Whats a sissybitch for?

dear mistress alexa- i am delighted that i was allowed to talk to you last night-for numerous reasons. first-i never thought it would be so erotic and easy to talk to a dominatrix. i didnt think id have the courage to call you and when i punched in the last number and actually let it ring thru to you- i was proud of myself. but you nonetheless heard the nerves in my voice. and still it was so EASY to talk to you! you received confessions from me that i am 100% certain are safe with you. how do you make me SO comfortable? i DONT care! last night was so damn erotic and incredible–despite the fact that you sent me off with a raging erection, semi-concealed in ruffled panties. it was hard to sleep. i was hard in sleep. and YES, i will wear panties all day today–i do have many chores to do. certainly i will spot them with sissy precum-as i did in my sleep lastnight–but i will wear and then clean them, by hand. i think id like to wear a lacy bra as i clean house also, if that is ok? im DYING for another call with you-must i wait? and …the other thing—i never thought id actually suck a cock, let alone that of a woman half my size—-but when you demanded it, i mean, whats a sissybitch for, right? when can this cum-stained panty wearing slut call you again? PLEASE answer me Alexa-im begging. i can be a great sissy bitch. and i have shaved my disgusting crotch hair–PLEASE take my call!! your skank, ….Quinlan

Wax on- Whacks off (Part 1)

mistress came home early and my chores had not been completed because i had gone surfing. she told her date she was sorry that he had to see this but that i needed to be punished and she lay my surfboard on the carpet and made me mount it in my maid’s skirt-which she lifted to reveal my ruffled panties. she said if i loved surfing enough to risk a whipping then perhaps i loved it enough to fuck it and as she took a cane to my pantied ass, i fucked my surfboard in front of her and her man as she beat me raw. swat,swat,swat…i was crying and she asked if i no longer loved surfing because i wasnt FUCKING it anymore and down came my panties as i incurred 20 more strokes-bringing a torrent of tears. mercifully she stopped and forced me to sit on my whipped ass–she knelt before her date and unzipped his fly, smiled at me and withdrew his cock-shaking it at me before deftly popping it into her mouth-slapping her ruby red lips with it. she was excited, i could tell and she was going to force me to watch her blow this stranger…..

Tweetmaid in training

somebody! not kidding; not funny.  it was NOT a cock-block, it was a wrong way opening door that trapped me in the guest bathroom(wrong way for me anyhow) in my ruffled panties-with no alternative, i might add. what was i gonna do-call my owner #2 and ask her to pry my fucking backdoor open while i cowered in my lacies? well—i guess it wouldnt be the first time a hot dom had forced her way into my backdoor–and took my panties in the process—pretty lucky break-really just physics- but the prodigious hardon created by-lets name names here-MISTRESS ALEXA, prevented me from not only thinking straight, but i couldnt see over the motherfucker to begin with! how is that my fault? i mean, its all funny and shit, but– the only reason i thought i was trapped in the guest bathroom was because i rarely use it, and i was talking to my Mistress-Alexa-and at this point, she forbade me to ejaculate. and there we were-me and my 10 1/2″ bone-in a dark, foreign place-like what SHE did to me a month ago-and i … somewhat panicked—-maybe the door did run into….never mind!  it DOES open in the other direction. but its still HER fault!  scardy cat in panties, san diego