Sissy Story

Sissy Story

Why read a sissy story? Let’s say that you are a submissive. You are excited by the idea of submitting to a woman who controls you. You may know that you want to be dominated: but how? How would a mistress dominate you? Would she insult you? Would she call you names? Would she make you feel weak? Would she humiliate you? Would she encourage you to be more feminine?  Would she hypnotize you? These are all very different things.

A sissy story about a woman who controls you through hypnosis, like Pussy Control, lets you imagine yourself as the subject of a Mistress who can talk you into submission. Hence in Pussy Control, Mistress Alexa says:

Look into my nipples and relax. Relax, sink deeper down. You can’t not look, sleep. Your eyes are heavy, but you want to keep them open. Perky nipples, sleep! Stare into my nipples, don’t close your eyes, too heavy, you have to close your eyes. Nipples are too much for your weakening mind. Relax, perky nipples, sleep, bouncing sleep, jiggling, sleep.” He fell deeply into a sleepy trance and slumped in the recliner.

It is by commanding you to do something that the Mistress effects her control.

On the other hand, a sissy story about a Mistress who humiliates you by spanking you in front of your boss,  like Humiliation Mistress,  involves you in an imaginary identity:

And so, Kirk, dressed in a woman’s blouse, skirt and high heels, wriggled helplessly … he was shamed in front of his boss, he was humiliated by being forced into women’s clothes, and he was embarrassed because his tiny penis was getting harder and harder with every downward fall of the paddle.

This imaginary identity, Kirk,  may be exciting to inhabit for the duration of a session with Mistress Alexa, although it is nothing that you have ever experienced before.  Reading the story lets you point to what excites you and inform Alexa  of the kind of images, the kind of scenario  she can use to rock your world….