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The Merry Maid of Windsor

by: Cassandra Morgan

Billy embarrasses his wealthy parents by getting busted for possession of drugs… His parents arrange for his rehabilitation by sentencing him to 12 months at hard labor as a hotel maid at their high class Windsor Hotel

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"It didn't sound that bad, to be honest. I would help make a few beds.Run a vacuum over a floor. Change out the towels. Grunge work. It didn'tsound like fun, exactly, but it didn't sound difficult, either. Itwasn't a great deal different than working at the McDonald's drive-through window. I could do a year of this standing on my head."Mom," I said. "I know I've been a disappointment to you. But I'll dothis. I can be a male maid, and I'll make you proud.""Billy, that's nice of you to say," she said. "I'm glad to hear you'regoing to try. But who said you were going to be a male maid?""Excuse me?""Billy, you adjust to the job. It doesn't adjust to you. You'll be oneof the maids on the floor. Otherwise, you would draw attention toyourself, and we can't have that. You aren't a valet. You're a maid. No different. Every maid we have at the Windsor is female. Every one ofthem wear the same uniform. I expect you to wear it too."My stomach flipped. What was she saying? Me? Female? Uniform?"