Kathoi: Ladyboy

In Thailand they call them: kathoi, transvestites which roughly translates into English as “ladyboys.”
But before they are ladyboys, kathoi are just enthusiasts about panties, stockings, and other mantic signs of womanhood.

For more information see http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Introduction_to_Sociology/Gender

Boy/Girls Are Always In Demand — Especially Randy!

Have a look at this collection of retro and vintage transgender transvestite pulp, with Astounding Transvestite Tales, stories of the Drag Trade, Boys Will Be Girls and Diary of a Transvestite Hooker, which has on its cover: “Sometimes it was dangerous, sometimes it was fun, but boy/girls are always in demand — especially Randy!”


April Ashley’s Odyssey

From April Ashley’s Odyssey:

My room was towards the top of the house and underneath it, “making ends meet, darlink”, was Sheherazade, a towering Titian redhead from the North, a lesbian and a harlot. Most of the women prostitutes were blatant men-haters. Yet, no, she was not so much a lesbian as prodigiously kinky. You name it, Sheherazade loved it. However, her predilection was for sado- masochism. With boots, leather and whips, she ran a prosperous business out of her severely furnished bedsitter. Apart from height, Sheherazade’s most conspicuous asset was the bulk of her breasts, strapped up in a brassière like a black- leather hammock to render them more victimising. They were magnificent, even better than Lana Turner’s in They Won’t Forget. On duty she added a pair of black-leather briefs with apertures let into them front and back and decorated with curlicues of metal studs, Prince Charming boots (seven-inch stiletto heels) reaching to her strong upper thighs, and round her wrists and neck coils of chain cut to the correct length by a man in the hardware department of Harrods, himself a suppliant. A true exhibitionist, Sherry often patrolled the streets attired thus, with a trench coat over the top to prevent arrest.

A fascinating, harrowing account of a wretched Liverpudlian childhood, a hairless adolescence among sailors, a feminisation by the big blondes of the Carrousel Club in 1950’s Paris:

Bambi took me along to Dr Four once a week for expensive shots of the female hormone oestrogen. These assist feminisation, but not fundamentally. The most important effect is the promotion of breast development. As the breasts enlarge they redden and become sore. The nipples become particularly touchy. Oestrogen must affect people differently because my breasts never amounted to much whereas Ruby, another of the female impersonators, had overwhelming dugs, pendulous in character. She’d take off her brassière and wail, ‘My God, the floor’s cold!’

On stage at Le Carrousel, 1958, Paris
On stage at Le Carrousel

Sensitivity Training for the TSA

Thanks to the Transgender Law Center in San Francisco which filed a suit on behalf of a TSA employee who wanted to dress and pee in a way “consistent with his or her gender identity”, LAX’s 2,500 security officers and 100 managers have to undergo sensitivity training.

Agents “should be aware of some do’s and don’ts when ushering t-gals through the security process”… and when managing tgals in the security process. Unlike the rest of us, a tranny shouldn’t have to “hide who she [is] just in order to earn a living.”

Consider Amanda Littlecock, for example, who in yesterday’s session revealed that his wife had decided to lock up his cock when he went away on business trips, or at least, that’s how the transformation began. First, there was the humiliating scene in front of the not yet sensitivity-trained TSA agents at the D.C. airport, who stopped Amanda going through security, first at the metal detector booth and then at the x-ray machine. Amanda had to explain about his little cock, about his wife, about the chastity device, before the head of security let him through… too late to catch his scheduled flight, alas! Next time, Amanda would have to present the key to chastity device to the security agent, as proof that it didn’t contain anything explosive. Just a little cock, Amanda peeped, blushing red and pink and trying to cover her poor little non-explosive with her hands…

After that, the training accelerated. The wife kept Amanda inside the device for longer and longer periods of time, adding conditions. No, Amanda, you have to wear panties all week before you can come. No, Amanda, you have to paint your toenails before you can come. Then Amanda had to go through TSA dressed in panties over his chastity device, and then in panties and bra, and then in full explosive gear: panties, stockings, cami, boobies and all.

What did Amanda do? Amanda is training to become a TSA employee, “consistent with his or her gender identity”…

International Journal of Transgenderism

Sexual Identification/Military

International Journal Of Transgenderism

Some interesting articles on male/female identification, and one which mentions Sexual Transgenderism and the Military, with a special section on Armed Forces Rejectees.

“…While I separated his papers to isolate the proper form, I asked if he wanted to tell me anything else before I entered his rejection on his papers. He said, “Well, I don’t suppose I’m the kind of a homosexual you’d suspect me of being. You see I don’t have anything to do with males and you’d call me a cunnilinguist. But I’m a homosexual, Doctor, I assure you, because these organs down here mean nothing. I am a woman and all the doctors in these United States and Europe can’t convince me otherwise.” The Armed Forces did not want a man like that.

What was the diagnosis?

Inadequate personality. Paraphrenia. (Cunnilinguist – imagines he is a female.)”

See the following articles by David O. Cauldwell on similar issues (the article cited above is no longer on line) — Alexa 6.8.2011

* * IJT Volume 5
Number 2, April – June 2001

Special Issue on David O. Cauldwell
(Classic Reprints Series)

Richard Ekins and Dave King

Pioneers of Transgendering: The Popular Sexology of David O. Cauldwell
Richard Ekins and Dave King

Psychopathia Transexualis
David O. Cauldwell

Desire for Surgical Sex Transmutation: An Insane Fancy of Near Males
David O. Cauldwell

Questions and Answers on the Sex Life and Sexual Problems of Trans-Sexuals
David O. Cauldwell

Sex Transmutation – Can One’s Sex Be Changed?
David O. Cauldwell

David O. Cauldwell on Transsexualism, Transvestism and Related Topics: A Bibliography
Richard Ekins and Dave King

Bangkok6 by John Burdett: Vaginoplasty

Intricate, esoteric work about a male whore who is redesigned into a beautiful black-oriental woman by her American boyfriend.

..READ the consultation with a doctor (on p. 236):…there are several kinds of sexuality: chromosomal,hormonal, psychological… Hormonal analysis is not without ambiguity and doesn’t necessarily conform to the anatomy… You can have a chromonsomal male with a woman’s genitals…There’s hormonal, which is purely a matter of chemistry and can be changed simply by taking a few drugs… And there’s psychological: what gender do you feel yourself to be? How do you respond to the world, as a man or a woman?

Suppose you have a nicely functioning, full-size penis, and spend your waking life believing yourself to be a woman in the wrong body? Well, we have developed the technology to make the change:

I cut off their cocks and balls. It’s called vaginoplasty, meaning to make a vagina. I use the skin inversion technique. Basically, we skin the penis – deglove it- invert it and sew it into the vaginal cavity. All men have a vaginal cavity.. we open it, line it with the skin of the penis, use the leftover skin to mold a mucosal flap for the clitoris, even give the little darling a hood and Bob’s your uncle. Well, not quite…