hours.” –she started to walk away-“oh. one more thing”; she knelt by my hips and produced a bottle of suntan lotion and i felt her apply it to my back, thoughtfully. and then she placed her hand on my asscheek and outlined it with the lotion, then removed her hand and covered the portion of my ass outside of that with more lotion. she repeated that on the other cheek-informing me that in a few hours i would have nice red handprints on my whore ass.

while still kneeling she reached under me and tugged my balls free from my panties and fastened a long ribbon tightly around them. then tied it to a smaller stake between my spread thighs. whats THIS about, i wondered. i could not move at all. she chuckled and cleaned her hands in my hair and stood. “by the way bitch. the lotion on your back says S-L-U-T!–it should come in nice and clear-its supposed to be about 92 degrees today. real big letters too!” she admired her handywork one last time as she walked off leaving me to bake to her specifications. “and since you enjoy the beach so much, we will go there tomorrow-together. with your new tan.”—-youd think that as she strode into the house the sound of her laughter would peter out. nope. the only peter out was on the staked out slut in the yellow thong…….

Suicide by asscheek (by R.S.)

He was delighted to be climbing aboard Mistress Alexa and aimed to show her his gratitude. He felt her hands slide down his hips, he felt her skillfully removing his lacy panties and at the same time, he felt her kiss. Yep, he felt her bite him while she waited for his third or fourth clumsy try at finding her skilled and warmed pussy. He swelled inside all her lips, unable to control his glee and his groans.


As he pumped into her and felt waves of pleasure try to overwhelm him and capture his orgasm, he fought-just as he felt her legs snake around the outside of his, and her heels lock into position behind his knees while her dancing fingers reached around behind him and seized his pistoning asscheeks-pulling them apart-seemingly in different zipcodes he felt- and firmly holding them in their new home.

As he felt movement behind him, her tongue slapped the inside of his mouth and she emitted a hearty laugh which travelled into his mouth and down his throat, taking an evil, taunting trip into his belly and taking up residence. Soon to be joined by a roommate–her overdue and IMMENSE orgasm– but he would not be rewarded this until her surprise made an appearance. Since he was firmly pinned, Alexa was happy in knowing her effort to find a third roomate-was about to pay off. having vetted potential roomies, she had found a man with large balls (part of her process) who was willing to ‘sign’ a 10 minute lease and make his deposit! and she would be staring directly into her new skank’s eyes when the initial action took place at his atm– his ass then his mouth; her only giddy concern now–staving off HER cumming as she had big plans for its location.

…. and satisfied in the blatant successes of her dominance, Alexa strode over to her used bitch, stroked his throat and leaned into him whispering, “just swallow it all, cunt – you’ll get your reward-maybe.” the sticky liquid took its time travelling, pausing to coat his teeth and tonsils before roller-coasting down his reluctant pipeline and pooling in his stomach. all he could think was….what will be my reward? i did get to fuck her -for almost 3 minutes, but not cum. will she stroke and pull this building eagerness out of my swelling nuts? or i get back into her-for my own orgasm? too many thoughts as he fought to keep the strangers load of spunk securely down his gullet-who would have thought?…..he watched mistress walk away toward the kitchen. she walked away. she walked. and there again was THAT ass! damnit! so tempting….so fine… he just wanted to crawl up, bite it–and develope lockjaw and be dragged to death! how wonderful! suicide by asscheek…..

I should be whipped (R.S.)

i SHOULD be whipped for the way i allowed this to happen.


Seeing my (unbeknownst to me) new mistress and thinking: “this bitch is hot, I’ll take a paddling but I’ll get some.” Well, beauty doesnt mean daffy – she was out of my league in all manners and i would find that out the hard way. And in numerous ways. For starters, I’ve never worn lace but id learn to love it. And the virginity of my ass would soon be on the auction block, but the road she took me down was very unpredictable – as was the craving she would soon instill in me; for a nice dollop of sperm. But there was no reason i should have to lick it off of the floor, or her ass for that matter. And yet…..none of these were aspirations of mine, but the genius of this lady would soon cause me to BEG for all 3 – and more.

And she would do it using NOTHING you could find in her house-until i walked in- dragging it between my legs- my own cock. That was all that alexa needed. It started in a lady’s club where i was stripping and i say stripping because we would- to an extent. Dancing and stripping all the way down to our g-strings and stopping there. I did that in conjunction with my lifeguard job in San Diego and she and 2 girlfriends were there one night. At the conclusion of my set i was making the rounds and looking forward to a hot shower and the weekend when she approached and asked if id like to earn a fistful of cash on the side- doing what i had just done or anything i desired at a private party for her and some friends at her place.

I LOVED the look of this woman, i loved her accent, her smell, her tight ass and the fact that SHE came at ME- and the only one nervous was me. “yes, ill do it”, i stammered. “you mean, yes ma’am?”, she barked. “absolutely. yes ma’am.” now i WAS in trouble. i crave and desire women who are hot, smart and aggressive-and it was gradually manifesting itself in the front of my ‘cocksock’.

She looked down– stared for a few seconds, during which it visibly twitched for her, and then raised her eyes and with an incredibly sensual, knowing smile-which grew just as i had-handed me directions to her house and said “be there-one hour”. My heart skipped. “Yes ma’am”. She smiled anew and walked off in her heels and to this day, I can pick that ass out in a lineup.

I arrived on time, smelling of men’s bodywash and dressed sporty. And she answered the door dressed in a tight grey skirt, a tighter lavender blouse and evidently in a GREAT mood-or braless, sheer stockings and black spiked heels that strapped around her ankles. We walked in and she introduced me to Tamra- a giggly blonde and gretchen- a brunette with a stern smile and very large breasts and on the coffee table were two empty wine bottles. They must have really rushed back here! alexa told me that i was really overdressed compared to the last time she saw me. i said, “yeah. i wasnt sure if— “YOU MEAN, YES MA’AM!”?—“yes ma’am-yes ma’am”, i was quivering. “So lets get that shirt and shoes off, after you help me out of these heels”.

I knelt and hoisted her left foot to my thigh as Gretchen and Tamra stared in rapt anticipation. I finished and Alexa said i should strip for tamra who had a birthday coming in 3 days. “a leo, like me, cool”, I proclaimed. and when Alexa asked me when my birthday was- i told her-tomorrow. she smiled, as did tamra and gretchen. “well, strip birthday boy and lets have a party!”  as soon as i got down to my g-string, i was made to strut around so they could all check me out and alexa told me to bend over the couch for my birthday whipping. I walked over to the back of the couch and bent my torso over it- feet wide apart as Alexa handed tamra a paddle. “you first, birthday girl!”—“FIRST?”, i thought.

What in the fu…..WHAP  WHAP. –and they took turns-their endurance outlasting mine by a long shot, as my tears were flowing after Alexa and before Gretchen. Mercifully it ended and i was allowed to stand- completely exposing a massive hardon entrapped in my panteez. (as alexa called them).  “well somebody either loves a good whipping OR birthday cake! and i dont see any cake. do you, slut?”– she didnt bother to let me reply. “no, we certainly dont have any fucking cake, but look at your panty bulge! and from now on bitch, you call me Mistress or Mistress Alexa!!”  – “yes Mistress”. i heard laughter. “Good slut. Now shake that meat!”

i did as told. she turned on some music as i shook like i was allergic to nylon. and the lights dimmed and the 3 of them cheered and laughed and attempted an assassination –of a third bottle of wine-and at the pace they were going , charges could soon be filed. as i strutted and vamped, like a complete skank-afterall i didnt want her angry- i shook my barely covered meat and uncovered ass, both of which were pet, pinched and prodded. and i could not have been -happier.

Wax on Whacks Off


Mistress was acting like a hussey, greedily slurping on this mans cock and making loud, animal-like grunting noises. i had been told to lay on my back on my ‘beloved surfboard’ and watch as she knelt just two feet away absolutely obliterating any sense of shyness as she rammed this dick into her throat.

i had an erection that would not stop growing, climbing out of my panties and bursting into the open for her to see-knowing she was accomplishing her goal–make me jealous and wishing to trade places with this stranger who was getting the blowjob of his life because I NEEDED to be taught a lesson. i wondered if she would be going to this extent if this hadnt been the second time in 3 weeks i was either late or didnt get my chores done because i had been surfing with my buddies? i did know that my beaten ass was killing me and also knew that she was FAR from done with me.

Glancing over at me, she allowed the swollen cock to pop out of her mouth audibly and pop her in the chin on its upward rebound. she licked her lips, grinned at me and kissed the pinkish head of the cock which bobbed about before lips that MY dick currently desired. she grabbed it, bent it slowly downward and held it there-instructing me to crawl over, dragging my embarrassing turgid meat. i did. she told me to raise my head above her hand and leave it there. then she released her cock grip and it snapped upward and thwacked me under the chin as Mistress howled with laughter.

she calmed down and told me to get back to my ‘beloved surfboard’–in a derogatory manner once again–panties down, mount it…and FUCK it!!, adding that it had better be fucking audible. she wanted to see my ass bucking and had better hear meat slapping board! frightened, i fucked my surfboard as hard as i could, relieved to hear my cock really giving it to my board as the strange man and Mistress Alexa laughed at me. as i lay before her and she now sat in a chair sucking his dick loudly, i felt her big toe begin to pry its way between my asscheeks, finding its target, and invade my asshole as i now bucked against it-impaling MYSELF on it in my quest to fulfill my ordered fucking of the surfboard.

so i now was mounted on my board, with my panties at my knees, slamming my hardon against a surfboard, with a gorgeous, extremely desireable woman assfucking me with her bigtoe, and my desire compounded by the fact that she was sucking a strange mans cock right in front of me. i had told her once that surfboards need to be waxed. she had not forgotten, unfortunately—– to be continued….

Lifeguard Letters #1: Proof of Compliance

the fact that my regular job(my part-time is being a proud sissy/slut of mistress alexa’s!) is being a southern California lifeguard creates a lot of possibilities for my gorgeous mistress.  For starters; she simply insisted that i wear panties or a thong under my trunks .this happened often–with her demanding proof of compliance.

i had to step into these panties and pull them up firmly and snap a photo in the locker room with my trunks halfway up my thighs and transmit that to my mistress’ cellphone for her acknowledgment. On other occasions, she would actually be at the busy beach–location unbeknownst to me– but i would receive a text from her telling me that at a certain time i had to face a specified direction and peel down my trunktops and briefly allow my pantytop to show. she was hidden by the crowd and nearby and although it took less than a second; i got incredibly excited during these episodes! and believe me-i always tied my fucking trunks extra tight when i was encased in her lacies; didnt need a large wave knocking my trunks down so that everyone nearby could see the dainty cunthuggers that I was sporting under my trunks.

She always enjoyed the shit out of this-and on many occasions would be there with her sister or friends. i mean, how was i to know? I did what i was told.

Other times, she took it an extra step. My apartment was near the beach and she had a key. she loved to strip me nude, force me to parade around for her and achieve at least three or four hard-ons for her entertainment. she would sit back in a comfy chair and lazily flash her panties at me- as i stood nude before her and slowly stroked myself while listening to her comments and suggestions. once i was dripping, she was satisfied and put a stop to my cock massage. then taking photos and sending them off to??

I distinctly recall two times that she absolutely blistered my bare ass- intending to make it “redder than my fucking surftrunks”–and despite my struggles and tears, which i fought to control, i wanted the same. she took the time on a memorable july afternoon to force me to do a striptease for her–3 hours before my shift–and then GLADLY accept and BEG FOR a severe whipping.

I know she enjoyed all of it since i ended up going to work with her juices gladly borne uppon my face–planted there 20 minutes after she introduced her crotch to my mouth and said ‘get busy slut!’. I knew better than to even attempt to end it early. I teasingly licked and sucked at her dripping cunt until she reached down and grabbed my hair and yanked me upward and demonstrated the best way for a hot, deserving woman to use a slaves face for her own orgasmic achievement. she bucked and yanked and screamed and laughed and demanded. me, i just hung on and sucked and licked and serviced–my 9″ cock pretty much told her all she needed to know. often she depended on that as her thermometer-her dead giveaway to how her whore was thinking about her.

Once, in the locker room in our lifeguard tower, she bent me over the towel bin and then lubed up my asshole. as i lay there, she inserted a finger and told me – it would get much worse, but for now–HERE- and shoved a thick-based buttplug directly up my quivering ass–complete with fastening straps to hold it in place. then, tugging some fluorescent pink panties up my shaking legs–necessary to hold this beast up my ass, mind you, told me-“enjoy your shift,lieutenant cocksucker!”.

I worked the next 8 hours with artificial dick up my ass-running gingerly down the sandy beaches of Torrey Pines. Why had she called me ‘cocksucker?–id find out soon enough. and when i found myself bent over that same towel bin-with her pulling my assplug out-but immediately replacing it with her strap-on–i was absolutely frozen. she was kind enough to penetrate me slowly, but when finally buried to the hilt-IN MY ASS- she held there. then, she leaned down, and with her silky thighs mashed up against my shaking ass, she leaned down and planting even further whispered in my ear; “i am fucking your ass, bitch. feel me deep?”–hows THIS!– and thrust into me over and over–the unharnassed brutality of her assrape of me created a hard-on i will never duplicate.

Knowing how much my owner, my mistress, was enjoying the complete domination of my body, being and soul–along with the signature symbol of winning-her absolute demolition of my man -ass–sent me away from the boundaries of control. and as she laughed in pure glee and apologized for being unable to ‘spray a load of hot nut-batter up my spread ass’–to top this off–her laughter grew to uncontrollable- and i heard the door open…. I WORSHIP MISTRESS ALEXA, panteed surfer bitch