Sissy Beauty Salon Story

Primping to Perfection is a Sissy Beauty Salon story by D. Crease, and can be purchased on, downloadable as a PDF file.

primping to perfection sissy beauty salon story

It is the story of Rob, who dresses as a girl because he works as a nail tech at a beauty shop. His mother has always encouraged his feminization, and brushes his hair each night. She gives him hormones to help him along and indeed he has grown breasts,  and is getting curvier and curvier. One day his mother makes an appointment for him with Jeannette, an expert cosmetologist…  He is drugged, and when he wakes up and looks in the mirror, he realizes Jeannette has transformed his face with permanent makeup: ruby red lips, eye liner, thick lush lashes and arched eyebrows! He is upset with his mother for days…. but he is so pretty that men everywhere stare as he walks by…

Sissy Beauty Salon Fantasies?

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Sissy Beauty Salon (Revisited)

Your first session at the Sissy Beauty Salon will be an occasion you will never forget. As a sissy in training you will have submitted to many hours of rigorous instruction at the hands of your Mistress and you will certainly be required to show off all your feminine skills before the appointment is made.

You will have established a daily shaving and skin care routine which will keep your body smooth and sensual in all regards. You then must be able to demonstrate a delicate sissy elegance in dressing yourself (and your Mistress if she so requires). Panties and bra are to go on easily. Your stockings must glide up your legs in one liquid motion. High heels will be placed on your feet as if it were the most natural thing in the world and you will then be able to stand and walk about the room without a trace of awkwardness.

Of course, in demonstrating these skills for your Mistress, it would not be surprising if your cock gets stiff and excited. If she is in a benevolent mood and it amuses her, your Mistress may even order you to give yourself a few strokes as you mince back and forth. But be careful, an un-permitted ejaculation is a serious offense which will require serious punishment. If you feel yourself about to lose control you must tell your Mistress and beg her to allow you to stop masturbating.

In any event, this kind of lewd display will only be allowed for a short time. You will therefor be bagged and your cock and balls tied back between your legs before you finish getting dressed. Your Mistress will want you to demonstrate proper sissy posture throughout your time at the Salon so it is quite likely that she will lace you into a corset. Again, this will not be an unfamiliar requirement so you will not be distressed if your waist is reduced by 6 inches or more. In fact, the pressure of the corset will only add to the excitement of the event. Unless of course you start burping uncontrollably.

To further enhance your demeanor, your Mistress will undoubtedly also require you to insert a large butt plug into your ass. A visit to the Beauty Salon is first intended to make you as pretty as possible but it is also intended as an assault on your psych which is calculated to bring forth all the sissy qualities which lurk deep inside you. What better then to place a dildo deep inside you and thus give physical meaning to the emotional content of the experience.

Then, mini dress on, you will be taken to the Salon. Since all your beautification will be handled by professionals on your big day, you will, of course, arrive at the Salon very visibly male in spite of your sexy attire. If this causes you some embarrassment en route, well, all the better. There’s nothing your mistress enjoys so much as a sissy on public display, humiliated, as his maleness is overwhelmed by his feminine desires.

You can expect that you will be greeted by the Salon staff in a manner which will be calculated to play upon your submissive tendencies. The women of the staff have been selected for their special interest in dominating and feminizing sissy sluts like yourself. Each staff member gets that particular thrill that comes from treating a male like a dress-up doll.

The first order of business will be to give you a manicure and then to apply a set of fingernails that will announce your proclivities to the world. The nail technician will order you into the manicure chair and, as she begins to work on your hands, she will discuss the type of nails she is considering for your particular needs. It should come as no surprise that your own preferences will come in for very little consideration. Oh, to keep the conversation going, the tech may ask you about a favorite color, but she is just as likely to order you to lift your dress so that she can observe the bound state of your genitals.

Once the nails are in place, she may even require you to pull out your cock and rub yourself just to admire the juxtaposition of the sexy nails clutching and raking your rock hard shaft. If she is particularly pleased with her work, she may call other members of the staff over to admire the whole slutty scene.

Bagged and under control once more, you will then be marched into the realm of the hairstylist. If your hair is of adequate length and fullness, the stylist will make some decisions about the cut, style and color of your hair. Again, as with the nails, once completed, your hair will make your sissy tendencies unmistakable to all who see you. If you ever had any hope of once again passing as an ordinary male, that hope will be abandoned after your visit to the Salon.

If your hair does not meet the stylist’s criteria for fullness, your head will be shaved and you will be instructed that it must remain shaved, just as your body must remain shaved. Then, a wig will be chosen for you that brings out your most feminine qualities. Your shaved head will serve as your reminder that you are never to appear anywhere w

Sissy Beauty Salonist Training


I read this story on Sissy Beauty Salon and want to know if you could train me to be a manicurist and salon-slut for my mistress, just like Bill…

Belinda had been looking forward to having Bill give her a perm. He had been setting her hair regularly for months now. She did not hesitate to order him about and tell him when she was not happy with the way he had done her hair, or her nails, or shaved her legs, or did her make-up. Yes, he did all these things for her now … in high heels, wearing a little pink smock which she had had designed for him on the day she ordered him to quit his job and throw out all his male clothes… Bill was more than just another sissy, begging to be ordered around by a female: he had become a gossipy, garish beauty salon slut….

She walked into the salon. Today he was wearing a very flimsy, red ruffled baby doll and four inch heels. He had dozens of small red ribbons tied in his hair. He blushed when Belinda said he looked cute. She grinned at the way he had gotten used to being humiliated.

Cotton Candy (my favorite nail polish)