Sissy Marriage

A Change in a Sissy Marriage:

As a sissy, it is natural for you to want to change your marriage, to change the way your wife views you, treats you, has sex with you…. to share your sissiness, your softness, your submissiveness with your wife. This is one of the popular themes for a phone session – what happens when your wife

  • discovers you are a sissy
  • knows that you are crossdressing
  • acknowledges that you are not man enough to satisfy her
  • enjoys your submissive sissy self
  • tells you that she is sleeping with other men
  • wants you to watch while she has sex with other men
  • wants to dress you up in front of her boyfriend

and more!

A Change in Our Marriage – The Sissy Cuckold

The story “A Change in Our Marriage – The Sissy Cuckold” starts with  a wife catching her husband looking at cuckold web sites. She decides that she would like to cuckold her husband, and begins to feminize him…  Her “loving accommodation of her husband” is one way to initiate ‘a change in the marriage’. Of course, there are other possibilities. Call me at 866-577-4779 to discuss the many other possibilities….

Sissy Cuckold Johnny needs to be humiliated

“I’m a little sissy bitch,” says Cuckold Johnny, as he talks to me on the phone from Vegas this morning. What is your wife doing right now Johnny.
“Im sure she’s with her boyfriend.”
Does she have more than one boyfriend. No.
One. Its a guy she used to date in school. His name is Dwain.
How does Susan feel about Dwain?
She loves him. He’s a real man.
What makes him a real man.
He has a real cock.
What does that mean, Johnny.
It means he doesn’t have a little 3 incher like me.
You’re not a real man are you Johnny, what are you Johnny.
A sissy faggot.