Sensitivity Training for the TSA

Thanks to the Transgender Law Center in San Francisco which filed a suit on behalf of a TSA employee who wanted to dress and pee in a way “consistent with his or her gender identity”, LAX’s 2,500 security officers and 100 managers have to undergo sensitivity training.

Agents “should be aware of some do’s and don’ts when ushering t-gals through the security process”… and when managing tgals in the security process. Unlike the rest of us, a tranny shouldn’t have to “hide who she [is] just in order to earn a living.”

Consider Amanda Littlecock, for example, who in yesterday’s session revealed that his wife had decided to lock up his cock when he went away on business trips, or at least, that’s how the transformation began. First, there was the humiliating scene in front of the not yet sensitivity-trained TSA agents at the D.C. airport, who stopped Amanda going through security, first at the metal detector booth and then at the x-ray machine. Amanda had to explain about his little cock, about his wife, about the chastity device, before the head of security let him through… too late to catch his scheduled flight, alas! Next time, Amanda would have to present the key to chastity device to the security agent, as proof that it didn’t contain anything explosive. Just a little cock, Amanda peeped, blushing red and pink and trying to cover her poor little non-explosive with her hands…

After that, the training accelerated. The wife kept Amanda inside the device for longer and longer periods of time, adding conditions. No, Amanda, you have to wear panties all week before you can come. No, Amanda, you have to paint your toenails before you can come. Then Amanda had to go through TSA dressed in panties over his chastity device, and then in panties and bra, and then in full explosive gear: panties, stockings, cami, boobies and all.

What did Amanda do? Amanda is training to become a TSA employee, “consistent with his or her gender identity”…

Domestication, degradation, humiliation

Miss Lacey’s Academy ( a story on

“I have been running the Academy for 5 years. In that time I, and my specially chosen staff, have created nearly one hundred utterly submissive sissy maidservants, all of them once young men, none of them younger than 15 or older than 18, nearly all of them have been referred to me by mothers or other responsible female relations.

We specialise in taking any young male, never mind where from or for whatever reason, and transforming them completely, both physically and mentally. I guarantee to all our clients successful feminisation within one year of arrival at the Academy.
Today you will join the other students currently on the road to a new and far more productive life. You will immediately be subject to the proven methods of intricate feminisation, constant, firm discipline and psychological restructuring designed to ensure that you will become the daintiest, sissiest and most beautiful she-male slaves imaginable.

At first you will resist, you will dream of escape, you will look for a way back into your redundant male lives. But soon, very soon, you will come to realise the futility of any fantasy of salvation and accept that there is no escape other than acceptance.
You will spend the first four months as Novice Maids. During this period, we will concentrate on the removal of your masculine cravings and physical traits. This will involve intense humiliation and bondage therapy, regression treatment, movement and deportment training and surgical intervention. The Novice Period will be followed by four months as a Junior Maid.

Here, having established your feminine personality and physique, you will undergo training in the domestic arts, much more detailed training in clothing and etiquette. You will also begin a course in feminine culture, which will include training in dance, music and art. The Junior Period will be followed by four months as a Graduate Maid. During this time, you will be allowed to apply what you have leant. This will be done by placing you on a work attachment for one month, by allowing you weekend visits to your home, and by allowing you to teach the Juniors in what we will identify as your specialist area of femininity. You will also be required to co- supervise the overall training of a Novice. Novice supervision is the most vital part of the Graduate Period, as it acts as an examination of all the skills you have learnt during the previous eight months. During this final phase, you will be assessed by your personal tutor, and it is she who will say whether or not you are ready to be returned to your parent or other guardian to act as their fully trained maidservant.”