The Three Witches

i did as told and presented myself as sluttily as i could. i was spun, swatted, pinched, and flat-out felt up. i loved every second of it. then as i swelled in my panties while they stared-i had a massive surge in my cock-making my net panties look as though a tuna boat were attempting to breach the permit grounds. i scampered away upstairs, embarrassed.horny. hardening. eager. i found my white garter belt and white fishnet stockings and got them in place over my panties. Mistress always wanted my athleticism free-and thus rarely demanded that i be in hi-heels, but i did also ‘decorate’ with the tiniest panty-revealing mini-skirt–fire red. Alexa loved parading me around in mismatched colors of skankware. i grabbed my nipple rings and eagerly reported downstairs where i was inspected again, bent over the table, had my panties viciously lowered and had my naked ass walloped over and over by all 3 of these winedrinking hotties. gina hit the hardest–she was my favorite. tara used her bare hand and felt my ass just as much as she spanked it. Mistress went last–beginning by tugging my thickened cock out back between my thighs-pinning it against the table  and slapping at it with a small spatula. i hopped in this new pain and then realized what a show i must be putting on with my lowered panties, cock flapping about and balls bobbing around-i got even harder…….

Author: alexa

Mistress Alexa has a loinwrenching voice that hypnotizes, transfixes and controls her subjects. How long will it take her to make you feel loved? Call now: 866-57-SISSY and find out. $99 for 30 minutes.