Sensitivity Training for the TSA

Thanks to the Transgender Law Center in San Francisco which filed a suit on behalf of a TSA employee who wanted to dress and pee in a way “consistent with his or her gender identity”, LAX’s 2,500 security officers and 100 managers have to undergo sensitivity training.

Agents “should be aware of some do’s and don’ts when ushering t-gals through the security process”… and when managing tgals in the security process. Unlike the rest of us, a tranny shouldn’t have to “hide who she [is] just in order to earn a living.”

Consider Amanda Littlecock, for example, who in yesterday’s session revealed that his wife had decided to lock up his cock when he went away on business trips, or at least, that’s how the transformation began. First, there was the humiliating scene in front of the not yet sensitivity-trained TSA agents at the D.C. airport, who stopped Amanda going through security, first at the metal detector booth and then at the x-ray machine. Amanda had to explain about his little cock, about his wife, about the chastity device, before the head of security let him through… too late to catch his scheduled flight, alas! Next time, Amanda would have to present the key to chastity device to the security agent, as proof that it didn’t contain anything explosive. Just a little cock, Amanda peeped, blushing red and pink and trying to cover her poor little non-explosive with her hands…

After that, the training accelerated. The wife kept Amanda inside the device for longer and longer periods of time, adding conditions. No, Amanda, you have to wear panties all week before you can come. No, Amanda, you have to paint your toenails before you can come. Then Amanda had to go through TSA dressed in panties over his chastity device, and then in panties and bra, and then in full explosive gear: panties, stockings, cami, boobies and all.

What did Amanda do? Amanda is training to become a TSA employee, “consistent with his or her gender identity”…

The Viriguard: Athletic Chastity Wear for Sissy Husbands

One of my darlings telephoned last night with much enthusiasm for this new chastity training system implemented by a correctional facility for wayward males. One of the testimonials on the VIRIGUARD site reads:

We operate a large (600 bed) secure campus, with most residents referred for corrective reasons by the court system. Life at TCYAC is not punishment but a positive life-transforming experience that gives residents the opportunity to become fully enabled adult human beings. Our physicians discuss the athletic protection and health benefits of Viriguard with each new resident, then assist with the private fitting and installation…— Marshall Strickland, Chancellor, Tri-County Youth Attention Center

To install the Viriguard, the wayward sissy in training is stripped naked from the waist down and stands before you with his hands behind his back. It may help to have an assistant hold the sissy from behind. Alternatively, Purity Athletic also provides various restraints for use with those sissies who have not developed the self-discipline necessary during this procedure.

It is a fascinating web site, with pictures of the correctional building, a competitive analysis of the more sophisticated chastity restraints on the market, and a touch-tough approach to the re-conditioning of cuckolds, sissy maids, and weak hubbies.

The athletes pubic hair should be clipped off. Many installers find that electric barber clippers do a quick and adequate job, The Viriguard installation kit includes a hypoallergenic, tissue friendly surgical glue which meets all FDA requirements. .. Attach leg straps…Using the enclosed measuring rings and ruler, measure the circumference and length of the athlete’s flaccid penis.
…Apply viriguard urinal sheath applied to wearer’s penis… and then, my favorite bit:

Finally, using the Viriguard electric screwdriver, tighten the eight snap-head screws though the pre-drilled holes in the cup to the belly plate. When the proper torque is reached, the heads of the screws will break off, leaving no surface for any screwdriver or other tool to gain purchase.


To remove the Viriguard, contact Mistress Alexa. She will email you the instructions.

Submissives need and benefit from training….

Submissives need and benefit from training. Mistress Alexa trains a subject,  inside and out.  It is never enough to provide vague orders; instructions must be complete, detailed, copiously noted and remembered by the submissive.  Mistress Alexa turns each command into an opportunity to learn. Submissives are enthusiastic when the Mistress is lavish with her praise. Submissives are enthusiastic when the Mistress cares about the quality of their tribute. Submissives who improve are rewarded by the Mistress, and the best reward of all is Alexa’s voice. Call her at 888-411-1230, and ask her to make a customized audio recording for your special needs.

Mistress Debbie's Letter to a Girlfriend

To X’s Girlfriend:

I spoke to your boyfriend in detail about what he did and what you want.

He told me that you don’t really want to play this but I assure you it is the only way to train your boyfriend — who you will now regard as your subject.

The subject should be chastity locked for a minimum of 15 days and the keys are to be given to one of your friends.

The subject is not permitted to complain or mention his chastisement, or you may add 3-7 days for each offense.

The lock may be removed for punishment, if his balls are restrained in some other way.

The subject should be forced to wear panties every day.

The subject is excited when you make him eat his cum. You should
talk about making him clean another guys cum off of you or out of
you often.

The subject either cheated or contemplated doing it and
you should 1. make him do it and 2. cuckold him for doing it.

You should not consider his likes or dislikes. They do not matter.

You may treat the subject as a cum dump or urinal as punishment for his behavior.

After a few months of training the subject will learn to behave and you will enjoy it.

You should date other guys and let the subject stay home and babysit or clean.

When the subject logs on to dating sites his only permitted activity is to find a young hung stud for you.

Make him pick up guys with huge cocks so you can humiliate him.

By having him on his knees with a big cock in front of his face he will realize
you mean business. If you actually would like to make him suck it you should but it is up too you, not him.

You may feed the subject at least one load of an other’s cum per date.

Use a chain to lock the subject to any pole from his chastity lock. Gag the subject, spank him, isolate him.

Write to me here on this blog and I will walk you through training your cuckold, step by step.

Mistress Debbie