The Massage Table

You have booked an appointment at a local Salon for a massage — it has been a long hard week and you are in pain. You walk in and I smile and ask you to undress and lie down.
“Just like that? Here? In front of you?” you ask.
“Yes, that’s right.”
“While you’re watching?”
“Yes, I want to see how you bend, how you lift, how you move your arms, legs, joints, muscles. Every part of your body comes into play in the simple act of undressing. Interesting, isn’t it?”
You have taken off your shirt, your socks, trousers. You are grimacing now, at a crouch after your removals and coming back up puts pressure on your knees and back. I stare at your body unashamedly.
“You have left your boxers on.” I say.
“Yes,” you say.
“Take them off and lie down on the table, make sure to place your cock in the second hole.”
You look down at the table. There is an expected indentation for the chin and face, and indeed, a second recessed opening, where a cock could conveniently fit. be continued

Hemingway’s Son

From “The Slow Crack-up”: a review of Hemingway’s Boat by Allan Massie,

“Which brings me to Gregory, Hemingway’s bright and troubled youngest son…Known as Gigi (pronounced with hard g’s), he was a boy of many talents and a compulsion he could never be rid of and that eventually destroyed him.

It came to light when he was a boy and was found trying on his stepmother’s stockings. He was arrested in drag in a ladies’ lavatory in Los Angeles in 1951. .. .Months later, Gigi told his father that the arrest had been “no big deal.” “It killed Mother,” Hemingway replied. Gigi’s cross-dressing intensified. He qualified as a doctor, like his grandfather Hemingway, and was a good doctor, sometimes, but his life was a mess. There were more arrests. He had a sex-change operation and died in prison after being arrested for exposing himself in public in 2001.

What has this sad story to do with Hemingway? Mr. Hendrickson, who came to know and like and respect—yes, respect—Gigi, makes it clear that father and son were much alike, which was why Hemingway recognized Gigi’s “dark side” so early. Gigi gave expression to a side of Hemingway’s nature that is discernible in his work. (Zelda Fitzgerald had noticed it too, saying “the hair on his chest is a toupee.”) In his sexual ambivalence, Gigi lived what Hemingway wrote about most clearly in “The Garden of Eden.” “This lifelong shamed son,” Mr. Hendrickson writes, “was only acting out what a father felt, which was why they couldn’t forsake each other, no matter how hard they tried.”

Buy More Lingerie, please!

Dear Alexa

Please consider trying some of [WhatKatieDid’s] matching pieces (the panties, g-belts, and stockings; my choice would be those and one of the underbust corsets but you would likely have little need or desire to wear one of those, I would guess)?  Again, I hope you would accept them as gifts even though you would have to shop for and purchase them (before or after charging me) yourself.  You might guess that I would think the bullet bra, for best presentation, needs stockings; the stockings need garters; the garters need a belt or girdle . . .

Perhaps an overlooked detail (not on my part), as far as I know, the bullet bra may require cone shaped pads to ensure the full benefits of the aerodynamics afforded by space age technology; I believe Katie sells those too.  Please take advantage of the reduced drag coefficient, as well as me, if it can help you (whether on your bicycle or walking against the wind)!

It was a wonderful luxury, being able to lie back and listen to you again, last week.  Thank-you for allowing me the time; thanks for the dildo story (as reiterated on your blog) although I may never be able to finish it… Perhaps you can? Obviously, I want to get as much of you as I can; unfortunately, I cannot get as much of you as I would like.

Thanks again!


Stand up Dildo Story

Session about Rickie, a pretty-boy who gets a job at a TV news station — maybe by mistake or maybe because somebody knew him too well. On the first day he meets his female boss and a room full of hostile female journalists who do not like him very much. He walks around downtown looking for stories, making contacts, window shopping and when he comes back to his car that night he sees that a pink, flesh toned dildo with a suction cup bottom has been stuck on the roof of his car. He stares at it, daunted. Looks around, sees that nobody is watching, snatches it off, throws it in the back seat and drives home.
The next day he drives to work and encounters a lot of beautiful journalists with even more contempt for him than he felt the day before, but cannot fathom what he has to do… He decides to drive to his first assignment alone, do his job, and avoid the newsroom for the day. When he goes downstairs he sees another dildo has been stuck to the roof of his car. It is pinkish, flesh toned, large and obscene. He lifts it up and gazes at the bottom, where a note has been left: “This will help you fit in.” He tosses the thing into the car and drives to his first story, blushing. And he is still blushing when he stands in front of the camera and tells the TV viewers that the there is a new exhibit at the museum about “Women Who Rock” which every man should visit because its all about the women of Rock and Roll and how they had to fit in…
He goes to his car at the end of the recording session and finds another dildo standing on his parked car, suction cup holding it straight up, with a note on the bottom: this will help you fit in.
Rickie feels excited, humiliated, nervous… all at once. He pulls off the dildo, and drives home.

That night he sits in his new kitchen, lines up the three dildos on his granite counter top and contemplates the message. He has never used a dildo before, and they all look enormous, really, quite large for a little pretty boy like him. But suddenly he knows that he needs to put in the dildos, at least one of the dildos, because maybe by fitting the dildo inside him, he will understand what it takes to fit in. Fit in to this new town, this new job, this new TV station…

And so he does. He fits it in, and goes to bed, and wakes up feeling like a girl, a big boobed weathergirl. He puts on his regular  clothes and wonders whether he should go to Starbucks for a Frappucino with the girls. What girls? The other girls in the office, for which he has suddenly developed a feeling of kinship and sorority.

Instead, he stops at a grocery store and gets a strawberry yogurt, and eats it at his desk, because he wants the girls to see that he eats pink stuff… Like them.

Pantyhose slut

Mistress Alexa,

Please give me the direction I deserve and desire. I am a pantyhose slut who fallen hard for Isabella Valentine direction, but as you can see below and due to certain circumstances, looking for a mistress to make me into a pantyhose slut that my wife can accept and dominate.

Please show me the way…..


Oh by the way, yes I am wearing a pair of nice sheer black pantyhose with a pair of panties, thongs, to remind me of who I am and what I want to accomplish in being a pantyhose slut.


My Dearest Isabella,

I sit here, trembling in my seat, knowing the pleasure that you will have when you read my latest adventures in being a pantyhose slut and how well I serve you. Taking a trip always brings its excitement, but being a pantyhose slut makes it a little bit more exciting and pleasing. I am currently in San Diego, staying next to the Horton Plaza, the meca of pantyhose slut shopping for me. But first I must start at the beginning when I took off from Hawaii and slipping into a pair of Leggs body toning pantyhose at the airport. After check-in and going through the security checkpoint. I slipped in the men’s room or pantyhose slut room and slipped into a pair of Leggs body toning pantyhose for the trip. I especially like this brand of pantyhose because of the extra material they have and how I can cover my whole upper torso with them. It is like no other brand that I have found so far, but the most pleasing aspect of them is that I can pull the extra material between my ass. It brings an extra sensation of the pantyhose riding between my legs. When I finally arrived at my gate only to find that the plane was postponed for another two hours, I was the only happy one, enjoying myself in pantyhose waiting for the boarding time to start. Once I was on the plane, it was heaven knowing that I would have them on for the whole flight. Once I landed in Los Angeles and was waiting for the connecting flight, I was needlessly running to the restroom and adjusting my pantyhose and then making my little clitty hard knowing what to expect when I finally arrived in my hotel room.

When I finally arrived in my hotel room, I couldn’t take it anymore. I stripped off my clothes and in the process of straightening out my pantyhose; I put a run in them. Knowing that I don’t like to wear any pantyhose with a run in them, I guess I cheated just a little bit since they were nude and I had to look really hard to see it. I throw myself down on the bed and got my clitty nice and hard. Just about the time I was ready to explode, I dropped my hands next to my side and was whisked away into a pleasure that you could only teach me. Then when I was totally relaxed, I started to rub my legs together sending sexual electricity to my little clitty, teasing it again and again. Then I allowed my hands to caress my little clitty just to the point of just a little bit of precum came out. And then you commanded myself to lay my hands to my side again and your voice filled my excitement about who I am really am and what was expected of me. I then started to stroke my little clitty again, again, and heard your voice commanding me to cum into my pantyhose. Then I lay in my bed, knowing that I have pleased you again.

I then got myself ready and did the first day of business to hasty get it behind me. After I was done, I slipped into a pair of black pantyhose and panties; sheer to toe and a pair of hip huggers panties that I assure you were pulled up my ass to accent my beautiful behind. I then lay in bed again knowing what I had to do next. My acceptance of myself has come in stages and each stage you have helped me along the way. I knew what I needed to do next…. I went to a shoe store next to the hotel, rather calmly and shopped for a pair of heels to accent my feet in hose. It was rather relaxing wondering through the many rows of high heels they had and when asked by the young female sales clerk if I need some help, it was nothing to say, “I was hoping to purchase a nice pair of high heels for myself.” She assisted me and pointed me in the right direction. I don’t know why it is so relaxing shopping for myself in ladies department stores, but I will always enjoy it. Especially when I picked out a couple of high heels to sit down, take my shoes off and show everybody in the store my pantyhosed encased feet while trying on the heels. I picked out a pair of cute little pumps with a 3” inch that I am consistently getting up and checking myself in the mirror. Then I went to the Victoria’s Secret store and shopped for some more panties and a bra. Yes, a bra, which I have never before shopped for and you can imagine the confusion when looking for my first bra. Am I a 36C, 34D or what should I be asking for. I picked out some more hip hugging panties and tried my best to settle on a bra for myself with no luck. There just wasn’t anything lacey enough for me and to much the rest of my ensemble. I then went into Fredrick’s of Hollywood and a nice middle age lady tried to assist me, but there just wasn’t anything that caught my eye. Yes, I am getting a little bit picky on what I will wear and always want to look my best for you. Before going into Fredrick’s of Hollywood, I spotted the GAP store which had a display, you guessed it, of bras right out in front of the store’s entrance.

I casually walked around the store and zoomed in on the bra that I was hoping to wear and grabbed it with no hesitation. I lacy, black see through number that just sets my breasts off right. When the sales lady asked me if I found what I was looking for, I shot back to her in a very kind way, that yes I have and no need to look any further. You can’t imagined how excited I was, or could you, that I had in my hands my naughty little outfit that was going to make my week. I raced back to my hotel room, stripping off my clothes, and sitting down in my pantyhose, panties, high heels, and bra; all of them black and lacey. Each one of them accenting my desire to be your panty boy, my desire to please you. This posting has taken me a couple of hours to write just due to the fact that I am getting up and gazing at myself in the mirror. How my ass is pushed up in the air by wearing heels and how my panties and pantyhose accent them, then my bra; yes I am wearing a bra for the first time and like I said before, what was I waiting for in wearing a bra.

Please Isabella, let me download the “Smooth Legs” MP3 from you, I need your constant assurance that I am going down the right path…. I beg of you.


My Dearest Mistress Alexa,

I want to thank-you for the work you do, tell you how you have touched my life and how much freedom you have given to me by allowing to accept the female side of my body. I have been wearing panties and pantyhose for the last month straight and I never realized what I have been missing. You can’t imagine how confused and frustrated I get when I am not able to wear them during the weekend. But right now, I am sitting at work wearing a pair of pantyhose and panties showing a small token of my affection to you. You can’t imagine, or can you, how nervous I am writing my confessions and acceptance of being a pantyhose slut. When I was growing up, my mother gave me a pair of pantyhose after I repeatedly asked to try them on. I am pretty sure my mother gave them to me to get it out of my system, but it just made want another pair after that and then more and more. While growing up and throughout the rest of my life, I have always enjoyed wearing pantyhose and masturbating in them. Each time I would feel ashamed and throw them away, but would buy another pair later on to enjoy myself again. A few years ago I purchased your tape, “Smooth Legs” and I don’t know how to explain the affects it has had on my life. Instead of feeling ashamed of being a pantyhose slut, I have embraced my decision with your care and guidance.

I still remember the first time that I listened to your tape. I was surfing the web looking for pantyhose sites to visit during a business trip and stumbled across your website. I immediately bought your tape and prepared myself to listen. I put on a pair of pantyhose, my headphones, and lied down on the bed; not knowing what to expect. Your voice put me at ease and I was floating on a cloud, easing into a deep dependence on you to show me the correct way to accept being a pantyhose slut. I was caressing myself in my pantyhose, rubbing my legs together, each time sending shivers up to my little clitty. When you commanded me to place my hands on my sides and to lie still, I let you guide me further and further into a state of relaxation and bliss. I felt like I was floating, relaxed, and proud of myself for accepting who I really am. When you allowed me to rub my legs together, which I really never did before, it was like sending sexual electricity throughout my whole body and then straight to my little clitty, just waiting to fully explode. Then when you allowed me to caress my little clitty, I was on a path of no return, you voice so assuring and the pleasures you were allowing me to enjoy was leaving me weak and excited at the same time. Then your command of making me drop my hands to my side again and then to caress my little clitty to make me precum. I listened and soaked in every one of your commands and yes, I am just a little girl who wants to wear my pantyhose every day. Then your commands of silky smooth made me precum more and more and when you allowed me to cum, I was hopelessly lying on the bed, shaking in a pool of amazement and wondering what happened to me. Then you bought me out of trance, not wanting to leave the state that you put me in and enjoying every minute of it. It was the first time that I ever been hypnotized, I was weak; emotionally and physically spent from your lesson you let me experienced.

I didn’t know what to think until after I was fully awake. My mind was confused on what just happened and I immediately took off the pantyhose and throw them in the trash. I was feeling ashamed and humiliated, but it felt so right for me. I slipped into the bath to try to wash away these feelings but at the same time I caught myself, calling myself a pantyhose slut and how I should be proud of myself in taking the next step. Well, as you can imagine, the next day I was back at the store buying a couple of more pairs of pantyhose and enjoying myself again with your gentle love and caresses, directing me to accept who I really am. I immediately bought a couple of more tapes from you site, Panty Boy, Transformation, and Sissy Training. I have experimented with other aspects of feminization, high heels, and dresses, make up, but never really felt comfortable with them and usually ended up throwing them away after awhile. But during a business trip to Southern California, I took a side trip to a mall, walked into the Victoria’s Secret (while wearing a pair of black pantyhose), had a very pleasant conversation with a young lady on which panties I would like to purchased, and walked out being the proud owner of six pairs of panties. I always thought that I would be crossing the line if I ventured over into the panty realm of cross dressing, but how wrong I was in thinking so for so many years. I went back to my hotel room and slipped them on, knowing that I was going to take pleasure in them, but not knowing how much pleasure they were going to give me. I can’t fully explain the sensation of wearing pantyhose and panties at the same time. What a waste of time it was before when I wasn’t wearing any panties while I was wearing pantyhose. The way the panties ride up my ass, constrain my little clitty in front, keep my pantyhose in place, and how my ass looks so cute and sexy in them. It kind of feels like someone has their hand on my ass, caressing my ass throughout the day, making me feel sexy. What was I thinking of not wanting to wear them?

So now, thank-you for your help and guidance in this journey, my favorite part of the day is preparing myself in the morning with my pantyhose and panties. At first, I usually just threw them on at work hoping that nobody could see through the walls and making sure my clothes were covering everything up. But now I am taking my time to ensure that my pantyhose are put on correctly (no sagging), my panties are pulled up between my ass, my little clitty is restrained in place, and then a couple of minutes of gazing and enjoying the site in the mirror. I have learned to take my time now-a-days because I was getting too many runs in my pantyhose, not like I didn’t have an extra pair on hand, but also didn’t want to waste the pleasure of wearing them also. No matter how small the run is in a pair of pantyhose, I just can’t put them on, if I am a pantyhose slut, I want to make sure I look right and sexy and not too cheap. I also look forward to matching my daily outfit with my pantyhose and panties, just getting a little fashion sense going on here. Living in Hawaii hasn’t been the idea place to purchase pantyhose since it isn’t ideal pantyhose weather. The department stores don’t have much of a variety; they usually just carry the Hanes line, which is not too popular with me. I just don’t like the silkiness of the material. I usually go with the Leggs brand, but they don’t come in a smoother top to toe, but I still like them because they are a little bit silkier then the Hanes brand. I also go for the No-Nonsense brand, which is very sheer from top to toe, but not very durable. The tension strength isn’t that good, but does allow my clitty to flop around to get it a little bit more excited. I also bought a couple of Wolford pantyhose, but just wasn’t that too impressed with them, not for the amount of money they were asking for. There is also a couple of off brands but nothing worth mentioning about them. So, as you can see, I have been enjoying myself in accepting who I really am. I take real pleasure in seeking out the sales ladies and asking them about their products and every now and then, they let go with a little smile of approval of knowing that I am buying pantyhose and panties for myself.

I don’t know where this is all going to take me, but I am looking forward in taking the next step and having the pleasure of putting on my first bra. Like I said before, I was always on the line of not wanting to be part of the cross dressing crowd. I was too good for that, but at the same time wanting to accept my feminization. But I am not part of the crowd, I am separate from the crowd and will take pleasure in any form of female clothing that I feel comfortable in. I am excited, just thinking about what type of bra I will have the pleasure of putting my breasts into. Then just thinking about the pair of black high heels, 3 to 5 inches… I am getting just excited about just having the mental image in my head and can’t imagine the actual rush that I will receive when I slip on my bra and heels for the first time. I am planning on taking the next step and planning on pleasing you as much as I can to ensure I receive your guidance and direction.

So in short, I am sorry for the long e-mail, but there is one more request that I must beg from you. May I please download “Smooth Legs” tape again, you agreed in an earlier e-mail, but I haven’t received the link. Long story short… please let me take pleasure again in my feminization and the guidance and comfort that you bring me.

I hope to hear from you soon…..

Pantyhose Story

She smiled, I guess he likes it, she thought…She puulled away from him before he came and took out a razor…she knelt down and began to shave his legs for him… “If you are going to wear pantyhose your going to have to do it right my love.. i want to feel your smooth legs in nylon” He only bit his lip hoping she didn’t knick him with the razor…

She got back up to his hard dick and began to shave that as well… being as careful as she possibly could. When she was done she once again kissed it and began to suck on it…teasing it in her mouth and moaning in delight… She stopped suddenly before he came and handed the soap to him. He looked at her with a pleading look wishing she would finish what she started…. She looked at him with an authoritative look as if saying…”Later…”

He took the soaps and ran it over her breasts….He paused over her nipples and gently sucked on them…..He bit on one of them while he rolled the other one inbetween his forefinger and thumb….She moaned his name in pleasure and he kissed her tits and started to make his way down her torso… Pausing at her belly button and tracing circles around it with his tongue….then kissing further downward until he reached her clit…

He reciprocated to her as he gently blew on it and then gave it a kiss….He made his way down just a little further to her slit and began to slowly slide his tongue in but pull out….She gasped and looked down at him… He grinned evily and stood back up…He lauged at her and she grabbed his cock in one hand “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” she mumbled…she pulled him out of the shower by his dick and walked him out to a chair and sat him down…….SHe went away and came back with some black lipstick and eyeliner…First though she forced him to pull a pair of black sheer pantyhose from her drawer and give them to her.. He did so and she took them greedily, and began to roll them up his legs…feeling how smooth they were while kissing along the way. She pulled away and got out her own silky black pantyhose and slid those on her long legs…before picking her make up back up again.

He laughed nervously, not knowing if to trust her so close to his eyes… (hey those pencil thingies are sharp!!)she took out a little knife and cut a hole in the pantyhose for a place for his dick and made a hole in the crotch of her own hose as well. SHe sat down on top of his penis and he entered her wet pussy..the nylon rubbing to gether…He groaned a little and kissed her on the lips… She pulled back and held up the make up…”Now hold still…” she said as she brought the eyeliner to his eyes…He tried to sit as still as he could as she applied it around his eyes…At least he was comfortable…A. was nice and warm…and tight..

She smiled and quickly applied lipstick to him , but before he knew it she slapped a collar around his neck with a leash attatched….He looked a little shocked and tried pulling away to no avail. She grinned wickedly and pulled on it gently choking him a little…Seeing no way to beat her he knew he must be submissive to her every wish .. She led him over to the bed and tied him down, tightening his collar just a little as she did so… She kissed him gently on his black lips and at the same time squeezed her cock in her soft hands….He arched his neck and moaned her name in pleasure.. She scooted down and posistioned her self over his hard dick….She slowly slid herself down onto it and felt it fill her…. She herself arched her neck as she began to grin on him and move her hips….He tried to get his hands free but it was of no use…he was helpless to her.he at least wished he could see her sexy little feet in her hose. He managed to thrust up into her matching her grinds to go deeper and deeper inside of her…She leaned over and kissed him before shooting straight up again…She got up off of him and he looked at her shocked wondering why she had stopped…She kissed his nylong encased thighs and made her way down to his feet and started to suck on his toes…he groaned slightly enjoying this…she smiled layed face down on skyler putting her feet in his face while she still suck on his toes… He needed no promtping and took her feet into his mouth…he almost came at the sight of her feet all wrapped in nylon..after a few minutes she took her feet from his mouth and placed them on his crotch and started to rub him…the pantyhose on her feet making a rubbing sound that drove him mad….He groaned as he just about felt himself cum but he held it back as she tightly pulled on the leash that was attatched to the collar around his neck… He gasped and she shook her head as if saying “no not yet” and pulled on the leash again hard… She led him over to a chair and sat him down in it…she tied his feet to the legs and his arms behind the chair… she gagged him with a handkercheif and tugged once more tightly on his leash before realising her grip on it to fondle his thighs in pantyhose…it was maddening to be able to look but not touch her….she laughed and hopped on the bed and took out a vibrator and started to use it on herself…She started moaning in pleasure.. “MMmmmmmmmmmm cum over here and kiss my feet” he tried to free himself to no avail…”I can”t!” she laughed “Oh well!” she continued to moan and place her nylon covered toes in his face taunting him… He was vigorously trying to get free…but no luck… She came in a fantastic sight… She pushed the vibrataor all the way inside of herself and began to caress her own pantyhosed legs…SHe arched her back and started to convluse alone on the bed… this continued for a few minutes while she was forced to watch…his hands tied up and unabled to masturbate…he almost cried…Tara waasn”t too cruel though and made her way back over to skyler after she recooperated and took her feet and placed them on his hard cock and massaged it for him …..all the time telling him “mmmmmmmmmmm cum on my foot….i want you to lick it off….CUm on my foot now!!!!” he did as ordered and came all over her toes and feet…She smiled and licked some up and then put her foot in his mouth and made him suck off the rest… “Now i have to run to the store…be a good boy and wait for me..” she left the room… Leaving him tied up to the chair in his pantyhose…

The Slut (Slave) Auction

It seemed easy enough-play waitress for mistress alexa when she had a small gathering of her girlfriends. and it seemed innocent enough as well. So here i was at 3 in the afternoon,in spiked heels, garter belt and nylons, bright red panties with matching bra and breast forms,and the shortest skirt imaginable-more like a pant leg wrapped around me, really. mistress made sure that my blouse was very small and thus unable to be buttoned in the top 4 holes. i did look like a slutty waitress when the first 2 ladies showed up-gwen and carol. gwen- a short, aggressive woman with very large boobs, and carol-a leggy blonde with an incredible ass. hello, slut said gwen as she pinched my ass. i led them out to the patio where alexa was-just as the last 2 friends showed up. tina,a brunette like gwen and had just left her cheating boyfriend and was angry at all men. im not sure why he would cheat on her-she had an amazing body and i had more than once tried to peek into her shirt and also stroked myself while imagining being locked inside her thighs. with her was diane-a larger, gorgeous woman with red hair,who had a devilish side to her. they were all seated and had met me before so i was comfortable strutting around before them-getting the occasional grab or swat of my ass-made easy by alexa’s skirt choice. mistress informed them that i had just had a birthday and told me to go fetch a paddle, which i scurried away to do. coming back, my heart was racing and i struggled in my heels as alexa bent me over the large picnic table. she reached down and grabbed the hem of my skirt and lifted it up and tucked it securely into the waistband as the ladies all hooted and admired my toned, stocking wrapped legs and my panty clad asscheeks. mistress tugged them up into the crack of my ass drawing loud laughter from diane and carol. alexa positioned herself off to the side and began swatting my naked ass. im sure the neighbors could hear us and one or two could see us as she walloped my ass-explaining to the girls how much i loved a good hard paddling. next it was gwen’s turn and she rubbed my stinging cheeks before her onslaught began. when she was done, it was really smarting and next up was tina, who yanked my panties down completely and really stepped into her swings and i KNOW the neighbors heard all of those and my grunts as well. tina finally finished and reached for my hips and smashed her crotch into my ass and commented on the heat radiating off of my reddened ass. next was diane who alternated cheeks and told everyone that this really turned her on. fucking right it does, said tina. after diane, carol mercifully finished me off-and even bent down and kissed my fiery ass before tugging my lacy panties back up and patting my ass and leaning over to me and telling me she could do that all night! well, you might get your chance, said alexa, before telling me to stand and lift the front of my skirt. i did and there was proof of my enjoyment-my throbbing cock had breached the waistband of my panties(i had tried to hide it when carol pulled them up)and was protruding about 6 inches above the waistband of my panties which had pinned the angry organ firmly to my stomach. oh fuck, said diane as gwen stepped forward to grasp it and squeeze-i think you could hammer a railroad spike with this bitch! alexa laughed and told me to fetch some drinks and proceeded to tell the girls that they were going to bid on me right then and there-a skank auction she called it-and they would all write their bids just one time and the high bidder would own me flat out for 24 hours. the first bid opened was gwen’s and it was $100. next was diane’s-$75. the third bid was tina’s and it was $120. the last bid was $80 from carol. and mistress congratulated tina telling her she was the new owner of a very cheap whore as tina counted off the cash to alexa-including 9 one dollar bills and 4 quarters!! i was a cheap whore! i had a pink dog collar fastened around my neck and a leash then clipped to it as i was then led out to the street to tina’s car-extremely paranoid despite being a huge exhibitionist-and thankfully that fear had shrunken my cock so it sould safely seek refuge in my panties once again. having already invited the other girls over to watch/partake in the upcoming events, tina began making phonecalls as she drove, telling her friends they had to come over and see this. we pulled into her driveway and walked to her door as she told me i needed to strip everything off except my heels and that she was going to shave my chest and ‘any hair below your waist’-which she did as i moved around in the tub for her; embarrassingly bending over with my legs spread as she finished me off perfectly. i had never had my legs or chest shaved and she was proud of the mild humiliation she had caused me. telling me that she may have missed a spot and to lie down and spread my legs wide and hold them there-then saying nope, false alarm-i blushed. she left me to clean the mess and shower myself. moments later she came in and sat on the toilet with a drink and told me to get my cock hard. without hesitation i slowly began tapping my prick as she stared and i began to thicken. i put a dab of liquid soap in my palm and lathered up my balls as i spread my feet wide on the floor of the tub and turned my hips a little to face her squarely so she could watch all of this as i slowly ran my hand down my lengthening shaft, grasped myself in a loose fist and looked her right in the eye as i began jacking my cock before her. a large smile spread on her face as i pumped my almost fully hard cock a few more times and then grasped it around the base with one fist and placed my second fist atop the first and slowly milked myself-while pointing it directly at tina. a few more strokes and i stopped and my cock throbbed and bounced involuntarily as her eyes widened and her hands clasped together. ‘oh my’ she said as i rinsed the soap off. make it jump again, she ordered. i faced her dead on and squatted down a little bit and made my hard-on bounce around for her. shit, i love that and i believe im a bit wet. she told me to dry off and come down the hall in my heels and the see-thru panties she had brought to me and i put them on and walked down the hall to her bedroom door where she told me to kneel as she stripped and lay across the bed. crawl in here and suck my pussy, bitch-she practically screamed. i did as told and began kissing my way up her thighs-stopping to nibble them a bit until i heard her breathing increase-then flashing my tongue just across the bottom of one of her glistening lips before stopping to lightly chew on my favorite spot on a woman-that little crease where her thigh meets her ass-and hers was grade a-i wanted to chew it off and keep it-as i turned my head sideways to give her a little hickey there, my nose brushed across her pussy eliciting a gasp as she bucked her hips upward and grabbed fistfuls of my hair-lifting my head up and away and then planting my face right into her eager snatch. i knew where we were-she was close but i wanted to tease her somemore and really bring her ‘up the mountain’ -so as we came speeding down it to orgasm-she would certainly remember this. i shot my arms under her thighs and lifted her upwards just as i rammed my tongue up her exposed ass. she began fighting me it seemed-or trying to get more of it in her-which wasnt a problem as i took my hands and spread her open as best i could and just corkscrewed my tongue deep in her ass-as my pinky finger danced all over her clit. she cursed at me and moaned so loud it hurt my ears. i stood up and she looked right at my hard 10″ which by now was pressed into my navel. i threw the wadded up comforter and pillows into the middle of the bed and lifted and turned her over with her ass and soaked pussy entirely at my mercy and i bent down and kissed her right in the middle of her cunt-before kneeling behind her-intentionally letting my meat drag across her leg as i approached her. she HAD to know that i was enjoying this just as much as she was since my throbbing dick was laying on her leg-at
the end of the sticky trail of precum i had left on her. i wasnt going to let her be overcome with ecstasy and squirm out of my grasp as she came. that orgasm was mine and it belonged on MY face. so i leaned in as she was kneeling, and inserted my tongue in the juiciest pussy in town, and ever so slowly dragged it upward toward her ass-stopping and inserting a thumb into her tight bum as my tongue sucked her whole cunt into my mouth where my lips held it tightly and i began fucking her with my pistoning tongue–her grunts got louder and i knew i had to get a solid grip on her-she was writhing like an angry snake. getting upright on my knees, i reached under her thighs and waist and grasped her firmly, lifting her crotch up to my mouth as i bore down into her –filling her hole with my nose and tongue as she began to pant loudly and her thighs shot out and splayed wide open–surrender! now i began slapping her clit back and forth with my tongue as she tore at the sheets and began thrusting back into my face as i held her there and feasted on her erupting pussy–holding it in my mouth while i tongue-swatted her swollen bud. i pressed my thumb deeper into her ass as i was absolutely washed in sweet, wonderful ambrosia. her cunt practically spat at me as she seized my head in her thighs and just painted me-as i struggled to swallow all she was giving me; finishing as she spasm-fucked my entrenched face. out came my thumb as i relaxed my grip on her waist but wasnt done just yet, lovingly brushing her clit with my warm tongue and savoring it-before gently laying her down-smiling up at me. holy shit she gasped. holy shit–incredible.!! she has trained your mouth, thats for sure. let me see that cock! i stood and walked around the bed toward her and shook my hips back and forth and my fat cock slapped against one thigh, then the next. fuck me, she demanded,i gotta feel that monster inside of me, but be gentle. she looked so fucking hot on her knees with her edible ass in the air and thighs creamy and shiny, i felt my prick sell some more as i stood behind her and grasped my cock around the base and softly moved it up and down her slit as she wiggled and moaned and i began to push the head into her as she grunted into the pillow. i shook it around her juicy opening to moisten it and she began bucking as i did so-i kept it up-using my cock as a warm vibrator, causing more cunt juice to flow freely which i rubbed all over my eager dick-coating its length in lady spunk. i stood up and grasped it very tight around the bottom-causing the large veins to pop out, the head to swell and deepen into a purple color-and walked into her field of view telling her-you need to see what the taste of your pussy has done to me. she gasped and momentarily lost her breath as i held myself out for her inspection. oh, fuck! she taunted me. you are NOT putting that fucker in me! but you are gonna cum-i wanna watch you jerk that bitch off, but wait. she left and came back with a wine glass and held it in front of me-blast that load in her-ive got plans for it! i slowly jacked my prick under her supervision and could not have been more turned on. three of my favorite things had already occured; number 1 was a woman having a screaming orgasm on my face(favorite). number 2-paddled by multiple women. and now 3 ; showing off my hard cock to a woman and now masturbating before her-and under her direction! yummm ..  her eyes were riveted on my hands and cock as my fists wrapped themselves loosely at first-around my pulsing cock–then gripping it tighter as i sped up-jerking it as fast as i could for a full minute before letting go and telling her to feel it. she set her glass down and massaged my cock in her smooth hands, petting it, even spanking it and listening to the thump. she stacked her fists as i had and slowly pumped me with her loose hands and my knees buckled a bit as i slowly fucked her fists. she moaned and said she was about to cum again-causing me to leak a bit of ball juice-as i surged into her soft hands. i pumped her hand-prison a bit more and told her we probably needed the glass. she held it in one hand in front of me and said-get it all in here. all of it! i began stroking in earnest now right under her horny eyes-shit i was hard! she reached down and began slapping her swollen pussy as i neared the climax she wanted to see. i grunted at her-ok hold it still-as i watched two fingers slam into her snatch-loudly-and i tried to keep from bucking out of control-placing the head of my organ into the widemouth of her wineglass as i erupted-sending ribbon after ribbon of thick spunk into the side of the glass and watching it run down the sides and begin pooling in the bottom. i shot about 8 different spasms of jizm into her glass as she held it steady-despite having her fingers rammed up her cunny. i finally subsided and as she held the glass up for viewing i greedily slurped her now-removed fingers. now in proud possession of a massive(and caged) load of hot sperm–she sat up and her demeanor changed drastically–i will get cleaned up-you just get your heels and panties on-were about to have company….. what was about to get into i wondered-in the next 20 hours?…..

Thank you cucky hubby, for a fiction recommendation!

Read the story of a man who has finally learned that he must and does belong to his Mistress for the remainder of his life and how he submits to all of her desires.

Bad Boy to Good Girl, Crossdressing / TV, Femdom, Authoritarian, Physically Forced or Blackmailed, Sexual Punishment, Turned Into An Object, Use of Sex Toys

THE RECLAIMING OF HER SISSY is a must read for all bad boys!